FOs and WIPs

Hi there, it feels like it’s been ages since my last post and thus I have a gazillion things I want to share with you but I won’t be able to fit everything into just one post so hopefully I’ll have some more time this week so I’ll be able to blog more and share all my stuff with you. It’s difficult to have a lot of ideas and things to share and not have the time to actually do so. Just as frustrating as having the time but not much to share! But hey, I’m not going to complain about actually having loads of stuff to share with you so here goes:)

First FOs and this week I have two so far, both socks. So the first pair has actually been ages in the making. Not because it is particularly difficult or anything I just got side tracked and cast on a number of things between sock one and sock two. So now that I’m done, I’m super happy about my pair and I’m going to gift them to someone special (not saying who just in case the recipient actually read this post). The pattern is called The Lady of Lallibroch and is by CC Almon or JavaPurl on Revelry and this is an Outlander inspired pattern. I used Cascade Heritage Sock yarn and I think the solid color really compliments the pattern. I feel that for the cable to shine, you really need to use a solid, semi solid or very lightly variegated yarn just so the cable really shines. The design focus is this gorgeous cable that works its way from toe to cuff. Super gorgeous and as there is “just” one cable and every other row is “knit as stitches present themselves” the pattern is not too complicated or time consuming although you may want to knit the first cable repeats away from any distraction. I really love the outcome.

The second FO is also a pair of socks and this is just plain vanilla, nothing fancy. I knit them toe up with a  short row heel and they went real quick. The yarn is Holly Jolly by the Cozy Knitter and I really love the yarn. This is one skein and I started both socks at the same place in the color repeat pattern and I got identical socks which is just great, plus the colorway just screams CHRISTMAS. Don’t you just love this colorway? I got a second set of yarn from her and I’m going to cast on for a new pair of socks soon, also in the holiday spirit.

So two socks done and I’ve cast on for a new pair using my own hand dyed christmassy yarn which is a muted, variegated yarn. I’m doing tube socks for my youngest. I just cast on so I’m not showing them here but as soon as I make some real progress I’ll show you.

I’m also working on my Meristem mitts and I’ve got one done (minus the thumb) and I’ve started the second (I’m just past the thumb placement) so hopefully by the same time next week those will be done.

And, then there is the Stephen West mystery knit-a-long called the Doodler. I’m sure you’ve heard about that, if not from social media then from Revelry or just on my blog. So I decided to join and the first clue came out last Friday November 6th. I wasn’t able to cast on immediately but I did this weekend of course and now I’ve only just begun wedge 10. In this first clue there are 17 wedges and I hope I’ll be able to finish those before the next clue comes out this coming Friday. A bit of pressure here to stay on target as I don’t want to fall behind or I’m afraid I’ll never finish. So far I really love how the yarns are knitting up and I’m very happy with the colour choices I made. I’ve seen lots of pictures on Instagram from others and so far I think mine is perfect. This looks a lot like a butterfly wing at the moment. The only thing that bothers me, is that every X row I have to add and then cut off yarn B so I have a lot of loose ends as you can see. Otherwise, so far so good.

Are any of you also knitting this KAL? I’d love to see your progress. I really should make a project page on Revelry. I don’t know why I’m so lazy about actually putting pictures of my FOs on Revelry to share, especially knowing that showing off my hand dyed yarns all knit up would be a plus for my business…Maybe one day I’ll muster the courage and energy to set up a number of project pages to show my works. Do you use Ravelry a lot? Do you maybe even use it to keep track of your stash and so forth? I’d be curious to hear how you use Ravelry and if you think it impacts your knitting life.

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll be back soon with some more because like I said at the beginning I have loads of stuff to tell you about.

So “see” you soon 🙂

Works in progress, FOs and a happy mail day

Hi there and happy Monday:) I’m not sure if you are a Monday kind of person, I know I’m not a particular fan of Mondays but… let’s try to stay on the positive side:) So Yesterday the time changed here in France and we are officially in Winter! This means that my work hours have also changed so I begin earlier in the day and finish earlier in the evening and even if I have less time in the morning i’m super happy about finishing earlier in the evening. Especially when I’m on the evening shift! So yeah to that 🙂

Now today was as happy mail day for me! I recently discovered this new podcast on Youtube called Fawn Knits and she has an Etsy shop called TheFawnandthefox where she sells project bags. She was showing some of her bags on one of the podcast episodes and so I went over to the shop and although I have recently purchased way more project bags than can be called reasonable, I fell for her bags and bought…..3. Aren’t they nice? I think this one is my favorite. It was made to order and it is a sturdy, large bag. The tissue is heavier than in the small bag and the bag is large enough for a big shawl and I think even a fingering weight sweater project. I bought it as I thought it was a little Halloweeny without being too Halloween for me to not use it all year round. And I’m very happy with my purchase. This is the small bag and I think she calls this one ghosts – its like dresses floating around the woods. Kind of spooky but oh so  cute. This will be perfect for sock projects, mittens and hats. The day I went online she had a special offer so I could get a notions pouch for free with my order and I chose this one which is a happy yellow color. It is big enough to accommodate all the essentials you need to have on hand.

So yeah! Super happy with my new project bags. So now I just have to cast on for some new projects to fill them up:)

And speaking of projects. At the moment I’m still in my “finishing stuff” mode which is a nice change from being in “startitis” mode. So, since last time I have finished a few items and here are the pictures to prove that. First off my Featherweight cardigan. I knit this using my SPARKLE lace yarn and it took less than 1 skein for a size small. It does not look like much unblocked, also it looks smaller than I had expected but I think I really need to block it before passing judgement. If it actually is too small for the intended recipient, that will not be a problem I already know of someone else that could use it, just in case. So the yarn is gorgeous, super soft and the color is a semi solid silver with very slight traces of blues and purples, impossible to show in a picture. So very nice. And I think I told you last time that I’m doing hats and mittens as gifts this Christmas. Here are the first too. The one on the left I knit from my hand spun yarn.

handspun mittens And currently I’m working on a pair of mittens and I will be making a hat using the same yarn. This is for a young niece and the yarn is handspun by myself. It is a 3 ply with 3 different pastel colours (blue, pink and yellow). It’s super cute and soft.

I’ve also picked up my Snowflake sweater by Tin Can Knits which I had almost finished and then left in its bag for a shameful amount of time. So now one sleeve is done and I’m half way through the second sleeve so not much left there. I hope I’ll be able to show you a picture of the finished sweater in a few days!

Also my two socks in progress, I really need to finish my two CC Almon socks so I can cast on some more! I dyed up a Christmas yarn and want to knit a pair of vanilla socks with that to show you and I also fell for 2 Christmas dyed yarns by an indie dyer on Etsy the other day…. Once I get the yarn I’ll be showing you here.

Well that’s all for today. I’ll be back soon telling you about an exciting Mkal I’m going to participate in and maybe you are too:)

So until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting:)

On and Off my needles

Hi there and first off I’m sorry for posting so late today, it’s almost evening here in my part of the world. I guess today just kind of flew by without notice!

Today I’d like to share with you what I have just cast off and what I have going on my needles.

First off, I finished my first pair of tube socks. I thought it would be fun to try and I used my speckled yarn for this so that was double the fun. The socks were a quick knit, no surprise there, and I really like how the yarn knits up. I think that speckled yarn really looks good in a simple knit, it could be fine in a lace project maybe but not a textured knit I think (I haven’t actually tested that myself, it’s just a “feeling”). So I’m definitely going to do more simple socks with this yarn. So this first pair is for my youngest. I haven’t had the time to try them on her and picture to see how this type of socks actually fit but I’m happy with the outcome and she likes the yarn so hopefully the fit will be great:)

I also cast off for the first part of a simple pair of afterthought heel socks. I knit those using a hand dyed sock blank. I painted half the blank with a light colour and dark dots and the other half dark colour and light dots. I used up almost all the light portion of the blank for the socks so the heels are going to be in a contrasting darker colour. It’s fun to see how the dots translate once knitted up because instead of being dots, these are just like short lines of colour. I’m quite happy with the outcome and now I just need to do the heels to see how the finally come out.

knitting from a sock blank  Here you see me at the very beginning and you see how the blank was dyed And here are the socks. One is showing the front (ribbing) and the other the blank with the foot in stockinette stitch and the pink like for picking up the heel stitches. So do you see how the dyed blank knits up totally different from the handpainted blank? That’s fun I think.

And on the subject of socks, I cast on for a new pair yesterday. I’m doing Skandium by General Hogbuffer and I’m using my hand dyed yarns of course.  The dark part of the sock in the pattern picture will be neon yellow on mine and the light grey will be light grey. So I’m looking forward to getting to the patterned portion of the sock to see how my colors will play together.

I’m continuing to work on my Beetlebum shawl by Renée Callahan of East London Knits. I believe I’m on my 5th pattern repeat of the first 11, so slowly but surely. This is going to be a gorgeous shawl and I really enjoy seeing the pattern grow and I think the design is quite fun, having one pattern for the outside/wings and another pattern for the center. I’m using my hand dyed lace yarn and it is 50% extra fine merino and 50% suri alpaca I believe. I love the color!

And I cast on for yet another project this weekend! I just found out that one of the babies scheduled to be born in October, will be a girl. I’ve finished her blanket in turquoise so I decided I had to do something pink! So I cast on for the Maile Sweater from What to Knit When You’re Expecting. The yarn is Rooster Almerino Baby which is a blend of merino and alpaca, 50/50. Soft and great stitch definition. I’m almost up to the armholes, just a few more rows and then I’ll put the body on hold and do the two sleeves and then sleeves and upper body/yoke will be knitted in one piece. This is my sweater and if you have forgotten the blanket…. www.knittinginfrance.comhere it is:)

So lots of knitting to do as always! And I have to picture one more thing for later this week because baby 1 of 4 new arrivals, has arrived! It’s a beautiful baby girl. I did not have the time to knit her a blanket, but I’m giving her a dress/tunic and I bought a pair of panties and long sleeved body to go with it and I have to picture the ensemble and show you soon!

Thats all for today, take care and I’ll be back tomorrow at a more “normal” time:)