Daydreaming on Ravelry

Hi there, it’s Friday today so hopefully most of you are getting ready for a relaxing, crafty weekend. Personally I don’t have anything special planned except for the never ending housework (ugh) and some knitting and maybe dyeing (YEAH).

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Ravelry looking at baby oriented patterns thinking of all the things I could knit for the 4 babies that are going to join this world later this year. I have downloaded and printed out a number of free patterns but I’ve also purchased some patterns. I’m looking at blankets and then softies, knitted and crocheted “doudous” like we call them in France. These are like the soft toys that babies like we sometimes call security blankets/toys. I’d love for one of my handknit/crocheted items to become a security blanket/toy for someone:) That’s so cute:)

Here are the patterns that I’m thinking of – some free and some purchased

boy mouse in sweater   Boy mouse in a cabled sweater by Julie Williams  Bunny girl in a dotty dress by Julie Williams  Waldorf knitted rabbit doll by Tatyana Korobkova  Pot belly baby bunny by Aleta Lyn Pot Belly baby duck by Aleta Lyn Noopy’s lovey by Lelah Olander  Fuss free baby blanket by Louise Tilbrook  –  I have actually started making this one and for once I’m not using my own hand dyed yarn but a commercial yarn. Its Rooster Almerino Aran yarn and it is a mix of merino and alpaca so a super soft yarn. Here’s a picture of mine so far, it’s in my lap and as I knit on circulars it’s not easy to picture the whole thing but you get the idea and the colours. The pattern is more like an outline and then you can do like you wish, choose your colours, length of stripes, stockinette or garter stitch and so forth.

Fuss Free baby blanket Levi’s baby blanket by Lindsay Humphrey Baby owl socks and hat by Beatrix Knits

Wow that’s a lot of patterns! I’m sorry if I have inundated you with patterns and ideas, I guess I lost myself daydreaming and thinking of all the wonderful things I could knit/crochet for friends and family! If only I had more time to knit!!!

Are you doing any baby knitting at the moment? Do you have a favorite baby pattern? Be it a blanket, softie or clothing? Do share and show pictures of your finished items if you feel like it. I’d love to see your work and or favorite patterns.

That’s it for today, take care and have a wonderful day:)

Does a new project equal new yarn for you?

Hi there, I hope you had a great weekend. I did – this weekend was spent with family that came to stay with us for the weekend so not much knitting got done. However last night I learned of yet another baby due this year in our circle of family and friends, bringing the total of new babies to 3. This means I most definitely need to get going on some baby gift knitting. So I’m thinking of doing a blanket with a softie per baby. I shared some of the blanket patterns I like with you the other day. I’ve also found another pattern that I quite like and think I’m going to use for at least one blanket. That pattern is called Heirloom Diamond Baby Blanket by Colleen Dragon Knits and here’s a picture of that

Of course I had to look in my somewhat consistent stash for a compatible yarn and despite a rather large stash I of course did NOT find the ideal yarn! Isn’t that just typical? So what to do? Should I go online and buy some? Or should I dive into my stock of undyed yarn and dye some myself? Well I went for the second solution and as I’m writing this I’m dyeing a merino/nylon/cashmere blend yarn in turquoise. I think turquoise is such a beautiful and happy colour and that it can be used both for girls and boys. Do you agree or do you think turquoise is definitely a “boy colour”? Once the yarn is ready I’ll show you the pictures before actually casting on for the blanket.

And then there is the softies that I want to make. A few years ago, I crocheted and sold softies in a baby shop in Iceland. I used mercerised  cotton for those and they were really nice I thought. But this time I was thinking of something really soft to cuddle up to so for the first softie I chose a merino/alpaca blend. This was not in my personal stash but rather in my stock of yarn for my shop. I used to sell commercial yarns and that is where this yarn came from (Rooster Almerino DK). The idea is to crochet or knit a blanket square and then sew on an animal head for a cute cuddly toy. I started doing my typical crochet square – I’m not an advanced crocheter and it’s been a while since I last crocheted anything, so I’m using dc (double crochet) for the square. Then for the head, I actually bought a pattern. For the next softie, I’m planning on using the entire pattern I purchased instead of doing my own square for the base of the blanket. The pattern is called Sleepy the Owl and is sold on Ravelry. Here’s a picture of that Isn’t that super cute?

So far I’m not quite finished with the crochet square but I hope to finish that today. This is what I have done so far

So tell me, when you take on a new project, do you 1) invariably go online to buy new yarn because you already know that you don’t have exactly what you want in your stash?

2) Take a serious look at your stash and choose yarn that fits your pattern, maybe compromising on colours just to be able to use what you already have?

I’d love to be a serious crafter, using what I have before investing in any new supplies or even better, look through my stash and THEN choose a pattern according to whatever I have in my stash and feel like using. Even though I have a large stash and access to even greater supply of undyed yarns, I still have this urge to BUY yarn just for this particular pattern. And even if that is how I function when taking on new patterns I still continue to buy yarn just because I love it, even if I don’t have any pattern in mind for that yarn. So this is sort of a vicious circle for me and I don’t see myself getting out of that pattern any day soon.

Do share how you function. Do you only buy yarn when you have a particular project you want to cast on for? Do you buy yarns just because and then when you find a pattern, maybe buy even more because none of those you already have fit? Have you ever done a “yarn diet”? Did it work? Did you have a plan for that?

I’d love to hear from you on this. So until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting:)