More travels and some travel knitting decisions

Yes, I’ll soon be travelling again. I have a work related trip coming up in 2 weeks or so. I’m going to Portland, Oregon and since my brother lives in California I’m taking a few days off work to go see him and his family which I haven’t seen for way too long. It’s not easy living in different continents and so we rarely get to see each other so I’m crazy happy about that and i’m counting the days until I can give him a huge hug and his lovely and pregnant wife and their 2 wonderful daughters!  Can’ wait , can’t wait!!!!!!

So this means I’ll be travelling halfway around the globe (more or less) and I will have LOTS of knitting time. As I live in Normandy this means that I first have to take a 2h train to Paris. Then I have to take a bus from Paris out to the airport and that’s about 1 hour. Then I’ll fly to Iceland (approx.3 hours) and then take another flight to Portland, Oregon and that is 8 hours and then I’ll take a third and last flight to San Francisco and that will be 2 hours! Ouff!! That will be LOOOONG day but what a beautiful end it will have:)

So in order for me to survive such a long trip not to mention the return which is also super long, I need some knitting with me. I should admit that I went ahead and placed an order with WEBS and ordered 2 skeins of Mrs Crosby hand dyed yarn and 2 sets of Addi Sock Rocket knitting needles. I’ve never tried either one before so that is exciting and I’m thinking then that will be good for the during the stay and flight back but I need something for the outbound flights. I don’t want anything too big or bulky so i’m not going to take the snowflake sweater with me. This is where I’m at today with my Snowflake. It’s a quick knit once one is past the lace yoke. The pink is super bold but I like how it looks next to my jeans and the gray yoke will make it look nice next to my skin so I’m confident so far.

So no sweater. I could do the Bagatelle cowl by Purpoise fur I’ve already caked up the yarn. I’m just worried I might finish BEFORE I arrive in SFO and that is a scary thought 🙂 so if I take this then I’ll need a back up project which might be a good idea anyway so I can switch between projects as a gazillion hours of just one project are sure to bore me.

I also thought of the Leftover Cowl by Wendy D Johnson. I actually own both the digital version and the Vogue Knitting edition where I first saw this. It is gorgeous and would be fun to knit and use a ton of mini skeins and scrap yarns maybe. I’ve already picked out the mini skeins I have on hand to do this but before I got into balling them up I had a doubt! Would this be too bulky? Will all the little balls of yarn just take too much space in my handluggage (and bear in mind I’m only going to have carry on)? I think this could be a super fun knit and that it could actually last me both ways and I would not be bored as there are so many different patterns to make so I just have to decide if I have the space to bring this with me. I guess there is no way around actually balling everything up and then pack in a knitting bag and take a decision once I see it all.

Do you maybe have other ideas for some good travel knitting? Do you maybe have a particular type of knitting you usually do when travelling? (I admit I usually do socks).

i’d love to hear from you:)

That’s all for today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get lots of time to enjoy your crafting.

Until next time, take care:)