Do you want to play a little game?

Hi there, today June 17th is Iceland’s National Day and as such should be celebrated! I for instance am not working today (YEAH). And I think I may need to do some serious knitting in front of something fun on Netflix with a bowl of popcorn or something along those lines:)

Now, I thought we could do something fun and do a second giveaway. The first giveaway I did was in relation to my discovery of 2 in 1 sock knitting and the winner got 2 yarn cakes of hand dyed sparkle yarn to try out the technique herself. This time around I’m going to go for something else. The gift and object of your desires is……..

IMG_3127 The sock ruler! The latest craze in sock knitting and something you as a sock knitter must have! This accessory is basically a plastic ruler partly shaped like a sock and it has measurements both in inches and centimeters so no matter what pattern you’re doing, it will work perfectly. What is so great about this is that it makes measuring so much easier. Your sock lies flat and whether you are doing toe up or top down this will make life so much easier not to mention more fun:)

So I have 2 of those to giveaway – sponsored by myself! And now how to participate?

To participate and be eligible to win one of the two sock rulers you have to share a picture of the sock ruler from my shop. This is a link you can use 

Share the picture and link on your social media along with info on what it is and where to buy it (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blog, Tumblr etc) and then leave me a comment below this post with a link to your share. Feel free to share on multiple venues and leave me a comment with a link to each share – that way you will have more chances of winning:) If sharing on Twitter and Instagram you can use the #KIFgiveaway.

I will chose the winners using a random number generator. Each comment will have a number: 1st comment will be nr 1, 2nd comment will be nr 2 and so forth. Two numbers will be drawn and the winners will receive this fabulous knitting accessory for sock knitting – which by the way can also be used for knitting mittens I think.

You have until Friday June 19th midnight my part of the world (Paris, France) to join – share and comment. The winners will be announced on Saturday June 20th and the Sock Rulers will subsequently be mailed out on Monday June 22nd.

I think this can be quite fun and while it will (hopefully) bring my little shop some much needed exposure, it should also be fun for you and very easy to join in.

I will be doing giveaways from time to time and I already have the third giveaway scheduled for beginning of July and that one is being sponsored by this great shop I recently discovered but haven’t told you about just yet. You’ll learn all about that, the shop, the owner and the giveaway later this month.

That’s all for now so join in, share all you can and best of luck to you all!