Knitting and life in general

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you had a nice weekend and that this week has begun well. I had a nice weekend. Some of my husbands friends came and spent the night at our house and that was nice. We hadn’t seen them for ages. In addition they were very lucky with the weather and on Saturday morning we went to Ouistreham which is a beach town just a few minutes from our home and we walked along the beach and then had lunch in a restaurant on the beach. It almost felt like summer again:)

Then Sunday came around and boy, it felt nothing like summer! Sunday was a very grey and rainy day here in Normandy. And today, Tuesday it is cold and humid so no we are definitely in winter now.

Now with regards to knitting, I feel like I’m a bit out of it, not really feeling the mojo for some reason. I think maybe my pile of wips and to knit may be intimidating me. I have been knitting of course but I just feel like I’m not enjoying it as much as I should.

I have one finished object, I knit a little onesie for a future niece that will be arriving in December. I had the hardest time to find a pattern that motivated me to knit and yet I really wanted to knit her something. I found this lovely pattern for a onesie on Ravelry and I have now finished that, ends are woven in and buttons in place. The only thing left is blocking.


This is a very nice pattern and once you get going, it is quite intuitive. The pattern is called Tiriltunge Newborn Onesie and this is a paid for pattern on Ravelry. I used yarn from my stash for this, Cascade Heritage Silk which is a merino and Mulberry silk blend. This is a lovely turquoise blue color which I think goes with both boys and girls. I do have a pair of little tube socks in pink and chocolate that I’m going to give her as well. But when I had this done, I felt like I should knit something else to go with it. I was thinking a hat or maybe some leggings and I have found patterns on Ravelry but not the motivation to actually cast on. So maybe I will just leave it at this, a onesie and a pair of socks. We’ll see.

I have also been working on the Harry Potter themed socks for my oldest. My choice of yarn is all wrong though and that bothers me. I chose a stellina yarn from Lanitium ex Machina and the yarn is just so harsh and just not enjoyable to knit with. I think that for socks its ok and that my daughter will not be bothered when she wears the socks (I hope) but to knit with, it’s just not enjoyable and so I’m only knitting on this  a little each time.

Also I’m thinking I should have gone with a solid color yarn because this variegated yarn hides the stitch pattern somewhat. I do like the colour but maybe it was not the right choice for this particular pattern. Anyway I have finished one sock and I’m working on the second so there will be no ripping back:)



What do you think?

I also have two new knits. One is a pair of Halloween socks for my youngest. I’m using a set of yarns that I dyed up for the shop. I called this color Candy Corn (yellow and orange) and I’m using a dark green for contrasting heel,toes and cuff.


I’m not using a pattern but rather knitting from memory. I’m knitting them toe up and I did a short row heel. As you can see I have finished one sock and I’m already working on the second so hopefully this pair will be done in time for Halloween.

I also started the Simee Dimeh shawl by Romi Hill. Months ago I indulged myself and purchased a kit for this shawl from Miss Babs yarns. I chose the kit called Favorite Boots Sierras. This is a mosaic pattern so uses slipped stitches and I think it will be gorgeous. The yarn is really beautiful and I love the colors. I’m at the very beginning now so not much to show you but here are some pictures anyway

The first picture shows you the colours and the little I have done so far. The second picture shows you the stitch pattern for the first part of the shawl. I think the rest of the shawl is a garter stitch mosaic although I admit I have not actually read through the entire pattern.

So this week I will be working on the shawl and the Halloween socks as well as on the Harry Potter socks. Once I will have finished one of the socks, I’ll be looking for a new project and hopefully I’ll pick something up from my pile of wips rather than casting on something entirely new.

This week is winter holiday for the kids so they are home most of the time. The youngest did want to go to  what we call “point jeunes” which is a place where 10+ older kids meet up and they do all sorts of activities under adult supervision of course. This is the first time she goes and yesterday was the first day. That went really well so hopefully she will have a wonderful week. I’m not on holiday myself so that is why I let her go to the point jeunes. Working from home when all three kids are at home is not always easy and my youngest gets easily bored so this is a much better solution for her. I did put in for 2 x half day off so this Thursday and Friday I’ll get off work at 2 pm and that is great! Especially this week as my mother and one of my cousins are coming for a visit from Iceland. They will be spending 10 days here so maybe I won’t have the time to blog next week as I’ll be busy between work and my guests.

I hope the weather will be nice; or at least that it won’t rain much so that they can enjoy being outside and go places. I look forward to seeing my mum again and getting a little shipment of comfort food from home:)

I think this is all for today. I hope you have enjoyed stopping by today and I thank you for taking the time to read my post. Have a wonderful week and I’ll speak to you soon:)

Works in progress and new acquisitions

Hi there, I hope you are doing good and enjoying the last few days before Christmas. I have a few more days of work and then I’ll have a little holiday and I’m really looking forward to that. I can’t wait to relax and spend time with my family and enjoy some quality knitting time without having to think of work!

I’m currently working on a gazillion projects so I’m not making much progress on each as I’m just knitting a bit on each before going on to the next. I did however want to show you the progress I’m making on the horse mittens that I’m making and that I HAVE TO FINISH BEFORE CHRISTMAS! I’m at last working on this again. Once I had the first mitt done, I put this aside, too much colorwork I think. But now I really have to do as much as I can each day or this will never be finished in time for Christmas and this is a Christmas gift after all so!!!

horse mittens 22dec

I really love how these look and I hope they will fit the recipient in the end. So I’m about halfway through the second mitten but then I need to do both thumbs and finish. This much colorwork is quite time consuming but the result is nice.

Last night I also did some stitch markers for the shop . I have been neglecting the shop and not been adding any new items for a while so I really need to give myself a kick in the rear end and start doing things again! These beaded markers are large sizes and will bit needles up to size 18 mm – I have 3 sizes there: 10 mm/ 14 mm/ 18 mm

large stitch markers

I really enjoy making stitch markers and I especially love making these as I make the jump ring myself and then glue the bead. Also I think they look super nice 🙂

Now on to new acquisitions. So last week I got an amazing package from US dyer Miss Babs. This is the first time I buy from Miss Babs but I have heard of her yarns for a long time and never had the chance to actually buy one of her yarns. And I think I may have gone a little overboard here because I bought 1 skein + a shawl kit.

First I bought a Yowza skein – you may have heard of Yowza but that is a 4 ply light worsted yarn sold in a huge 8 oz skein and designer Susan B Anderson has written 3 or 4 Yowza Weigh It Shawls for this yarn. So I decided to buy one skein and one of Susan’s patterns. This is the colorway I chose:

miss babs yowza

It is called Sipriz – and I love it. It’s white, blue and brown. And the pattern I chose is the original Yowza Weigh it Shawl by Susan B Anderson.

The pattern is super simple, one row repeat, no counting of stitches, just knit on and weigh your yarn in 2 places. So as I was away from home this weekend, I decided this would be the perfect “car knitting” project and so I cast on. I didn’t end up doing much knitting as we were driving in the afternoon/night so the sun soon went down and it was too dark for me to knit but this is where I’m at now and you can see how the yarn knits up.

miss babs yowza shawl 22dec

Nice don’t you think?

And I also got a shawl kit from Miss Babs and that was a real splurge!

miss babs simee dimeh kit

As you can see from the picture the pattern is called Simee Dimeh shawl by Romi Hill. The kit comes with the pattern and 7 mini skeins and the color combo I chose is the “Polydactyl”. That is the color combination shown on the pattern pictures here. I find this pattern super interesting, especially the patterning on the lower edge. I haven’t read the pattern yet but when I look at the pictures I feel it looks almost like cross stitch. This might be  a little too intricate for travel knitting although I’m not sure. I’m going to think about that a bit more before I decide whether or not I take that with me on holiday.

A while back I also got another shawl kit, this time from Laura Nelkin Designs. That is also a gorgeous design, an openwork/lace design with lots of beads and a silk/linen yarn from Anzula fibres. Here’s a picture of the kit

The Crucero Shawl Kit by Laura Nelkin

The pattern is called Crucero Shawl by Laura Nelkin.

That’s about it for now I think. Just a couple of announcements before I go:

First the 2016 Knitting in France Birthday Game – I have everyone’s but one questionnaires back so I’m just waiting on this one to come through and I’ll be able to send an email to all the participants with the info needed to enjoy the game. Hopefully I’ll have that before the end of the week.

Also for 2016, I have some fun stuff for you. There will be 2 giveaways next January that you do not want to miss so I hope you will continue to follow my blog in the new year.

That’s all for today. Take care and enjoy your crafting:)