Double testing

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are doing great and enjoying your week.

Today I’m going to share with you my double testing. If you follow me on social media you may have seen pictures of my latest sock project and my self striping yarn. This week I decided to do some dye testing and make a self striping rainbow yarn.

I used bright colours, eight total. Each stripe is 10 yards long which at my current gauge makes for 12 rows of 64 stitches in stocking stitch. Here are some pictures of my project.


I measure out my yarn and wind on a warping board.


I dye each “mini skein” a different colour. There are 5 repeats of each color except for the first and last mini skein/color where there are only 3 repeats. Here the yarn is drying in front of my fireplace.


Here the yarn is all dry and ready for me to wind it into a skein using a niddy noddy.


All wound into a gorgeous skein.

Next time I think I will make shorter colour repeats and possibly do two skeins which is perfect for taat socks.


My yarn all caked up and my new knitting needles! I just heard about these new German knitting needles called NEKO. These are plastic, bent knitting needles made for socks and they also have larger sizes made for knitting hats and “loops”. I had never heard about these before so I was super intrigued. These needles come in sets of 3 and are quite hard to find. In Europe they can only be bought from the producer directly but there is at least one shop in the US and one in Canada and I did find one shop on Etsy carrying these.

So I contacted NEKO and bought two pairs of sock needles and they gifted me with one pair of size 8 mm/US 11 for me to test.

Lucky for me, the needles arrived the day my new self striping yarn was dry and ready for knitting so of course I used that yarn to cast on for a new pair of socks and test both yarn and needles at the same time.

I really like the yarn and I managed to make the colour repeats consistent but I do feel they are slightly too long. It’s still ok for a 64 st sock and will be for a 72 st sock. However they will be too long for a smaller size sock, 56 or 60 st sock. So next test I will do shorter repeats.

As for the NEKO knitting needles I need more time before deciding if I like them or not. They are made from plastic and they are V shaped which means you will not loose any stitches when putting down your knitting. Each set comes with 3 needles, two hold the stitches and the third is for knitting.

I find that my gauge is a lot looser with these needles than it is when I use “regular” dpns or circulars. The needles in size 2mm/US0 bend a little with the force of my hand/fingers. Otherwise they are quite easy on the hands. What I need to figure out is how best to hold them. The fact that the needles are bent means that they are sometimes “in the way” of my hands. I’m making good progress on my sock and liking it so far but need to work on positioning the needles better in my hands.


I’m using a contrasting colour for cuff, heel and toe – the plum colour.

Have you ever used NEKO needles? Would you be interested in trying? I’m going to finish my pair of socks before making a decision about wether I like them or not and if I should buy some to sell in the shop.

And speaking of knitting needles, what type of needles do you use most? For me that would be circulars which I use for almost everything.

That’s all for today. Take care and enjoy your knitting 🙂