One FO and some works in progress

Hi there, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was way busier than I had expected and so I was not able to post and organise the giveaway I had told you about! I’m really sorry about disappointing you on that but I promise I’ll do it next Friday – because next Friday the 11th I have a day off from work! Youpi!!!! So I’ll have the time to write my review of the products in question and launch the giveaway and that way you’ll have the weekend to participate and I’ll be able to announce the winner next Monday the 14th of December.

Now on to finished objects. I finally finished my Westknits kal, the Doodler. I’m really pleased with the colours I chose and the finishing I chose. Once it was done I admit I had a moment of doubt because of the shape. I wondered how to wear it and if I would actually use it but then I played around a bit and it actually wears well and I used it all weekend to keep me warm so thats great.


Those of you who also did the cal, have you finished yours? Are you happy with the shape and colours you chose? I’d love to see some pictures if you are willing to share with us:)

I’m currently working on a number of projects and I still have to cast on 1-2 more for some Christmas gifts. I think I may be in over my head. I probably should have just stuck with knitting for my Christmas gifts and ONLY once I finished those should I have cast on for more! But….where’s the fun in that? So no I’m knitting a gazillion things that have nothing to do with Christmas as well!

First there is this tam that actually is a Christmas gift. I bought the pattern during the Indie Designer Giftalong on Ravelry and it is called Flavia and the designer is Beth Kling. The yarn I’m using is by The Uncommon Thread. I’m at the beginning of the decrease section so hopefully I’ll finish this one soon.


This is me wearing the tam/hat and as you can see it is a textured pattern with twisted stitches and I think it will look great once finished.

Then there’s the non Christmas knitting. I’m working on a cardigan for myself. The pattern is by Linda of Kettle Yarn Co and I’m using her Waltham Worsted hand dyed yarn too. The pattern is called Brynja and this will make for a beautiful textured, thick cardigan that I can see myself wearing all winter long and maybe even all year round depending on the weather here in Normandy. The pattern is easily memorised and you don’t need to use a cable needle for the faux cables which speeds thing up.


The color I chose is a very light grey and I chose that because I want this to go with whatever I’m wearing underneath. This is knit in one piece, back and forth up to the armholes, then one knits the sleeves and then the sleeves are joined to the rest of the body and the whole thing is knit in one piece to the end. This is great because it means minimal sewing up once you’re done with the knitting.

Well, this is all for today. I hope you all have a great Monday and a wonderful week ahead of you all. Take care until next time.



Some exciting new aquisitions

Hi there, I hope you are doing good and that you had a great weekend. I spent the weekend meeting friends I hadn’t seen for over a year so that was a lot of fun. As a consequence, not much knitting got done this weekend but it was for the good cause so that’s fine.

I don’t have any finished objects to share with you today but some works in progress.

First there is the Stephen West Mystery KAL, the Doodler. So the fourth and last clue has been published and yesterday I just finished clue number three so I’ll be working on the last clue later today. The last clue is basically just the bind off so not much left – which is not quite true because at this stage there are a gazillion stitches per row so even if I only have a few rows left, those will take some time to complete.

The pattern offers 3 possibilities for bind off and I’m going with option number 2 which is to do a few rows of garter stitch before doing an icord bind off.

Here’s a picture of my shawl today. It’s not easy to photograph because it is so big and as it is still on the needles it is all scrunched up.

The Doodler after clue 3

I’m thinking of doing the small garter stitch border in color A which is the speckled one and then bind off in color B which is the one used in between wedges on the main part of the shawl and for the cable at the top.

Now as today’s title says, I have some nice acquisitions to show you today.

First off, I saw a post from Laura Nelkin on Facebook a while ago about a new mystery pattern that she designed for this knitting cruise she is doing  now beginning of December and for those of us not lucky enough to go on the cruise, it was possible to purchase the kit anyway. So I did! I have now received the yarn and beads and the pattern will be delivered once the cruise has ended or December 10th. So that is super exciting. Also the yarn is a silk/linen blend hand dyed by Anzula fibres and that alone was enough to make me buy the kit because I’ve never tried their yarn before. Here’s a picture of my kit

The Crucero Shawl Kit by Laura Nelkin

Don’t you just love the colour of the yarn and beads? I think it looks very Caribbean:) And the coconut chocolate that came along with it was delicious too:) So I’m excited about knitting this.

And my second purchase was also a complete kit of sorts, this time from Kettle Yarn Co in the UK.

I purchased Linda’s design as well as her yarn. The pattern is for a thick cardigan and is called Brynja


I bought her Waltham Worsted yarn as the pattern calls for and I have just cast on. I think this will make for a gorgeous cardigan that I will probably use a lot this winter. I work from home in front of a computer so I don’t move around a lot and in winter the house is sometimes chilly so I always have layers on and this will be just perfect!

Here’s a picture of my progress so far

Brynja Cardigan by Linda of Kettle Yarn Co

Kettle Yarn Co Waltham Worsted in Graveney

This is a very subtle, soft grey and I chose this color as I think it will go with absolutely everything.

Also for next week I’ll be sharing with you my first real experience at sewing! Yes as it seems that sewing is the new “Black” for knitters judging by all the knitting podcasts I’m watching these days, I now want to try sewing myself! And I have found a lady in my town that teaches sewing and I’m going to my first class this coming Saturday! I’ve booked 2 classes so far and I’m planning to sew my very first project bag! So I really look forward to doing that and I’ll be sharing that adventure with you next week.

That’s about all today I think. I will soon be sharing a review of some exciting new knitting accessories/tools and there will be a giveaway with that so stay tuned. I’m hoping that will be on for next weekend.

So until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting:)

FOs and WIPs

Hi there, it feels like it’s been ages since my last post and thus I have a gazillion things I want to share with you but I won’t be able to fit everything into just one post so hopefully I’ll have some more time this week so I’ll be able to blog more and share all my stuff with you. It’s difficult to have a lot of ideas and things to share and not have the time to actually do so. Just as frustrating as having the time but not much to share! But hey, I’m not going to complain about actually having loads of stuff to share with you so here goes:)

First FOs and this week I have two so far, both socks. So the first pair has actually been ages in the making. Not because it is particularly difficult or anything I just got side tracked and cast on a number of things between sock one and sock two. So now that I’m done, I’m super happy about my pair and I’m going to gift them to someone special (not saying who just in case the recipient actually read this post). The pattern is called The Lady of Lallibroch and is by CC Almon or JavaPurl on Revelry and this is an Outlander inspired pattern. I used Cascade Heritage Sock yarn and I think the solid color really compliments the pattern. I feel that for the cable to shine, you really need to use a solid, semi solid or very lightly variegated yarn just so the cable really shines. The design focus is this gorgeous cable that works its way from toe to cuff. Super gorgeous and as there is “just” one cable and every other row is “knit as stitches present themselves” the pattern is not too complicated or time consuming although you may want to knit the first cable repeats away from any distraction. I really love the outcome.

The second FO is also a pair of socks and this is just plain vanilla, nothing fancy. I knit them toe up with a  short row heel and they went real quick. The yarn is Holly Jolly by the Cozy Knitter and I really love the yarn. This is one skein and I started both socks at the same place in the color repeat pattern and I got identical socks which is just great, plus the colorway just screams CHRISTMAS. Don’t you just love this colorway? I got a second set of yarn from her and I’m going to cast on for a new pair of socks soon, also in the holiday spirit.

So two socks done and I’ve cast on for a new pair using my own hand dyed christmassy yarn which is a muted, variegated yarn. I’m doing tube socks for my youngest. I just cast on so I’m not showing them here but as soon as I make some real progress I’ll show you.

I’m also working on my Meristem mitts and I’ve got one done (minus the thumb) and I’ve started the second (I’m just past the thumb placement) so hopefully by the same time next week those will be done.

And, then there is the Stephen West mystery knit-a-long called the Doodler. I’m sure you’ve heard about that, if not from social media then from Revelry or just on my blog. So I decided to join and the first clue came out last Friday November 6th. I wasn’t able to cast on immediately but I did this weekend of course and now I’ve only just begun wedge 10. In this first clue there are 17 wedges and I hope I’ll be able to finish those before the next clue comes out this coming Friday. A bit of pressure here to stay on target as I don’t want to fall behind or I’m afraid I’ll never finish. So far I really love how the yarns are knitting up and I’m very happy with the colour choices I made. I’ve seen lots of pictures on Instagram from others and so far I think mine is perfect. This looks a lot like a butterfly wing at the moment. The only thing that bothers me, is that every X row I have to add and then cut off yarn B so I have a lot of loose ends as you can see. Otherwise, so far so good.

Are any of you also knitting this KAL? I’d love to see your progress. I really should make a project page on Revelry. I don’t know why I’m so lazy about actually putting pictures of my FOs on Revelry to share, especially knowing that showing off my hand dyed yarns all knit up would be a plus for my business…Maybe one day I’ll muster the courage and energy to set up a number of project pages to show my works. Do you use Ravelry a lot? Do you maybe even use it to keep track of your stash and so forth? I’d be curious to hear how you use Ravelry and if you think it impacts your knitting life.

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll be back soon with some more because like I said at the beginning I have loads of stuff to tell you about.

So “see” you soon 🙂