The winners of the Yarn Valet giveaway

Hi there, so at last it is time to announce the winner of the Yarn Valet giveaway. I had hoped that more people would get involved but maybe this is just not the best time to be doing a giveaway? Don’t know. Anyway, there were 2 participants and there are 2 prices and I did still use a random number generator to choose the winner of the bigger price which is a Yarn Ball Winder by Yarn Valet.

yarn valet ball winder 1 here I’m winding on a ball of yarn

Yarn Valet ball winder 2 All done and I have taken my new yarn ball/cake off the winder and you can see that my yarn is still in the hole on the winder making it super easy to start knitting from the inside of my ball.

Yarn Valet ball winder 3 Here is another ball all done. Note that this time the shape is not the same, this one is more like a cone whereas the one before had a cake shape. This is determined by how you wind the yarn on.

So the winner of the Yarn Valet Ball Winder is….Sarah! So congratulations Sarah! Please send me your full name and postal address by email to: and I will give your info to Yarn Valet who will in turn send you your price!

And the second winner is Faesarah! So congratulations to you Faesarah! I think I may have your contact details but just to be sure, please also send me your full details by email and I will send you your prize! You have won a set of Yarn Valet Stitchers GPS and a set of my own handmade stitch markers.

So congratulations to both of you and thank you for participating!


Victory!!!The video review is LIVE

Hi there, I hope you are doing great and  enjoying your weekend. I had a day off work Friday and although I had dreamt of spending the  entire day knitting in front of my laptop I ended up spending more than half the day doing housework! But then, I knew that was kind of inevitable. With a family of 5 and two long haired cats, well, housework is never NOT on the to do list.

After doing my chores I made my first ever video review!!! So I’m going to share that with you here. Like I said this is my first so I’m not sure the quality is up to your standards but I did enjoy doing it and hopefully you’ll enjoy watching it.

Today I’m showing you and reviewing some knitting and crochet accessories from Yarn Valet and as promised there will be a giveaway!

So first off, here’s the video I made

And now for the giveaway. I have 2 prizes: 1) a yarn ball winder 2) a set of Stitchers Gps

To join in the giveaway I would like you to check out Yarn Valet website here and browse around the products they offer and then come back and leave me a comment below telling me what you think about their items or which one you would like to buy.

I will then use a random number generator and draw two winners from those participating. You have until Wednesday Morning 16th of December to participate and winners will be announced sometime Thursday the 17th- probably around mid-day my time (French time).

So thank you for stopping by and I wish you the best of luck if you decide to join in the Giveaway.Also have a great weekend and take care until next time:)

ps- I’d love to hear from you about what you think of my YouTube review.