The Knitting in France 2017 Birthday Game

Hi there, today’s post is a short one just to talk to you about my upcoming Birthday Game. This year I organised my first ever Knitting in France Birthday Game and it was a lot of fun and so I’m going to do a second edition for 2017.

The idea behind the game is to gift each participant a knitting/spinning/crochet themed Birthday gift. This year we were only 5 so it was easy to organise and it also meant that there was no financial strain for the participants. I’d love it if we got more participants this coming year but I would still keep the group/groups to a limited number of people just to make this more accessible for everyone.

The idea is to include a skein of yarn and/or mini skeins and/or fibre for spinning if the person is a spinner along with maybe sweets or tea, little fun accessories, maybe a paper back you have read and enjoyed or something fandom related, a pattern on Ravelry etc. For 2016 we set a target of around 20 USD per gift. You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive hand dyed skein, you could give one from your stash or make minis from your left overs etc.

Before we begin, I will send out a questionnaire to each participant. Once I get everyones answers back, I compile them into a document that I then email out to everyone. That way we will get to know each other a little better and it will help us choose what to gift each other when the time comes.

If you are interested in seeing the pictures from this years Birthday gifts to see if maybe this could be for you, you can check out the thread in my Ravelry group which you can find here

And if you want to sign up, there is another thread for that in my group as well and you can find that one here

I’d love for you to join the fun. You have until November 19th to sign up. After that I’ll be preparing the questionnaires and sending those out to the participants so we can all get ready for the game. And let me tell you, this was so much fun. I LOVED getting all those knitting and fibre related birthday gifts. The sweets were a real treat as well and just basically everything I received I loved. And it’s not just about receiving, its also about the giving and the plotting and putting together a package for a new friend. Seeing the reactions to your gift, looking at pictures of what the others have received for their birthday and so on. Just an overall fun game and I think we all enjoyed this a lot. And by the way, the DK weight socks I showed you in my last post, they were knit out of yarn that I received in this years Birthday game:)

That’s it for today. Take care and enjoy your crafting. I’ll be back soon because I have a ton of more knitting to share with you all:)