Its almost SHOWTIME

Hi there, like I said it’s almost Show Time! Yes, the I Knit Fandango in London is just around the corner – May 15th and 16th. My weekend was spent reviewing my stock for the show. What to bring and how much and then fitting it all into 2 big suitcases! Now I just need to find a way to get from the airport (Southend) to my hotel without too much hassle. So if you are familiar with London and maybe shuttle services I would much appreciate any advice or tips for this:)

So I’m bringing lots of hand dyed yarns, knitting and crochet shawl kits, sock knitting kit, plenty of accessories both handmade by myself as from some select companies that I appreciate. Also one of the things I’m excited about introducing to you is this yarn that I’ve been keeping for the show. It’s called Silverspun and it is made by the Feel Good Company. This is a blend of cotton and sterling silver! Yes you read that right – 11% silver! And the yarn is not only soft but in addition silver is renowned for its healing powers. This is the only yarn on the market today that includes silver. You can read all about the company and this unique yarn on their website here

Silverspun cotton and silver yarn -

Now I’m also going to find some “travel knitting”. I know I’m not going to have much time to actually knit, but if you are anything like me, you know that travel WITHOUT knitting, is just not possible. So, I’m knitting a baby blanket and getting well on the way with that but it’s too big for a travel knit so I may need to cast on for some socks.

baby blanket in progress¬†Looking pretty good don’t you think?

Now as for the travel knit/socks I need to find some nice sock yarn or possibly a sock blanket. I really want to do a 2 in 1 pair again so just simple knitting that I can lay down and pick up easily. Anyway I really look forward to the show and if you are in London or close by I really hope you will come by and check out the show which promises to be super exciting with a large number of wonderful vendors. You can check out the list of vendors here

On another subject, I just wanted to mention, again, that I’m super proud and excited that I just did my very first guest post on blog other than my own! Remember the guest blog Sarah Inskeep did on my blog a few days ago? Well, she offered me to do the same and write a post on her blog. My post was published this weekend and I’m super happy and grateful for the opportunity to write for a new audience and I hope you will check out the post and her blog. I wrote about my beginnings as a professional in the knitting business and share some pictures of my knits from way back when. You can read the post and enjoy Sarah’s blog here


That’s all for today. I’m off to work. Take care and enjoy your crafting

ps- wish me luck for the show:)