My 3 mystery kal projects

Hi there, I told you a while back that I had broken my promise to myself of not casting on for a new project until I had finished one of my WIPs. And I didn’t even do this as a reasonable person, no I went ahead and joined no less than 3 mystery kals! Two socks and one pair of mittens. And all kals had different beginning dates, the mitten kal had actually started a while back and there were already 3 clues published. One of the sock kals had published its first clue and the second sock well I actually joined BEFORE it began!

So one of the sock kals I’m actually working both socks at the same time using two sets of dpns and that is the Through the Loops Sock kal by Kristin Kapur or TTL Mystery Sock 2016

For this one I’m using a ball of Opal sock yarn. I think I wrongly said it was WYS yarns on Instagram so I must correct that. So yes Opal sock yarn, 4 ply in Burgundy (color 5196).

So far 2 clues have been published.


Here I am at the end of clue nr 1.


And this is at the end of clue nr 2 on the first sock. I did have a little doubt about if I was doing this correctly because the pattern seems to swirl around the leg but because this is a Mystery Kal I haven’t seen any pictures yet. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the project pages on Ravelry to see if anyone posts a picture after clue 2 just to be reassured that I’m doing it correctly.

I’m doing the medium size and those will be for my older daughter once they’re done.

My second sock kal is one where a multitude of colours are involved. Well, the pattern actually gives you the option of using either just one colour or, two or three or four. And I think that is really amazing because it gives you so much liberty and the variety of socks that will be made with this same pattern will be so great. I chose to do the 4 colour version.

Here is where I’m at now, this is after clue nr 1 – clue 2 just came out but I haven’t had the time to start that yet.


This is the Mkal Socks 2016 by Ela M. I’m knitting these one at a time so I’ll finish an entire sock before casting on for the second. I’m also using my Neko needles in size 2.50mm and these socks should be for myself. I’m using hand dyed yarns by myself and it’s a mix of SPARKLE and SOX yarns. So far so good and I look forward to starting work on clue number two.

And then there is the mitten kal which is quite exciting. I’m using yarn from Jamieson and Smith because this is a fair isle project. I did not buy the yarn with this project in mind but I did recently get this yarn and when I was wondering what to use I decided to give this yarn a try. I’m hoping I’ll have enough yarn but if not I’ll just have to buy some more!


This is at the end of clue nr 1. Last Friday clue nr 4 was published so I really need to get going and knit on those. I’m knitting these one at a time also mainly because I’m afraid I may not have enough yarn for both mittens. This kal is the Enchanting Mystery Kal by Wenche Roald. There will be a total of five clues so this one is almost done!

I’m enjoying working on those and the idea is to work on these mystery kals mostly on the weekend just after the latest clue is published and then work on all the other wips the rest of the week. That may not be possible all the time but I’d like for that to work.

Problem is that I really want/need to cast on for some more socks! Yes I know I’m probably crazy. But I really want to knit a pair of man socks for a nephew of mine and I was just gifted a fabulous sock knitting book yesterday by a famous designer- she herself gifted it to me which makes the book even more special- and so I really feel the urge to immediately cast on for one of her socks. I’m not going to say who she is just yet but lets just say that she contacted me for my non knitting related work and we got talking and she gave me one of her books and she might even design something using my hand dyed yarns!!!!!!!! I’m super excited about that. She is a super star in the knitting world so super busy so I don’t know when or if she’ll actually follow through but in the meantime it has me on cloud 9 and dreaming that maybe I should persevere and continue with my shop!

And before I leave you for today, let me say that I just got a magnificent delivery today from a fabulous company that I ordered from. And as luck would have it the owner had heard of me and she offered to send me some extras for a future giveaway on the blog. Well I got my parcel and I’m over the moon! She sent me 5 items to giveaway!!! And 4 of them are actually marked with my shops name on them! Making them even more fabulous!

So you should continue to follow my blog because this giveaway will be just amazing!

That’s all for today. If you are participating in any mystery kals at the moment I’d love to hear about them and maybe I’ll join yet another kal:)