More on social media presence

Hi there, last week I posted about social media and my presence there and you can read that post by clicking here

That post got a few likes and comments both here on the blog as well as on Twitter so I decided this could be a matter to look into more closely. One of my readers told me about Tumblr, I did recognise the name but I’ve never used it…or so I thought. My reader said that there was a community of crafters on Tumblr so I decided to go take a look and she was absolutely right. I found lots of crafters and blogs that I was not familiar with so of course I immediately wanted to join the fun and that’s when I discovered that way back then, I had actually joined Tumblr! And I had 2 posts on there, one to my old eshop which does not exist any more and one for my french blog which does not exist either! So clearly I had heard something about this social media but never really gotten into it.

But since I’m in this social media experiment mood, I revived my profile there and posted a few pictures, updated my shop and blog urls and subscribed to a lot of knitting, crochet, spinning and yarn dyeing related blogs. So I’m quite excited about this new venue for me, now the question will be if I will be able to maintain a regular presence there because like so many of you have said, if you are not going to be a regular presence it’s better to close down the profile as a stagnant profile with no activity can do more harm than good as people may think you have closed down or that you are just not a serious person/business. So I’m going to see how this works for me in the next few weeks, I think I need to give it a go for a little while to see if this is a venue for me and if I’m able to maintain my profile on a regular basis. So if you too are on Tumblr you can check out my activity at Tumblr

I also checked on Instagram, I actually have the app on my phone and I knew that I had signed up a long time ago and maybe even posted a pic or two but thats all. I’ve noticed posts from instagram by friends on Twitter and Facebook so I know that Instagram is a social network that people are using but I just don’t know if that is something I should use as well. So I’m curious, are you on Instagram? Are you, like me, on a number of social media websites and if so do you use each one differently – like do you use one for professional purposes, one for personal etc. Or have you maybe after using a number of those narrowed it down to just 1 or 2 and do all your socializing there?

So of course, I also went to Instagram and posted a picture. I haven’t had the time yet to overhaul my profile there but I need to if I want to test this out and see if Instagram is a venue that can work for my blog and online shop or not.

I admit that after doing this browsing and reviving of profiles on different social media, I find I have a real preference for PInterest for inspiration, Twitter for pictures of my handmade items and shop announcements, Tumblr for blog reading, Youtube for learning new techniques and Facebook more for personal purposes. Google + I need to work on because I’m sure that is something I can use to bring me more visibility online and help with my shop so I think Google + will be something I will use in the future for business purposes.

Well, that’s all for now. I have tons of work to do today before doing my “normal” job this evening so until next time take care and enjoy your new week 🙂

A new and exciting year – lots of changes in view

Hi there, first of all I’m sorry I haven’t written for months! Things have been hectic both in my professional and private life. But now we are in 2015 and I’m dead set on making this the YEAR OF! That being said, I wish you all a very happy new year and I thank you for your support and patience with me and I hope you will continue to follow my blog and my crafty adventures.

So what about this new year? What am I planning that is so exciting? Well, I want this to be the year when my shop really makes a name for itself. I’ve been running my shop since 2011 and I feel that slowly but surely my shop is getting better known and sales are slowly increasing. What I love is that I have clients from all over the world, from Iceland to South Korea to USA to Tazmania to France. Going to the post office is like looking at a wish list of places I’d like to visit 🙂

So my challenges this year will be to better maintain my blog and blog on a more regular basis. I’m also going to open up my own ecommerce website/shop which means I will have come full circle as I actually began this adventure with my very one online shop and then closed that down to go 100% on the Etsy platform. Now I’ve decided that Etsy is not enough and that I’d like to have my own shop that I can run and design as I wish. And so that is a huge project that will take a lot of time for me to set up. I’m already working on that and I plan on opening the shop even though the virtual shelfs will not be full but just as an incentive for me to really crunch and do what I can to fill them up in as short a time as I can. I will be linking to the shop here so you will be able to click from the blog to the shop so if you follow me on the blog you are likely to be among the first to actually see this new shop as I do not plan on advertising it until I feel I have sufficient stock for sale.

So  better blog and a new shop – those are two big challenges for 2015. I’m also going to dive more into dyeing yarn and fibre as that is what I really love doing. I have a nice set up for dyeing now which is great. I have invested in some professional tools to help me optimise my work and that will help me get more done. Also I have invested in a carding machine in addition to my blending board and I’m going to be offering more punis/rolags for spinning. Carding and blending wool is really fun to do and I’m sure other spinners will love spinning from my punis as much as I do. I also have hand spindles that I customise and will be selling in kits with wool rovings or punis.

I’ve been experimenting with mini skeins and they have met with a certain success so I’m going to work on doing the same thing with my hand spun yarn. People that have never worked with hand spun may shy away from that thinking it is not as good quality as commercial yarn or they feel the price is too high so maybe they will be more interested in a set of mini skeins for them to try out different colours, textures etc.

My shop now focuses more on my own production and less on commercial supplies. I may continue to sell knitting needles in the future but I will most likely be limiting myself to just one brand. I have however fallen for a small number of what I believe are exceptional items and I will be offering those in the shop. One of them is already for sale, the SOCK RULER! Have you heard of it? If not this is a new product that is pending its pattent in the USA. This is a flat, sort of sock formed plastic ruler that makes measuring for your sock knitting a lot simpler. It helps you to measure all the different parts of your sock in a fun and easy way. Since this item was first commercialised, late 2014 I believe, it has been a big hit with sock knitters and I believe I’m the only european retailer to offer those so I hope european sock knitters will enjoy these as well.

sock ruler 2 All measurements are in inches but as a lot of the sock patterns I knit are in inches that does not bother me that much.

I will also soon be offering some items made by crazymonkeycreations in the US, such as a row counter, sock blockers and mitten blockers.

I will be doing 1 show this year, probably the only one in 2015. At least I do not have another one planned for the moment but hey if something exciting comes my way I just might go for it. So this years show will be in London in the UK. The show will be on May 15-16. This will be a small show with indie dyers and independent producers and is organised by Iknit and if any of you live in the UK or have the possibility to come, then I’d love to meet you in person.

I have also recently joined a very addictive group on Facebook called “Addicted to Sock Knitting”. You can apply for a membership but be aware, if you like knitting socks, this can increase your passion to the point where it becomes an addiction. They have almost 10,000 members from all over the world and it is a truly fun group to be a part of and you see lots of pictures of beautiful socks and yarns and learn new techniques etc. The lady that runs the group also issues an e-zine called Addicted to Knitting that is for lovers of sock knitting and Knitting in France will have a small add in the next issue so hopefully that will draw some traffic to the shop 🙂

As for my latest dyes here are a few pictures:

IMG_2711 IMG_2720 IMG_2725 IMG_2737 IMG_2741 IMG_2748 IMG_2756


My latest knits have of course been socks as since I joined the Addicted to Sock FB groupe that seems to be all there is to knit

IMG_2694 These I knit with my hand dyed sock yarn  and I made these for a friend who since has admitted that she just might become addicted to hand knit socks 🙂

IMG_2733These are my wip socks, this is my first attempt at an after thought heel socks and I think I love the construction so I may be making more of these. The yarn is a Danish brand yarn that I purchased on my last visit to Iceland.

IMG_2732 These I made from my hand spun yarn. I love the way the colour and stripes come out and especially the fact that I made them from my own hand spun yarn. These are my first EVER socks with my hand spun yarn but I’m sure I will be making more but I think I have to test them some first, I worry that the fact this is 100% wool they may be fragile and I would/will be devastated if all the hard work of spinning the yarn and then knitting it was then ruined by holes in a record time so I’m going to do some “testing” before making more socks this way.

Well I think it may be time for me to say good by before this post reaches epic proportions and you just give up reading 🙂 Take care and have a wonderful and creative week