Big projects and dwindling stamina

Hi there, do you ever find yourself taking on a huge project like an afghan, a bedspread, an intricate cardigan or something like that? Something that is time consuming and you know from the beginning that you are going to need to be motivated and work hard if you want to actually finish this project. And then a few months on….you sort of lose ….the enthusiasm. You cast on for other things and this big project gets put down for a while and then maybe it even gets forgotten! Well, I’m a fan of small knitting projects like socks and cowls and mittens and things like that but I did take a wild leap of faith a long while ago, when I decided to do the……Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.  That’s a HUGE project! What was I thinking????????

Well, I seem to remember having reasoned with myself by saying, well ok this is big BUT each hexapuff is just super small. This could be a great project for on the go knitting, each hexapuff will be knit up in a breeze, this will be super fun, a great way to use up my scraps of sock yarns……Does any of this sound familiar to you? (please say yes)

So I started and I have a fairly large tote where I have all my finished hexapuffs along with some scraps and stuffing and the pattern (in the unlikely event I forgot how to knit hexapuffs). And this bag/tote is in my bedroom, always! But it’s been quite a while since I actually did any work on this. I did knit one hexapuff last weekend – I was rearranging something in my room and took out my tote and looked at all my hexapuffs and felt guilty so I knit one more. Since then, I keep looking in the general direction of this bag and I just feel I really should do something and today I had an idea that I’d like to share with you.

So first of, are you too working on a Beekeeper’s quilt,  or maybe the Ten Stitch Zigzag by Frankie Brown? Or may you are just doing your own version of a yarn scrap blanket. And maybe you also feel demotivated sometimes – like me- because the project takes so much time to finish. Would you be interested if we did a sort of “Scrap Swap” ?

My idea for a Scrap Swap would be that those interested would leave me a comment here on the blog and then  I would get everyone’s full details (name and postal address) and then I would send each participant the name and address of their swap mate. (You would have to accept international shipping as my readers come from all over the globe).

Each one would then send our swap partner an X amount of scrap yarns – we could come up with the amount together if you wish or I could decide on something, maybe something like 50 gr of scraps in different yarns the only obligation being that the minimum for a scrap would have to be enough for 1 hexapuff. I also think it would be fun if we each gifted our swap partner with one completed hexapuff that we knitted especially for them -if your partner is doing the beekeeper’s quilt. If he/she is not then maybe we could come up with some other idea for a small gift. What do you think?

I think this could actually be quite fun and re-motivate us and get us back on track. I just counted and I have 66 finished hexapuffs so I have some done but I’m far from finished and a little fun game would definitely motivate me:)

Why don’t you think about this over the weekend and let me know. If you are thrilled with the idea, leave me a comment immediately and I’ll be able to celebrate in advance that I just got a great idea!!! Also if you have other knitting/crochet friends who  you think would like to join us, please share with them, the more the merrier.

I really look forward to hearing from you on this – we don’t have to be a gazillion to participate, even if we are only 2 (me and you) that’s fine too – I really want to get back to knitting a few of those each week so that my quilt will be finished before 2020! So before I leave you and for some added motivation, here’s a picture of my hexapuffs so far

scrap yarn swap on