More on guest blogging and a happy mail day

Hi there, I just wanted to say how happy I am with the post Sarah wrote for my blog as a guest blogger and I hope you too enjoyed reading about her journey knitting this perfect lace dress. I think that guest blogging can be a way to enrich my blog and the reading experience for those that enjoy reading my blog. Now in exchange for Sarahs post on my blog, I’m going to be writing one for her blog and that is really exciting. I do hope that if you are interested in sharing here on the blog, that you have the courage to reach out and send me a proposition by email – I promise I’m a kind soul so you will be welcomed! And if you do not have a blog yourself that’s fine. The idea behind this sharing is really just that, sharing a common passion with like minded people. So if you are interested in participating in this experiment/project, do contact me:)

Today I received a wonderful package by mail. I recently enrolled in a spindle class on and saw the instructor do supported spindling and I thought that could be great for me. I’m not used to spindling, I mostly spin on my wheel but I do have drop spindles and from time to time I try my hand at them. To begin with I used to drop them all the time and thus quickly understood where their name comes from 🙂 Now I’m better at actually using them and don’t drop them so much any more.

Last year while doing the Unwind Brighton show I bought a couple of drop spindles from my friend Louise of Spin City UK – she makes super cute resin whorl spindles. They are super light and a joy to work with and that’s what I’ve been using lately to work on my spindling.

Here’s a picture of the two supported spindles and lap bowl I received today. One is a Russian support spindle and the other a Tibetan support spindle. The lap bowl makes spinning while seated comfortable as you keep the bowl between your legs and can then spin comfortably. As you will see I have tried the Tibetan spindle out already. I looked up some videos on YouTube and went ahead. I was able to spin some using a sort of “park and draft” method for supported spindling so I have a few meters of yarn already! I used a hand dyed roving I made a while ago. I think I can really enjoy spinning this way and I definitely want to get the hang of this before going on vacation this summer. I need to spin every day if possible and I can’t take my wheel with me so if I can get the hang of this, that would be so great. So here’s the picture  I bought those from Kerry Spindles in the UK. You can check out his Etsy shop here

As for this weekend, even though it was a 3 day weekend for me, somehow I did not get much done. I guess there are days like this when you just need to relax and not stress about getting an X number of things done. So I did knit a bit and mostly on my first baby blanket which is coming along nicely. I’ll be showing you pictures this week. I also went ahead and knit a second pair of miniature sock earrings! I really love those. My husbands thinks this is a waste of time and that no one will buy something like this. I totally disagree so we’ll soon see who’s right I guess:)

I’ll be updating the Etsy shop later today and will be adding more of my mini emergency crochet hooks. I saw this somewhere and have made a bunch of those and I just realised that I had sold out! So I went ahead and made some more and now I just need some time to put those up for sale in the Etsy shop These mini hooks can be used just as decoration on your project bag for example or you can use them to pick up dropped stitches for example which is the main intended use for those. Due to their size they will easily fit into your accessories pouch. Here are some pictures:

Well, this is all for today. I’m currently working on a number of topics for the coming days. So hopefully you’ll continue to follow my blog and enjoy reading about my adventures.

So until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting