Project bags you need, love, crave, must have and a special discount code just for you

Hi there, today’s topic is project bags! Don’t you just love those? I know I do and for someone like myself, who always has a large number of projects going at the same time, project bags are really a must have to be able to keep each project separate from the others to avoid misplacing my pattern or looking all over the house for the ball of yarn I need to finish my project.

So yes I have some but not quite enough! So recently I went on a “window shopping spree” on Etsy and found this adorable shop there that does gorgeous japanese style project bags. I bought a couple and then decided that it would be fun to do a review here and share my find with you. I then contacted the owner/artist and interviewed her and she graciously offered a discount code just for my followers! Isn’t that just great?

So the shop is called FRIDAJO and you can visit her by clicking on the name. The shop is run by an italian artist called Silvia. Before I share my interview with her, I’d like to show you the bags I bought from her.

So she does something called Furoshiki bags which are knotted project bags and ideal for knitting and crochet projects. She offers those in two sizes, small and medium, and so I bought one of each. Project bags MUST be made from a cute, appealing tissue and so I went with what appealed to me most at the moment (and I have seen a few more which are on my TO BUY list).

First let me introduce you to my small Furoshiki bag. I chose a Matryoshka pattern which I find super cute. The inside is lined with a dotted beige pattern/tissue. The sewing is well done, no apparent seams that threaten to open up, no stray threads. Wonderful workmanship! This bag, as indicated, is small and so I think ideal for small (obviously) projects. Something like a small crochet project, socks, hexapuffs, granny squares – a project where you just need a needle/hook, 1 ball of yarn (or 2 minis), your tape measure and snippets and a copy of your pattern maybe. But for spinners such as myself I think this could also be a good idea for carrying your fibres. You could tie a knot and slip the bag onto your wrist and carry your fibre supply when spindling for example. So an allover lovely bag for SMALL projects. If you usually carry lots of notions and other stuff in your project bag then this will be too small for you and the medium size would be the way to go.

fridajo on fridajo on fridajo on fridajo See, here I have put my bag next to 2 x 50gr skeins of Knitcircus yarn and I’m planning on using the bag for my Outlander inspired socks by CC Almond – you can find the pattern here

Next up is my medium sized Furoshiki bag. This time I chose a Fox pattern. I’ve been seeing a lot of fox patterns and project bags lately and I find them super cute, almost as cute as owls:) So that’s why I fell for this bag/pattern. The medium size bag is big enough for a shaw project for example and for when you knit a baby cardigan or something similar in size. I’ve put my Come What May shawl in there, along with the pattern, rest of yarn and my beads (yes I still have not watched the tutorial on russian beaded cast off so the shawl is still on the needles).

fridajo  Isn’t this cute? fridajo www.knittinginfrance.Com See I have my shawl, pattern, rest of yarn and beads in there and they are not cramped, plenty of space. And the lining is beautiful. This makes for an elegant and yet fun project bag.

I was really happy to see that my new project bags are as nice in “person” as they are in pictures and I have no problem recommending FridaJo to you all. So if you are looking for a gorgeous project bag and like supporting a young and aspiring artist, go for it!

Now on to the interview with Silvia. My questions are shown in bold and her answers in italics.

Are you Italian and where in Italy do you live?

I’m Italian and I live in the North of Italy, near Switzerland.

Are you a knitter/crocheter and have you been doing that for long? What type of projects do you mostly do or enjoy most?

I learned to knit and crochet when I was very young, watching my mother and grandmother in the summer afternoons, in the big house in the mountains where we spent the holidays together. It was passion at first sight. 
I especially love knit socks,gloves and other small projects.
What about sewing? Have you been doing that for long and who taught you and what type of things do you mostly sew for yourself?
Also here there is the hand of my ancestors! My grandmother and her sister were young seamstresses when the ready to wear did not exist. Their stories and photos inspired me. They have given me the basics of sewing, then I enrolled at the University to obtain a degree in Fashion and Costume. 
Tell me about your shop, what gave you the idea for starting your own Etsy shop? When did you open the shop and how has it been going since? Do you have a full job and then work the shop on the side or is the shop your full time job? 
The idea of the Etsy shop was born because of the need to tidy up my knitting needles. I made a couple for me and then I tried to sell someone, and here I am. I remember the first sale took place on the day of publication of the first listings, and right in France! 🙂 I do this as a hobby, at the time, but I hope it will be my official work soon!

Any exciting information regarding your shop, venues where you will sell your items in person, sales, new items or anything else you want to share?

In the next days I’ll be able to sew new interchangeable knitting needle cases.
I’m glad to offer to your followers two types of discount, valid until 30.06.2015 for every knitting project bag “ready to buy” in my shop.
Using the code 10OFFX25 to get a 10%off with a minimum order of 25€
Using the code 15OFFX35 to get a 15%off with a minimum order of 35€
(not available for custom order)
Do you have your own blog and if so where can we find it? What about social media – do you have a Facebook page or Twitter/instagram/Pinterest account you want people to check out?
I don’t have a blog, but you can find me here: (FOLLOW ME FOR DISCOUNT CODES AND NEWS!)
I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you will take a look at Silvia’s shop and hopefully you are able to take advantage of the special discount code she so generously offered you, my readers:) I know I’m going to be buying some myself because one can never have too many project bags:)
Do you have an artist/shop you particularly like and would like me to check out and review? Any suggestions would be welcome.
That’s all for today, I wish you all a wonderful weekend with lots of crafting time 🙂