The place to “go” if you like knitting with color

Hi there, it’s been a few days since my last post. Working full time, caring for a family of 5 while entertaining guests staying for 2 weeks seems to be taking up all of my time! So not necessarily much time for writing or knitting these days although I do have a head full of ideas and future projects I want to make.

A while ago I promised I’d tell you about this new thing I discovered while reading online. I’ve been very into colorful knits lately and I’m currently working on a pair of tube socks that were originally meant for my niece and have now been claimed by my daughter. And I’ve prepared 2 sets of mini skeins that I’d like to also knit up into some colorful socks. Here are my tube socks in progress Here are my future color work sets. Not sure how, when or what I’ll make but I’m already looking forward to getting started.

Next time I’d like to knit some patterning – maybe make up my own fair isle pattern and I’ve found just the right place to create my pattern. I was reading a knitting magazine on my ipad and I came across this article about color patterns. I believe it was in a Vogue Knitting magazine.

The article talked about a knitter who invented a program to make color charts for knitting. I found the idea brilliant and immediately saw myself knitting tons of fair isle socks, mittens and hats. Of course I haven’t cast on for any, just yet, but I’m going to for sure! So I’m sure some of you are interested in this as well.

The name behind the website/program is The Tricksy Knitter and that is Megan Goodacre and Charles Jaimet who helps with the tech stuff. The website where you can find charts made by Megan herself, others who have used the chart maker and most importantly where you can create your own charts is: Tricksy Knitter

You can choose from a number of colors and add your own or change the existing ones. This allows you to visualize a pattern for  a future design of yours and you can choose to either make this a private chart or a chart that you share with other members of the website. To use the chartmaker you need to sign up for the website which is free by the way.

I think this is something we should all bookmark for future use because knitting with color is so fun and if the pattern/chart is ours, then it is even more fun!

That’s all for today folks. Next time, I’ll be showing you what I found when I did a bit of stash diving in the basement and share with you ideas for future projects to come.

Until then, have a wonderful week filled with lots of quality crafting time:)