An interesting series of shawl patterns

Today i’d like to share with you an interesting series of shawl patterns I just discovered, its called 54 rue du chateau and is sold on Ravelry. This is a collaborative, progressive shawl project by 6 designers: Mary-Heather Browne, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Amy Christoffers, Bristol Ivy, Leila Raabe and Michelle Wang.

What is so special about this collection is that each and every one of the 6 shawls is a collaboration between the 6 designers. They used yarns from A Verb for Keeping Warm and each one of them started a shawl and knit 20 rows of their own design. Then they passed the shawl on to the next designer who in turned knit the following 20 rows in her own design building on what the previous designer had done and so forth. So each shawl was knit and designed by all 6 designers. The project took 10 months and the shawls travelled all over the US.  They also took care that no designer preceded or followed the same person twice. When all 6 designers had contributed with their 20 rows, the shaw was returned to the designer who started the shawl and she then finished it off.

Don’t you think this is a great and at the same time, brave idea? I think it is simply brilliant and I really love the outcome. At the top of this post there is a link to the pattern on Ravelry if you want to buy them – you can either buy the collection or just individual designs which is also a great option. Here are pictures of the 6 designs:

Tanguy shawl   - www.knittinginfrance.Com

The Tanguy shawl

Reverdy shawl  -

The Reverdy shawl

Prevert shawl   - www.knittinginfrance.Com

The Prevert shawl

Peret shawl  -

The Peret Shawl

Duchamp shawl  -

Duchamp shawl

Breton shawl


I hope you enjoyed todays post and the shawl designs I introduced you to. Until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting 🙂