The I Knit Fandango show in London

Hi there, today I’m leaving for London, UK for the I Knit Fandango show. Later today I’ll meet a friend who’s coming from Iceland to help me at the show and once we’ve settled in our hotel room, we’ll be going to the venue to set up my boot and meet and greet the other vendors and organisers.

This is the first time I do a show in London and the second time I do a show in the UK. Last summer I did a show in Brighton which was a great success. I found that doing a show in England was quite different from a show in France. The British knitters are more passionate maybe, more open to new brands and indie designers and they are aware of prices and willing to pay for the work behind a gorgeous yarn. Also I met a lot of clients of my online shop and introduced myself to future ones and I of course met lots of very interesting people that are part of the fibre crafts world. Here are some pictures from that show

IMG_1922 IMG_1921 photo 5 (27) IMG_1920 IMG_1919

This time my set up will probably be similar. I have 2 tables and I will be offering my hand dyed yarns, hand dyed sock blanks, sets of handspun yarns, knitting and crochet shawl kits (a project bag, yarn, pattern, accessories) and lots of accessories. The accessories will be mostly handmade by myself but also some commercial ones such as pattern tamers from Atomic Knitting, sock and mitten blockers from Crazy Monkey Creations, The Sock Ruler – the new must have tool for all sock knitters, needle gauges and wpi tools from Sukkaplokki to mention a few. So I think I have chosen a good mix of yarn, spinning fibre, kits and accessories that will please the visitors and attract buyers to my booth.

So if you happen to be in London or close by during May 15th and 16th this week, please do come by! The show has lots of wonderful vendors and I can guarantee that you will have the time of your life browsing all the wonderful supplies. Plus you will meet loads of great, like minded people which is always such a pleasure.

So if you haven’t already bought your ticket to the show of if you haven’t checked out the list of vendors, just click on the following link and hopefully you’ll join the fun and come say hi to me in my booth. Here’s the link

I won’t be blogging this weekend (I think) but I’ll be sure to tell you all about the show and share pictures after the weekend. So until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting:)

More on social media presence

Hi there, last week I posted about social media and my presence there and you can read that post by clicking here

That post got a few likes and comments both here on the blog as well as on Twitter so I decided this could be a matter to look into more closely. One of my readers told me about Tumblr, I did recognise the name but I’ve never used it…or so I thought. My reader said that there was a community of crafters on Tumblr so I decided to go take a look and she was absolutely right. I found lots of crafters and blogs that I was not familiar with so of course I immediately wanted to join the fun and that’s when I discovered that way back then, I had actually joined Tumblr! And I had 2 posts on there, one to my old eshop which does not exist any more and one for my french blog which does not exist either! So clearly I had heard something about this social media but never really gotten into it.

But since I’m in this social media experiment mood, I revived my profile there and posted a few pictures, updated my shop and blog urls and subscribed to a lot of knitting, crochet, spinning and yarn dyeing related blogs. So I’m quite excited about this new venue for me, now the question will be if I will be able to maintain a regular presence there because like so many of you have said, if you are not going to be a regular presence it’s better to close down the profile as a stagnant profile with no activity can do more harm than good as people may think you have closed down or that you are just not a serious person/business. So I’m going to see how this works for me in the next few weeks, I think I need to give it a go for a little while to see if this is a venue for me and if I’m able to maintain my profile on a regular basis. So if you too are on Tumblr you can check out my activity at Tumblr

I also checked on Instagram, I actually have the app on my phone and I knew that I had signed up a long time ago and maybe even posted a pic or two but thats all. I’ve noticed posts from instagram by friends on Twitter and Facebook so I know that Instagram is a social network that people are using but I just don’t know if that is something I should use as well. So I’m curious, are you on Instagram? Are you, like me, on a number of social media websites and if so do you use each one differently – like do you use one for professional purposes, one for personal etc. Or have you maybe after using a number of those narrowed it down to just 1 or 2 and do all your socializing there?

So of course, I also went to Instagram and posted a picture. I haven’t had the time yet to overhaul my profile there but I need to if I want to test this out and see if Instagram is a venue that can work for my blog and online shop or not.

I admit that after doing this browsing and reviving of profiles on different social media, I find I have a real preference for PInterest for inspiration, Twitter for pictures of my handmade items and shop announcements, Tumblr for blog reading, Youtube for learning new techniques and Facebook more for personal purposes. Google + I need to work on because I’m sure that is something I can use to bring me more visibility online and help with my shop so I think Google + will be something I will use in the future for business purposes.

Well, that’s all for now. I have tons of work to do today before doing my “normal” job this evening so until next time take care and enjoy your new week 🙂

Back at home

Hi there, my week in Iceland just flew by and now I’m back at home with hubby and children:)

And speaking of time that flies by, the I Knit Fandango show is in just over a month! I had better get the turbo started! It is always a difficult task to assess the amount of stock to bring to a show and when that show is abroad the task takes on a new dimension as luggage restrictions apply! So I’ve done a fair bit of dyeing yarn and yesterday I did some roving as I want to carry something for spinners as well. I also placed a last minute order with my supplier of undyed yarns because I want to do some kits for the show. I’m planning on 2 shawl kits – 1 knit and 1 crochet, 1 baby kit (knit), and 1 sock kit (knit). And so I purchased the yarn for those and hope I can dive into dyeing those as of the coming weekend. I also purchased some sparkling sock blanks that I look forward to dyeing as that will be the first time I have those with Stellina for added glam’.

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous here in Normandy, France and so I did my dyeing outside in the garden. That is definitely something I’m going to do more of. Not only is it enjoyable for me but I also have more table space AND no one to complain about the “smell” – FYI I have NEVER felt any “smell” of my wet/cooking wool and yarns, but I’m told that is because I’m biased:)

Some pictures for you

My set up on the garden table

One side of my dryer rack filled with just dyed roving

and the other side of the dryer rack also filled with just dyed roving

While in Iceland I finished my second pair of 2 in 1 socks and I also decided that I would do more of those and even try to make my own pattern in order to make some with a bit of lace instead of just plain stockinet. But before launching into that I decided a change was needed so I cast on for a new pair of socks (yes I did say “change” but not “major change”), this time I’m doing them TAAT using the magic loop method. I’m using a yarn that I hand dyed myself and this yarn has long colour changes which explains why one sock is blue and the other reddish on the following picture. I chose the Zigzagular pattern that I found on Ravelry and have heard of online and seen lots of pictures of finished socks. I decided this would be a good fit for a return to magic looping. Here’s what I’ve knit so far

My progress so far on the ZigZagular socks knit TAAT with my own hand dyed yarn

Upon my return from Iceland I also had a pleasant surprise, my order from Crazy Monkey Creations had finally arrived! For some reason my package went to Israel and spent quite some time there so I had been waiting for over a month for this to arrive. I’m super happy it finally made it and I really look forward to presenting the items to you at the I Knit Fandango show in May. I ordered some blockers for mittens and socks in different sizes and with different motifs and I also ordered some of their electronic knitting counters that can be worn around a finger like a ring. I must try those and I’ll let you know what I think later on. Pics are here:

Mitten blockers from Crazy Monkey Creations. These are hand made and gorgeous

Sock blockers from Crazy Monkey Creations, handmade gorgeousness

And another type of sock blockers from Crazy Monkey Creations. These are all handmade

That’s about all for today. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and looking at my pictures. I wish you all a wonderful and creative new week. Until next time, Take Care 🙂

An upcoming fibre crafts show in London this May

IKL Fandango poster A2 copy


I love fibre craft shows. I love doing them, I love meeting new people, I love the direct contact with my customers, I love getting compliments on my work, I like showing off my yarns and other hand made things. And I also love meeting other shop owners, dyers, designers and so forth that are also vendors at these events.

Last year I did my first show abroad, in Brighton in the UK. That was the very first time I ever did a show outside of France and it was great. English knitters are more connaisseurs than the French ones I feel. English knitters are more used to indie craft artists and more willing to pay for and use unique supplies and that is what makes a show there even more fun than in France. Here are some pictures from the show in Brighton last summer

IMG_1922 IMG_1921 photo 3 (74)

I sold hand dyed yarns, handspun yarns, rolags for spinning as well as handmade stitch markers, needle stoppers and of course some commercial supplies as well. I had lots of people coming to my booth and I think the greatest success for me was my “stitch marker bar”. I thought that up as a candy bar/counter where you choose your own sweats and pay by weight? Only this time there was no candy only handmade stitch markers:) And the knitters and crocheters LOVED IT! So that is one thing I’m definitely going to do again. That was so much fun. I even had small plastic bags (like for candy) so people could put their markers there and so on. Lots of fun.

A show takes a long time to prepare for and lots of organisation. This show is for May 15th – 16th so it is time to get started seriously! I’ve been doing some dyeing as you know and haven’t gotten around to put them up on Etsy so now I’m wondering if I should or if I should just put them aside for the show. Not quite sure at the moment. Of course I still have time to do lots of dyeing before the show so…

This was also my very first time to the UK. I very much liked Brighton which is a much bigger town/city than I expected but I had lots of fun and my family as well. We turned this into a family vacation and so spent 2 weeks in the UK after the show and that was lots of fun.

photo 3 (76) brighton 1 brighton 2

This time the show is in London and it is being curated by Iknit  hence the name : I Knit Fandango. The theme is indie suppliers so I think this is going to be a fabulous show. Lots of gorgeous handmade supplies that you don’t find everywhere. This is going to be a great opportunity to meet other indie dyers and yarn producers and of course clients and future clients.

Here’s a copy of the info taken from the organisers web page:


a fantastic festival of fabulous fibre

15-16 May 2015 Royal Horticultural Halls, Lindley Hall, Westmister, London

I Knit Fandango is a huge market bursting with tons of gorgeous yarns and fabulous exhibitions



entry is £8 per day in advance

£10 on the door

a limited number of weekend tickets, costing £14 will be available from 23 February

buy tickets here>>

10am – 5pm

vendors include

Belinda Harris Reid Blacker Yarns Coopknits Debonnaire
Easy Knits I Knit or Dye Ingrid Wagner Rug & Art Creation
Java Purl Design Kettle Yarn Co Knit Run Dig Knitting 4 Fun
Knitting In France Knitwitches Max’s World
Midwinter Yarns Namolio Polo & Co PomPom Magazine
Porpoise Fur Purl Alpaca Designs Sparkleduck Spin City
Tall Yarns Textile Garden Tilly Flop Designs Toft Alpaca
Triskelion Yarn Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop Whimzy Willow Knits
Whistlebare Wollmeise Yarn garden

Now does that not make you want to come????

They are also organising a fun event:

knitting/crochet group map

I Knit London want to make a massive knitted blanket and we need your help!

Are you a member of a knitting/crochet group?


Well, we would love you to make a six inch square and send it to us so we can sew it into our MAP of the knitting and crochet groups of the Great Briton and beyond.

The blanket will go on display at I Knit Fandango to showcase the amazing tradition that we love so much; knitting and crochet. The blanket will then go on to various festivals around the UK to inspire and encourage non knitters to join us.

The squares may be any design, colour or fibre. Please keep to six inch square, though, just so they fit together easily.

So if you would like to participate in the Knitting/Crochet group map of the UK you just have to get in contact with the I Knit Fandango organisers.

If you are going to be in London on these dates I hope you will have the chance to come and visit the show as I always enjoy meeting the knitters/crocheters that I interact with online- in real life 🙂 So if you do come, don’t be shy and say hi:)

Now, that’s all for now. I’m actually working this evening (yes it is late evening here in France at this time) and I must return to the job. So until next time, take care and enjoy your knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing and any other craft you enjoy doing.