The Spring / Stash challenge

This is where I will share with you my Spring Challenge which is meant to encourage us and empower us to take a serious look at our stash, be it yarn, needles, beads, other craft supplies or all of the above.

The idea is for us to take stock. Look at what we have and sort and organize. Get a good idea of what we have to better use our precious stash. And to either donate or swap with others those items we no longer want.

We need to come up with tips and tricks to make this an enjoyable process. Cheering each other on should help with that. And maybe we’ll do a big yarn swap in the end! After all, our stash and craft area will be all organized and beautiful and ready to welcome newcomers:)

I am currently working on the preparations for the challenge and trying to get good resources for us all before we really start. For that and just generally for the fun, I have created a little survey I hope you will accept to take. It’s all about our yarn stash and I think the results will be fun to discover for all of us.

If you would like to take part in my survey please click on the following link

I have created a hashtag for this on Instagram and it is #KnittinginFranceSpringChallenge  Please use this when posting about the challenge as well as hashtag #knittinginfrance. This way I can follow your efforts on Instagram as well and of course feel free to tag me if you like.


April 16th 2018


Hi there, I’m back and still getting ready for the heavy lifting so to say. I did a little survey but not many have replied/participated so I’m keeping it open a little longer hoping to get more replies.

The survey is about stash storage, how and where you keep your yarn stash. Now I’m interested in your needle and other knitting related accessories. How do you store your knitting needles?

Currently I have a few boxes and fabric buckets filled with knitting needles. All in one enormous chaos. And when I have to look for a particular size it can sometimes be a headache. And so I sometimes find myself ordering new needles online when I’m pretty sure I already own a set of this particular needle already! This needs to change! I really need to find a new and effective way of storing my needles.

So I’m thinking, should I just get a bigger box so everything fits in one box? Should I maybe find a folder where I can insert plastic sleeves and put my needles into transparent plastic sleeves and organize by numbers/sizes?

Is there a needle organizer out there that could solve all my needle organizing issues?

I’d love to hear what you think and how you store your needles and other supplies.

Also , will you be organizing just your yarn/knitting supplies or do you intend to organize other types of supplies at the same time?

I have  lots of knitting supplies and wips to organize but I also have lots of other types of supplies to organize such as beads, polymer clay + tools, stitch marker supplies to mention a few and of course my fibre/spinning supplies.

I think I will have to make a plan, something like a timetable where I have a designated time to work on each portion of my organizing challenge. I admit I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the task but I said I would do this and you are joining me so I’m not going to let you and myself down! I will persevere and DO THIS!



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