More goodies for you my dears:)

Hi there, so I not only love knitting and spinning and dyeing and almost everything else to do with fibre crafts. I also love SHOPPING for anything and everything related to my passion! So a few days ago I shared with you my latest find in the project bag division- Fridajo on Etsy and I published an interview with her on the blog and she also generously offered to give my followers a special discount in her shop on all purchases over 25Eur as long as you order before June 30th! I do hope you did take the time to go and take a look at her shop and better yet, that you found something you were able to purchase and take advantage of the special offer.

Now I went ahead and contacted another company at the same time as I did Fridajo, only they took their time to come back to me. But now they have! The company in question is Slipped Stitch Studios. You may know them from Etsy where they still have a small shop but they are gradually moving all their business to their new website

I actually heard about them when watching my new favorite video podcast, the Geeky Girls Knit podcast with CC and her daughter. They were showing off the needle nooks and project bags that CC has from Slipped Stitched Studios. And I had never seen a needle nook before nor had I ever hear of this company so off I went and took a look at their shop. Needless to say, I LOVED what they had to offer! And so I placed a first order via their Etsy site and sent them a little message. Not hearing from them again, I thought “oh well, they must be too big for a small blogger such as myself. That’s ok, I did try and that’s what counts”.

When I received my order, I was in love and immediately went back online and this time placed an even bigger order on their new website. That order has now been delivered and I’m very happy with my items! And just now, Laura – the owner and seamstress, just sent me a message to say YES she’d love to offer my followers a discount in her shop! Isn’t that great? I’m so happy that I can offer you this chance to get some of her products at a discounted price! I’m super happy that other companies agree to work with me and offer my followers special deals and I’m feeling super happy. So if you have a company you adore, let me know and maybe, just maybe, I could get us a special deal from them too! Who knows? Worst case scenario, they say no, but at least we will have given it a go:)

So now more on Slipped Stitch Studios. Laura sells the famous needle nooks which are a way to carry your dpns and wip in a secure and super cute fashion. The little nook also has a zipped pocket where you can keep your stitch markers safely and maybe even a small tape measure as well.  The nooks are bolstered so no worries, your dpns will be secure and not risk anything. On their website there is a link to see how you can use the nook for circulars as well for those who mostly use those. I’m a lover of circulars but I have tons of dpns and when I saw the nooks I just knew that I had to do some socks on dpns and use these! So here I am, 4 needle nooks later!

Laura also does project bags in different sizes, pattern wallets, spindle bags, swift bags, notions bags as well as accessories such as stitch markers and travel lanyards. The travel lanyards are a fun thing so of course I had to have one too! So you buy the lanyard and then choose your accessories. I bought the led light and the foldable mini scissors and then I added my own stitch marker holder and markers of course. Super cute!

I also bought a spindle bag. I had been looking for a spindle bag as I’m determined to take my spindles on vacation with me this summer. I had been looking for one but didn’t see anything that appealed to me. The bags were not sufficiently cute and did not seem quite functional with enough space for a spindle or two, my supported spindle bowl and some fibres and also the bags seemed really thin so I was afraid of damage. But Slipped Stitch Studios has a great version of the spindle bag which is a good size and allows you to securely carry your spindle as well as fibre when on the go and it is padded so no worries about breaking your beautiful spindle for example.

dwarf spindle tote  The dwarf bag I just ordered last night 🙂

And speaking of last night, I also was tempted to buy a studio tot which is a small bag that can hold my fibre or my notions or something else, I’m sure I’ll find good use for it.

studio tots dwarf

So, all in all a great shop with a large selection of items and lovely patterns. The workmanship is top notch and my items arrived in a timely manner. I’m very happy and confident when introducing them to you (if you are not familiar with this company already). I’m sure you will enjoy their items as much as I do.

So if  you are looking for a spindle bag or a needle nook this is definitely the place. You, my dear, as a faithful Knitting in France follower are fortunate enough to enjoy -15% off your next purchase from as long as you place your order before June 25th. Happy shopping to you:)

If you do decide to take advantage of the special offers either from Fridajo or Slipped Stitch Studios, I’d love it if you shared that with us here by leaving a comment and maybe even a link or a picture of the item you chose. That way we can all enjoy the beautiful things and get a chance to show off our new goodies!

So until next time, have a great day:)

ps- rather than leave a comment I’ll just share here what I ordered from Fridajo last night:) Yes!!! Maybe that is enough project bags for this month!!! I have to restrain myself now or my husband will take my credit cards away!

furoshiki bag bambi bag fridajo Aren’t these super cute?