Sock knitting for charity

Hi there, how are you? It’s weekend here now and I hope you have the weekend to yourself with plenty of free time to just knit and enjoy some quality time with your favorite projects.

As you may know, I’m going to concentrate on sock knitting this month. I am suffering from a serious case of cast-on-itis and so am just itching to cast on for at least 3 new sweaters and a billion new socks but I’m going to try to be serious and responsible and FIRST finish the 4 pairs of socks I had already begun working on and when those are finished, only then, will I allow myself to cast on for a new pair of socks and if I’m really serious I will also pick up an old languishing sock wip and get that done too! A girl can dream:)

In my last post I shared my current sock knitting projects but I did not tell you about this particular project. So I’m not as much of a charity knitter as I would like to be for a number of reasons. Reasons include lack of time, I enjoy selfish knitting too much and then as I’m not part of any physical group of knitters I’m not always aware of charity knitting projects going around.  And here in France I think there really are very limited opportunities for charity knitting sadly.

I’m lucky enough to have made a number of good friends via the internet. I’m so happy and appreciative for all the new knitter friends in my life and I really could not imagine my life without you all. I may not know you “in person” but it still feels like we are very close. One of those friends is Andrea. Andrea lives in Australia and she is an amazing person and an impressive artist. Andrea sketches and knits and just makes magic with all things fibre related not to mention her photography which is simply inspirational. You can follow Andrea on Instagram where she has two accounts, one for her drawing art work where she is @zoozoostudio and one for her knitting and fibre related work where she is @yarnsalad.

Via her account as @yarnsalad she has launched a sock knitting charity project that I had to join in even if we live on opposite sides of the world. Andrea is knitting socks for children between 0 and 6 years old that live with their mothers in Australian prisons. I love knitting socks and I also love doing good and gifting my handknits so I immediately wanted to join in her effort.

I’m not sure what the deadline is to send her the socks but if you are interested in joining us and send a pair of socks or more, just either contact me or you can contact Andrea via Instagram. I’m sure she would be delighted if any of my readers wanted to contribute to her project.

Knitting socks for young children is fun and super quick and so I now have 2 1/2 pairs (as I write this). I chose to knit two pairs of tube socks because I think tube socks are super practical because they can fit a large range of sizes and they also maybe wear longer as you can wear them anyway; I mean there is no instep and no sole side so I imagine more wear could be had out of those. They are maybe not as cute but still I really like them. So I have two pairs of tube socks and if I have enough time I will make more of those.

charity socks one

Those are knit with a German sock yarn, I don’t have the ball band anymore but it’s an Opal type yarn so should wear nicely. These are not twins but they do look nice still I think.

charity socks 2

These I knit using my Sparkles yarn. These are much smaller than the first pair so more of a baby size versus a toddler size for the first pair.

charity socks 3

This is the pair I’m currently working on. I’m knitting this one with my Sox base yarn in grey and the yellow stripes and toe are from Berry Colorful Yarnings. I really like this sock. I think it is a sort of 3-4 year old size.

I’m happy to know that I will contribute at least 3 pairs and I hope to be able to get more done in the next 2-3 weeks. It really does not take long to make  a small pair so I don’t have any excuse!

Do you sometimes knit for charity? If so, which ones? I would love to hear about any charity knitting projects you may be participating in and who knows I might decide to join them too 🙂

That’s all for today. I hope you have a wonderful rest of this weekend. Speak to you soon!

More on speckled yarn and social media

Hi there, so last week I showed you some yarn I had dyed using a new technique to produce “speckled yarn”. I found the technique quite fun and the results pleasing. But I only had pictures of the early stages of the dyeing so you did not see much. Now not only has the yarn dried but it has actually been sold as well!  Not only was this my first attempt at speckled yarn dyeing but also at selling via Instagram and lucky for me, both were a success!

So here are some pictures of the speckled yarn from last week speckled yarn speckled yarn speckled yarn

I’m really happy about how these turned out and even happier that my first ever attempt at selling yarn on Instagram actually was a success! So I’m definitely going to do both again! I’ve already done more yarn and I’m planning on doing a second sale on Instagram this coming weekend.

So what I did on Instagram is I published the pictures you see here and I asked those interested in buying them to send me a direct message with their Paypal email address. And then I’d send them an invoice/payment request and then I mailed out the yarn this morning. So I sold the yarn slightly less than what I normally sell for as this was a sort of “first off” for me and I included the postage in the price and that worked very good. I actually sold all 3 plus a fourth skein which I had not published yesterday for this event so that was a good thing. Are you on Instagram? Do you buy stuff from vendors via Instagram? If you are on Instagram you can find me there, I’m under KnittinginFrance of course:)

So the fourth skein I sold yesterday on Instagram was from a batch of my candy yarn and I really love that particular skein so I’m planning to replicate that particular colourway as it was really super gorgeous.

candy yarn  So this is the candy yarn just dyed and ready for reskeining. The skein I LOVE is the one on the right side

candy yarn reskeined  Here is the same yarn reskeined. Amazing how the yarn changes once reskeined don’t you think? In this picture the yarn I LOVE is now on the left. So the other two skeins are still available, I just need to find the time to put them online in my Etsy shop.

Now like I said I did some more dyeing today and did some more speckled dyeing and here are pictures of that

speckled 2 at a time yarn two at a time speckled yarn 2  So I did these 6 skeins in speckled and the one I only have 2 off is more speckled than the other 4. These skeins are BFL yarns and they are smaller than usual or 50gr so I’m going to sell these by sets of 2 which is perfect for sock knitting for example to do TAAT or even 2 in 1 I also did 2 candy yarn skeins and this time I used the silver sparkle yarn base which I love and I’m planning on reskeining them this week and I’ll show you how they will look ready for knitting.

Now before taking leave today, I have to show you a picture of the current pair of socks. Once my speckled yarn was done, I immediately cast on for a pair of socks to see how this knits up. This is also the first time I knit tube socks! So basically a lot of first time ever lately:) And it is super fun to knit tube socks and super quick.  These will be for my youngest one and I can see myself making more of those for the fun.

speckled yarn and tube sock So you can see I’ve done one and just beginning the second one. So what do you think? Do you like the speckled look?

Thats all for today folks. Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful day and “see” you soon 🙂

Speckled yarn – what is that? Should I do some?

After watching an episode of Susan B Andersons podcast the other day where she showed a skein of speckled yarn I got to do a little research. How do you dye yarn this way? What do the skeins look like? And most importantly how does the yarn knit up?

It looks quite interesting though some skeins I’ve seen on the internet do not appeal to me at first, actually seeing the yarn knit up changed my mind completely. If you are not familiar with speckled yarn, it’s a yarn that has been hand dyed, randomly I’d say. The dyer will use a droplet counter or a syringe or some other instrument that will enable them to deposit very small amounts of dye here and there on the skein.

I’ve seen that this can be done either with the skein immersed in some water or by laying the wet skein out and painting the dye on and then steaming to set. The yarn can be either totally coloured with next to no white spots or you can leave some or even much white depending on the sort of look you are going for.

There are not that many speckled yarns out there these days and since the technique seems to be a lot of fun, I decided to give it a go and I went ahead and did the second method (laying the skein out, painting and then steaming). I did two skeins and used a multitude of different colours although there are still some white spots. I think maybe by using the immersion method one can get more coverage and less white spots if that is what one is going for.

Here are some pictures of this first ever dye test

yarn dyeing  Here the dyeing is done and now my yarn is all wrapped up in film and steaming away to set the colours.

just out of the dye pot Just out of the dye pot and cooling down before rinsing and eventually drying. Can you see that there are 2 different skeins side by side? I did two separate colour mixes, just having fun splashing colour all over in whatever colour took my fancy.

I’ve never knitted with a speckled yarn before so I’m quite excited about that and I’m going to keep one of the skeins for me to test knit into socks (like always I know) and then I’m thinking of offering one for sale at a lower price than usual via Instagram! Yes that’s correct via Instagram. I’ve been immersing myself in Instagram lately and I really love that social media platform and I’ve seen that some people use Instagram for special sales and so on and I’d really like to try that out and thought that it would be fun to do so with my first skein of speckled yarn.

So now I just need to read up a bit on how to actually go about this and I’m going to launch the sale tomorrow Sunday May 30th so look out! On Instagram I’m Knitting in France of course so please check out my account if you are also on Instagram:)