Some exciting news for me and anyone else who loves knitting socks

Hi there, I’m not sure if I talked about this first issue in a previous post and too lazy to go browse all my past post so my apologies if I’m repeating myself here:)

So, exciting news for me and my activity as an indie yarn dyer and at the same time exciting (I hope) for the sock knitters out there that might be participating.

I’ve been asked to sponsor an ongoing Kal on Ravelry. There is a group of knitters that are knitting their way through an entire book of sock patterns! The book is called  Op-Art-Socks by Stephanie Van Der Linden – this book is available on Amazon

I’ve been asked to sponsor the KAL for the sock pattern they are knitting this July and August and the winner will be drawn at random in September. The lucky winner will get to choose a skein of sock yarn from my shop. i’m super excited about that! I’m proud that they found me online and that they like what I do so much that they want me to sponsor their KAL. This will give my little shop some much needed exposure this fall.

I actually own the Op Art Socks book but have yet to knit anything from it (I’m ashamed to say) so now I really MUST knit up a pair! The sock they are knitting now is called Symmetry

If you want to join in or check out the group and their sock knitting here is a link to their discussion thread on Ravelry

That’s all for the FIRST exciting news, now on to the SECOND!

Like you all know, I’m always looking for exposure and trying to participate in things that could bring me more visibility and sales to be able to continue with my shop and my work as a dyer. My work has so far been featured in 3 different Knitting Magazines: Simply Knitting, The Knitter and Knitsy. And….. (drumrolls please)…. this autumn I will be featured in an independent, digital sock knitting magazine! Yeah!!! Happy!! The magazine is called Addicted to Sock Knitting and there will be an interview with me along with some pictures of my work and a little photo gallery with pictures from knitters who have knit socks using my yarns! I’m honored to have been chosen and I really look forward to the interview and preparation process and hopefully this will bring my little shop some new clients. BUT, I may need your help. I’m worried (hopefully totally without reason) that my photo gallery of socks will be EMPTY! Imagine that!! So, I don’t know if any of my readers here are also clients and if so, if you have knit a pair of socks using my yarns or if you have the yarn and are about to cast on for a pair. So if you are reading these lines and have knit a pair with my yarn or are about to do so, I would love to get in touch with you so that when we prepare the magazine piece your pair could be included in the piece (if you agree to share your work with the world of course). So if this applies to you, please either leave me a comment below or send me a line to:

I’ll be ever so grateful:)

That’s all for today, have a wonderful day and enjoy your crafting 🙂

ps-  here is a little gallery of my own with some socks that I’ve knit using my yarns

skandium pair done Maudie by General Hogbuffer My Regency socks are done The Philosophers Walk socks knit by

Stash diving and future projects

A few days ago I did some stash diving and I’m afraid to say that I don’t do this often enough. As much as I love my stash and wouldn’t separate from it for ANYTHING, I still don’t “visit” it often enough. I’ve actually got  A LOT  of gorgeous yarns, lots of full skeins and lots of partly used skeins. I’ve even got sweater’s worth of some yarns. And despite such a nice stash, I still continue to buy more yarn and dye more yarn just for me. Last week, I even totally lost my mind while browsing a German online knitting shop and even though I don’t really understand much German I somehow managed to order 5 (hmm, yes, you read correctly) I ordered 5 skeins of Lorna’s Laces sock weight yarns! I’m a big fan of Lorna’s Laces hand dyed yarns but it’s been a while since I last knit with her yarn. Now I’m super excited and waiting for this new order to arrive to my mailbox.

Now back to my stash. I went through a few boxes and pulled out a few skeins that really spoke to me and I also went online and found a few ideas to actually use these yarns.

www.knittinginfrance.Com These are the yarns I picked out from my stash. Some hand dyed indie yarns, some Uncommon Thread, Cascade heritage, Quince and co, Spud and Chloé etc). All are super soft and fun.  I have 2 skeins of the red Cascade heritage sock yarns and I have found 2 sock patterns that I think will be perfect for this yarn. These need to become socks, the 2 grey ones need to be textured socks and the Dreams in Color yarn on the bottom might become a vanilla sock. I also bought a pattern from Stephen West from Ravelry. This is a shawl called Daybreak – I watched his class on Craftsy called Shawlscapes and I really want to knit this shawl. On the first picture you have a skein of my hand dyed yarn and the grey yarn is from my stash by the Uncommon Thread and on the second picture I have a skein of undyed yarn and a skein of varigated, multi colored sparkle yarn by myself. Do you have a preference? I also purchased this second shawl pattern called Pebble Beach by Helen Stewart and I’m going to use my gradient cashmerino hand dyed yarn. I was going to use this yarn to make up my own pattern for a cowl or something but finally I didn’t get into mojo so …. I think I should just use it for something I know will look good. I also bought these two books from Amazon from the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series by Hunter Hammersen. I already owned nr1 and now I just bought nr2 and 3. I just received them today and have only browsed lightly over them. I have to get a better look at them and then I’ll share my favorite patterns with you and my opinion of those.

What about you and your stash? Do you “visit” it regularly? What are your future projects going to be? I’d love to hear from you on the subject and even see pictures if you are willing to share.

That’s all for now. Happy stash diving to you and lots of knitting today and for days to come:)

A new feature on the blog and my passion for craft books

Hi, you may have noticed a new feature on my blog. When you click on a blog post to read, on the right side of the page there is a new widget with my logo and the text “check out the books I like on Amazon”.  This is a test for me, I love reading and I actually own a large library of crafting books both printed and digital ones.

I’m guessing that you too may enjoy this type of books and so might like to see which ones I like. The idea is first and foremost “sharing” and as I was compiling the books for my Amazon shop, I discovered that I had read or at least owned a huge part of the books I chose. And I even bought some as I was choosing which ones to include:)

So this test is 1) to share my love of craft books with you  and 2) attempt to monetize my blog. Hm, maybe that is a term you do not like but like everyone else I need to make a living and I would LOVE to be able to do so, doing what I enjoy the most. So here goes, should you decide to buy a book that I have listed in my virtual Amazon store then I will receive a small percentage of the sale (note: the book will not cost you any more, its just that Amazon will pay me a small “commission”). So like I said, just a test. You can browse and get ideas and just enjoy looking through the books I chose and never actually buy one through my shop but if you do that means I will be getting a little something for having brought the book to you in a way.

I hope no one will be offended by this test or attempt at monetizing my blog. I don’t want my blog to be full of ads which I find annoying so I think this could possibly be a good compromise as you can check it out or not, your choice and there will be no pop ups or anything else annoying that might have your running for your mouse to close down my webpage ASAP.

So here’s a link to the shop or rather my selection of crafting books on Amazon and if you have suggestions for other books that you think I should include, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will be adding to the shop on a regular basis I hope as new and exciting books are being published all the time and I know that I was not able to list all the books that I already have and want to share with you, for lack of time, but I will not forget and hope to keep this list/shop updated on a regular basis as crafting books are so great for inspiration and it is also a way to support the designers and other crafts people that work so hard to bring us wonderful patterns and ideas to learn and grow in our craft. And even though I’m a big internet browser and do a lot of sourcing online, having a physical book in my hand, turning the pages and drooling over the pictures is just something that cannot be replaced by a web browsing session.

So I hope you will enjoy this idea of mine and before I forget again you can either click on the widget here to the right or just click here

I’m hoping to add a regular feature to the blog where I would talk about books on my list/in my Amazon shop. Share with you what I think of a particular book and maybe you will share your opinions with me as well.

Thats all for now folks, enjoy your crafts and your crafty reading until next time 🙂