Video drama

Hi there, I’m so sorry that the video review I promised for yesterday is still not up. I did keep my word and record a video review, 26 minutes long! And since yesterday afternoon I’ve been trying to get it up on the blog but in order for you to be able to watch this comfortably on the blog I first need to upload the video to YouTube and that is proving to be way more difficult than I ever expected! I guess my dreams of launching a podcast are not going to come true any day soon!

So my video is all done and nice (I think) but my internet connexion must be horrible because it is taking FOREVER AND A WEEK to upload this video. I’m hoping it will upload this weekend so I can share it with you Monday at the very latest. My apologies for the delay and if you are a video savvy YouTuber, any advice on getting this done in a “normal” timeframe would be GREATLY appreciated.

Take care and enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to check out my sale in the Etsy shop if you are looking for some handmade supplies at a good price. Just click here and enjoy your shopping:)