Meet the Maker of the Month – Michelle of Berry Colorful Yarnings

Hi there, the end of this month is chock full of information and blog posts as I took a little break and came back with a ton of things to share and also this meant that the Maker of the Month feature is way later in the month than usual. I do hope you forgive me for this and so here goes!


I first learned of Michelle and Berry Colorful Yarnings when I was in the yarn subscription club The Golden Skein (no longer operating). Every three months I would get three skeins of hand dyed yarns, each from a different dyer and one of those was Michelle.

Since then I have been following her on social media and of course on Etsy where she sells her yarns. Michelle specializes in self striping yarns and as a sock knitter, I find that super exciting! Somehow, self striping vanilla socks seem to knit up on their own, one is always so excited to get to the next stripe!

A while ago I contacted Michelle and she kindly accepted to do a little yarn swap and so I was lucky enough to get to try out some more of her yarns. This is the pair of socks I knit out of the first skein.



I used my own hand dyed purple yarn for cuff, heels and toes so as to not disrupt the striping. I knit these from the cuff down and did an afterthought heel as I often do when using self striping yarn.

Michelle’s yarn is a pleasure to knit with and her sense of color is amazing. I have a few more of her yarns in my stash and cherish them very much! And I thought it would be so fun to interview Michelle and introduce you to her and her work if you don’t know her already. And she kindly accepted the interview AND a giveaway! So you just might be lucky enough to win one of her yarns yourself!

So here is my interview with Michelle


I see from your about page on Etsy that you opened your shop in 2011. Had you been dyeing yarn before then and selling elsewhere or is 2011 the year it all started?
2011 was the first time I had sold anything I had dyed and I started off with my etsy shop right away.

How did you come to start dyeing yarn and then selling online?
I have always been a lover of indie dyed yarn and I was buying yarn from international dyed but the shipping times and costs at that time were starting to add up. I had mentioned to a knitter friend of mine that “I wished I was talented enough to dye yarn” and her replay was “you are” so after chatting with my husband I jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back!

Do you work as an indie dyer full time or is this a part time thing ?
Dyeing is a part time thing for me. We homeschool our two girls and I help my husband run his business.

Where do you get your inspiration for your colourways from ?
I get my inspiration from many sources but I really love pulling colors from nature. There are some really beautiful combinations right in front of our eyes. I love when a customer brings me a photo and asks for a self striping yarn from it. This really allows me to be creative.

What is your most popular colorway? and/or most popular yarn base?

The most popular colorway has to be The Pats doorway, themed for the New England Patriots Football team. Second would be either the 12 color Rainbow or the 12 color 12 days of Christmas colorways.

bcy 12 days of christmas

I know you are most known for dyeing self striping yarn. How did you come to choose that type of dyeing method/yarn? Do you also sometimes dye tonal or semi solid yarns?
I had been dyeing yarn for several years when I wanted to do something a little different than what all the other dyers were doing. So I tried the self striping technique. I still love dyeing tonals and semi solids and will jump at the chance to dye them 🙂

Do you accept custom orders?

Currently no.. but after the first of the year my plan is to bring that option back to the shop.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
After getting the husband out the door, I get any business related emails and paperwork needed done. I get the girls schoolwork done and then some lunch.. if we don’t have a ton of activities for the day then off to the dye studio I go.. I get lost in the fun of color.

What have you got planned for Berry Colorful Yarnings in 2017? and where do you see your company in say 5 years from now?
2017 for BCY will be a slower year. But 2018 is hopefully going to see a few fiber shows and crammed full of new color combos and maybe even some fun new stripe tech.

Where does the name of your shop, Berry Colorful Yarnings come from?
Berry is my last name, Colorful for what I strive to always make my yarns, and Yarnings was what my youngest daughter would call anything I was doing with yarn or fiber, so Berry Colorful Yarnings happen to just fit so nicely!!

And a little about yourself, where do you come from/live?
I live in southern New Mexico, I spent 11 years here as a kid (military kid) then in 1996 my husband and I moved to CA and lived there for 17 years. We moved back to this area a few years ago and love it here.

Are you a knitter and/or crocheter?
I learned to crochet as a kid but didn’t learn to knit until 2009. My middle niece showed me how one summer.

When did you learn to knit/crochet?
Crochet I was about 10 and 2009 is when my niece showed me how to knit..

What are your favourite projects to knit/crochet? I’m guessing socks but I just might be wrong 🙂
I just recently became a sock knitter, that is why my stripes are a bit wider than some. I needed to be able to knit my own yarns into a hat or cowl. I love love to knit hats!!

bcy shawl

If you are a big sock knitter, do you have a go to pattern/recipe?

I love a toe up vanilla sock at the moment!

Do you knit socks cuff down or toe up?
Toe up for sure

What is the best way for people to follow you on social media? Do you have a blog?
I prefer Instagram (all though pretty pictures) I have a website that’s under construction and I would love to try and get my blog going again.. fingers crossed but right now I am mostly on IG as @Bcyarnings 🙂


Thank you so much Michelle for taking the time to answer my questions and giving me and my readers a little sneak peek into your life. And an even bigger thank you for donating a yarn for the giveaway! Michelle has donated a skein of her Daisy colorway that I show you here below.

bcy daisy

Berry Colorful Yarnings in Daisy, self striping

bcy daisy close up

A close up of Daisy

To enter this giveaway and have a chance of winning a skein of Michelle’s self striping yarn in the Daisy colorway you have to:

  1. go to her shop and take a look at her in stock yarns and/or sold yarns and
  2. come back here to leave a comment telling us which one of her colorways is your favorite
  3. Also tell us what pattern you would knit with her yarn should you win

I will use random number generator to draw a winner from the comments below (So I will not be replying to anyone so as not to disturb the drawing) on May 5th. Good luck to you all and enjoy the browsing 🙂

Lots of stripes and a test knit

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you had a nice weekend and that this new week is shaping up to be a good one. Here in France it’s been raining a lot lately so the temperatures have been quite mild. But rain is just so depressing.Or is it? Well I think that for knitters it’s not so much as we can just get cozy and knit on and enjoy being inside.

Now on to knitting and dyeing. I have been on a self striping high since I knit the pair of blue self striping socks for my daughter – I showed you pictures in my second to last post. And that inspired me to continue working on dye techniques to produce self striping yarns and I have come up with 3 different colour ways so far. One is in the shop and available for purchase, that is the Christmas is Coming colour way. The other two I have not yet listed and I’m thinking maybe I’ll offer those as “dye to order” kind of thing.

Depending on how one winds the yarn before dyeing, different results can be achieved and I have been playing with that. And I have knit 2 1/2 pairs of vanilla self striping socks since then to see how my new yarns knit up. And I love it!

Here you have the yarns. So I did one ball of self striping yarn and one small ball of contrasting yarn for heels, toes and cuffs. Just seeing the yarn like this, all wound up, makes my fingers tickle. I find self striping yarn so appealing.

And here you have the socks all knit up. I’m really pleased with the results and that the stripes are perfectly calibrated so I have been able to knit two 100% matching pairs so far and I’m currently working on the third and last one. What do you think of these colour ways? Do you knit with self striping yarns? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these.

As a general rule, self striping yarns are more expensive than solid or variegated yarns because of the work involved in producing them. But a few select dyers have yet been able to build their career on those and dye exclusively self striping yarns. I’d love for these to be part of my offer but getting the word out there, that I have some, is not easy and maybe people prefer to buy only from the “Big Names”. I don’t know.

Personally, I have always liked self striping yarns but I only use them for vanilla socks. I could see myself use them for mittens though and possibly for a hat, maybe like a Sock Head Hat. I don’t often buy self striping and that’s mostly because of the price + shipping as most of the big name self striping dyers are in the US and shipping from the US to Europe is prohibitive in most cases. Funny how shipping from the US to Europe seems to be so much more expensive than shipping from Europe to the US. Not sure why that is but anyway, now that I know how to dye up a self striping yarn, I can just dye them myself:)

So since last time almost all my knitting time has been consumed by knitting these “test” socks to see how my yarn knits up. But I have also been knitting a pair of socks as a test knitter for a Ravelry designer. I’m almost done with that pair, hopefully I’ll finish today or tomorrow at the latest. I don’t think I’m allowed to show a picture just yet but I will share once she publishes the pattern. I also accepted to test knit another pair for this same designer as soon as I finish the current one so I seem to be only knitting on socks for the time being.

And speaking of test knitting, have you ever been a test knitter? I’m rather new to test knitting. So far I have test knit one cowl, a shawl and 2 pairs of socks. It is quite fun and it also means you get a free pattern which is always a bonus:)

Currently the designer Madeleine Windsor who designs under the name Kingfisher Knits, is looking for test knitters for a cowl and a beret that she has designed using one of my yarns. There are three sizes going from child to adult and this is knit using an Aran weight cash’merino yarn. This particular yarn is not in the shop at the moment but testers who want to do the test knit using my yarn are able to order the yarn directly from me and not only do they get a discount but they also get to choose their colour as I then dye the yarn to order. Once the patterns will be released I’ll be putting the yarn up in the shop for sale.

Here is a picture of the set


Nice don’t you think? So if you are interested in testing for her, you can get in touch with her on Ravelry, here is a link to the discussion thread she has set up for this test knit.

Other than this, not much new. I’m just working and knitting socks:) I kind of look forward to my second pair of test socks to be done and then I’ll give socks a little break I think and return to my shawl knitting or something. And oh, I almost forgot. I bought a few skeins of new and exciting new yarn bases to try out. And those are luxury bases such as merino and silk blends or a yak, merino and silk for example. So far I have only dyed one skein and that was in the 50/50 merino and silk base. it’s a fingering weight yarn so 400 meters for 100gr and boy is that a gorgeous yarn! It’s ultra soft and the silk gives the yarn a lovely sheen and I can just see that this will be something luxurious. I’m not sure what I’m going to knit with this first skein. I thought of doing socks but it feels a bit too luxurious for socks. I thought of a shawl but 400 meters is probably not enough as I like shawls to be on the bigger side. Maybe a hat, like a Sock Head Hat? Or a cowl?

What would knit with a yarn like this? If you have suggestions for a fun pattern,  please share:)

I think this is all for today. I hope you have a great week. Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me today. I look forward to being back and sharing more of my knitting with you next week. Until then, take care and enjoy your knitting:)

Self striping sock yarn and the Gilmore Girls

Hi there, do you enjoy knitting socks? Do you like self striping sock yarns? Do you enjoy colours? Do you watch the Gilmore Girls show?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions then you might be interested in an upcoming sock knitting kit.

I’m so happy and proud of this first collective collaboration that I’m doing with CC Almon of JavaPurlDesigns and Sam Boggia of KnitRunDig.

The three of us are working on this sock knitting kit that will be up for pre-order this coming Sunday June 12th. This is a very limited edition, only 30 kits will be made so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Each kit will include a sock pattern by CC, a project bag by Sam, hand dyed yarn by Yours Truly and lots of little goodies. And everything is tied to the Gilmore Girls show.

I got to see a picture of the finished prototype sock last week and it is gorgeous! I was so happy and proud to see this new pattern all knit up in my self striping yarn. I can’t wait to get to knit a pair myself!

So all my dyeing efforts are currently concentrated on this project. I’m dyeing a 10 color self striping yarn and let me tell you, self striping is work and 10 color self striping is a LOT of work!

Here are a few pictures I have taken to share some of the preparations for this kit on my side.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

l’m showing the finished ball of yarn all grey because I don’t want to spoil anything and we have not yet shown the actual yarn and pattern but I imagine that will be done in the future, unless we decide it would be more fun for you to discover the yarn as you open your package 🙂

So if you want to join in this fun and knit a pair of beautiful socks using a limited edition self striping yarn then you need to sign up for the preorder on the Java Purl Designs website here as of June 12th.

gilmore girls

That’s it for today. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of the week:)

Back at last and with some finished items

Hi there, how are you? I hope you are doing better than I am since I have a big cold and have totally lost my voice! Apparently that is going around these days.

So, I know I told you last time that I was going to concentrate on finishing all the wips BEFORE casting on for new stuff. Well….how can I say this?…..I totally failed! I have cast on sooo many projects that I have to do at least two posts to share everything with you!

So today let me show you three projects that I have just finished. The first one is a pair of socks for my older daughter. I used my hand dyed SOX and SPARKLES yarns and just did a simple vanilla type pattern, knit from the top down and did a short row heel. I also did cuff, heel and toe in contrasting color to hold the pattern of the variegated yarn.


I’m really happy about how they turned out. The color way for the variegated yarn is called Another Kind of Christmas. I dyed that up in December and put up for sale in my independent shop (which by the way is not working out so I really need to list the yarn there on Etsy).

And I believe last time I also told you about doing a double experiment, dyeing self striping yarn and using NEKO knitting needles. Well I finished my first pair using the Neko needles and my self striping yarn.

As for the needles, they are nice BUT not transcendent, not enough to make me want to knit only with those. The idea behind them, I feel, is like knitting with 2 circulars so if you like knitting your socks with two circular needles you might enjoy the bent Neko needles.

I do find that my gauge is looser when knitting with the Neko needles than when I knit with dpns or circulars. I think that it might be because of the shape of the needles and that I was not able to find the perfect way to hold them. The only problem though that I had, was when I was almost at the end of sock number two. I had begun de toe decreases when all of a sudden one of the needles broke! I was sitting at my desk so I immediately took a picture and sent to the manufacturer asking if this was a recurring problem with their smallest size and if they guaranteed their needles and would send me a new one. They answered very quickly and said that this did not happen often but they would be sending me a new set of needles. I was very happy with that and just transferred half my stitches to a different needle and went on to finish my sock and then….a second needle broke! I hope I will have more luck with the new set that they sent me! I don’t think I used too much force and the needles were not bent out of shape so I’m thinking maybe the 2mm size/0 US is just a little too fine for the plastic material they use for the needles.

But anyway it was a fun experiment and I have cast on for a second project using the next size (2.50 mm) and those feel sturdier so cross my fingers and hope they will not brake. But now I think it is time for some pictures.

First off some pictures of the dyeing. So I wanted to do a self striping yarn. I have heard that a lot of dyers do not do those because they are soooooooo time consuming. And I can definitely confirm that. I will need to research methods to speed up a little the process if I want to offer those in my shop otherwise they will just not be worth it because I’ll never be able to sell them at a profitable prize.

So I actually did 2 self striping tests and this was the first one. So I decided to do a regular skein and wind it up into sections that would then be dyed in different colours. I used a yardage measuring device to help me wind the same amount for each section so that the stripes would be as equal in size as possible.


Then I put each section into a little plastic bag to keep them separate. I then wet the yarn and took each section/bag and poured the dye on. When all the sections were dyed, I put them in the pot to steam set.


Here the yarn is just out of the dye pot and drying in front of my fireplace. You can see that the sections are connected together because I did not cut the yarn. Also I dyed the skein “single” I mean that I did not wind the yarn double to make two identical skeins for one pair of socks but I actually dyed one skein, single wound, to make one pair.


Here the yarn has dried and this is where the “fun” starts. You have to wind the yarn on a niddy noddy to make a skein that can then be sold or in my case put on a swift so that I could wind it and knit asap.


Here is my yarn all skeined up and looking gorgeous.


And here it is wound up into  a cake. The Neko needles you see are not the ones I ended up using. These are 2.50 mm and I found that my gauge was much looser so I would have ended up with humongous socks so I ripped back my first cuff and started over using the 2.00 mm needles.


Here you can see my stripes forming. I had 8 colours and each stripe measured 10 yards. That was ok this time as I was knitting a 64 st sock but I do think the stripes should be smaller because at this yardage, you can only really knit large socks, anything small would not really be a stripy sock but a sock with colour sections.

So what I learned from this first test was that I CAN DO IT! and that I need to make the stripes smaller. I also realized how much time it takes from start to finish to make a single skein of self striping! But I admit the process is fun and I’m really happy with the outcome. Again I did a simple vanilla, top down sock with a short row heel. I also dyed a small skein of yarn in a different colour to use for cuff, heel and toes so that the stripe pattern would not be broken up. And it worked perfectly.


And here they are! All done and gorgeous:) I’m most proud of the fact that I was able to make a totally matching pair of socks even if I did not dye my yarn double. That is way more difficult than dyeing a small skein double where you are totally certain that the colours are going to match up. So I’m really happy with this. And I did enjoy using the Neko, bent knitting needles and I’m going to knit some more on those.

Wow that was a lot! But before I leave you I have one more project I want to share with you. My daughter has a friend who is going to celebrate her 10th birthday this weekend and when my daughter asked her friend what she would like for her birthday the friend said: a hand knit, hand dyed hat and a hand knit mermaid tail blanket! WOW! I learned this Wednesday and the birthday is Saturday!!!! Of course I’m super happy that she loves my knitting. I have knit her a pair of socks she adores and apparently she wants more! So who am I to say no?

Well, first I wanted to be reasonable and so I said to my daughter, ok I can do the hat but I will not have the time to do the mermaid tail blanket. That was not good enough!!!! But more about that later.

It just so happened that I had dyed a little bit of some DK Cash’merino yarn and so I took a skein and wound it up, found a pattern on Ravery called “Gentleman hat” and cast on.


I need to make a pompom as that was part of the wishlist. The pattern is fun and very easy so this was a quick knit. I knit the child size and the only critique would be that the ribbing should have been longer, I should have thought to make it longer myself…but I didn’t but hopefully it will still be ok. I like how the colour shows on the hat with lots of white and then some red, some pink and some purple and I hope the little friend will love it!

And then there is the mermaid tail blanket!! When I showed my daughter the hat I told her we needed to find something else to go with the hat and she said NO! She only wants the blanket! And I said; I’ll never finish in time. But my daughter has an answer for everything so she said ” not a problem, its ok to give the rest of the gift a little later”. Being the knitter I am, I of course folded an found some yarn and cast on last night!

I’ll show you pictures next time and a link to the pattern if you too have been thinking about doing one of those yourself.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed stopping by and sharing some time with me. I’ll try to be more regular in my postings. And next time I’ll share my mermaids tail blanket as well as pictures of my second self striping dye sock knitting test and….. the 3 yes I did say THREE MKals I just joined! Talk about NOT casting on any new projects before all the WIPs are done! Clearly I’m not very serious!

So until next time, enjoy your crafting. The weekend is just a day away so you should have some more knitting time around the corner! Take care

Double testing

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are doing great and enjoying your week.

Today I’m going to share with you my double testing. If you follow me on social media you may have seen pictures of my latest sock project and my self striping yarn. This week I decided to do some dye testing and make a self striping rainbow yarn.

I used bright colours, eight total. Each stripe is 10 yards long which at my current gauge makes for 12 rows of 64 stitches in stocking stitch. Here are some pictures of my project.


I measure out my yarn and wind on a warping board.


I dye each “mini skein” a different colour. There are 5 repeats of each color except for the first and last mini skein/color where there are only 3 repeats. Here the yarn is drying in front of my fireplace.


Here the yarn is all dry and ready for me to wind it into a skein using a niddy noddy.


All wound into a gorgeous skein.

Next time I think I will make shorter colour repeats and possibly do two skeins which is perfect for taat socks.


My yarn all caked up and my new knitting needles! I just heard about these new German knitting needles called NEKO. These are plastic, bent knitting needles made for socks and they also have larger sizes made for knitting hats and “loops”. I had never heard about these before so I was super intrigued. These needles come in sets of 3 and are quite hard to find. In Europe they can only be bought from the producer directly but there is at least one shop in the US and one in Canada and I did find one shop on Etsy carrying these.

So I contacted NEKO and bought two pairs of sock needles and they gifted me with one pair of size 8 mm/US 11 for me to test.

Lucky for me, the needles arrived the day my new self striping yarn was dry and ready for knitting so of course I used that yarn to cast on for a new pair of socks and test both yarn and needles at the same time.

I really like the yarn and I managed to make the colour repeats consistent but I do feel they are slightly too long. It’s still ok for a 64 st sock and will be for a 72 st sock. However they will be too long for a smaller size sock, 56 or 60 st sock. So next test I will do shorter repeats.

As for the NEKO knitting needles I need more time before deciding if I like them or not. They are made from plastic and they are V shaped which means you will not loose any stitches when putting down your knitting. Each set comes with 3 needles, two hold the stitches and the third is for knitting.

I find that my gauge is a lot looser with these needles than it is when I use “regular” dpns or circulars. The needles in size 2mm/US0 bend a little with the force of my hand/fingers. Otherwise they are quite easy on the hands. What I need to figure out is how best to hold them. The fact that the needles are bent means that they are sometimes “in the way” of my hands. I’m making good progress on my sock and liking it so far but need to work on positioning the needles better in my hands.


I’m using a contrasting colour for cuff, heel and toe – the plum colour.

Have you ever used NEKO needles? Would you be interested in trying? I’m going to finish my pair of socks before making a decision about wether I like them or not and if I should buy some to sell in the shop.

And speaking of knitting needles, what type of needles do you use most? For me that would be circulars which I use for almost everything.

That’s all for today. Take care and enjoy your knitting 🙂









Three finished objects and more in the works

Hi there, today is November first and it is beautiful outside. The sun is shining and it is almost hot outside which is rather unusual for this time of year here in Normandy, France. I’m not going to complain about good weather but I do admit that grey skies and rain would not have bothered me today as I’m a little tired after last nights Halloween party and just spending my day knitting would be perfect but with weather like this I feel I have to go outside. Well, we’ll see. I know i’ll be knitting today the question is just how much:)

So like the title says I have three finished objects to show you today. One big and one small.

Let’s begin with the big one which is my Snowflake sweater by Tin Can Knits. I knit this using my DK Cash’merino yarn in Grey and Something about CC (bright pink). It took a while to finish even though this is a fast knit. This sounds very contradictory but in fact I finished the body quite quickly and then I put it aside and it took me a while to come back to it but when I finally did I finished the sleeves in no time.

The pattern is easy so if you have never knit a sweater or are afraid it might take too much time, this could be the right pattern for you. The only difficulty was the lace yoke but once I put in my stitch markers (which I should have done from the beginning) it was fine. So I’ve finished all the knitting and I’ve woven in my ends so now I just need to find the right buttons and sew them in and I’ll be able to wear it! I’m super happy about the outcome and even though the pink is  super bright the fact that the yoke is grey makes this easy to wear. When my youngest saw the sweater done she asked me to make one for her in the same colours. I think I might just change the colors and do her yoke in pink and the rest of the sweater in grey. We’ll think about it but I might not get to begin hers until after Christmas because I have so much to knit before Christmas.

I don’t usually give handknit gifts for Christmas but this year I want to and like I’ve already told you I’m doing hats and mittens for everyone. So this week I finished another hat so that makes a total of 4 hats done and 4 more to go. This pattern by Lioness Arts uses 2×2 ribbing, garter stitch and moss stitch and is quite simple and quick to knit in DK weight yarn. This is what I’m knitting for all the kids.

And last but not least, I finished my Strawberries and Cream Frappé socks by CC Almon/JavaPurl. The first ever pattern to be written using my hand dyed yarn! I’m so incredibly proud of this collaboration and now I can actually wear these socks myself. I of course knit them using the yarn I dyed especially for this pattern and that I call Strawberry Frappuccino. Aren’t these nice? Also I think the color of the yarn is just perfect for this pattern – but then I might be biased….

The pattern is not complicated so even a beginner knitter could do this I think. The pattern is based on knits and purls and there is a little “cable” but you can do that without a cable needle. The pattern is for toe up socks and a short row heel. I love it and I hope to make a few more using my yarns.

And now onto the works in progress. I still have to finish my Lady of Lallibroch socks by CC This is an old picture but I haven’t knit much on them since then. I’m a few rows from the heel shaping so hopefully I’ll finish them this coming week.

And I’m working on a pair of mittens using the same yarn as for the socks above. And both the socks and the mittens will be gifted to the same person at Christmas. The mittens I’m knitting are called Meristem Botanical Mittens by Maria Montzka

I saw these mittens on the designers podcast and immediately went to Ravelry to buy the pattern. I’m planning on doing 3 of these, 2 for Christmas gifts and one pair for myself. I love the pattern. The pattern is only on the back and the palm is plain stockinette so these are not too complicated and I really love this pattern. This will make for a delicate pair of mittens. The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock.

I also cast on for a pair of socks as soon as I cast off my Strawberries and Cream Frappé socks. I fell for some Christmassy yarn by an indie dyer on Etsy called The Cozy Knitter.

christmas yarn from the cozy knitter The one on the left is called Holly Jolly and the one in two balls is You’ve been Elfed I think. So I cast on using the Holly Jolly yarn yesterday and I really love the result. This is a self striping yarn and my favorite colour is the gold color and I wonder how she was able to achieve that. I’ll have to do some investigating and testing myself because I find that color super interesting.

But like I said i just cast on yesterday so I don’t have much to show you but you’ll get the picture here Gorgeous right?

This coming week I’ll also continue to knit my Christmas gift hats and maybe a pair of mittens in a kids size.

That’s all for today. Have a wonderful Sunday and an even better week.

Happy crafting 🙂