MaryJo’s account of her first time knitting 2 in 1 socks

Hi there, I while back I had a little game here on the blog in relation with my new passion for this recently discovered technique for knitting socks, 2 in 1 socks. The winner of the game, won a set of 2 yarn balls of my hand dyed yarn to knit her first pair using this technique and in return I asked that the winner later share her experience with the rest of us. The winner was a knitter called MaryJo and this August I received her first account of this project. She has yet to finish her pair so we should be getting more from her later on.

So here comes MaryJo’s post:

Hi Bogga,
Just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity and the push I needed to knit two socks at a time, instead of me just saying “I’m going to do it someday.” And thank you for being patient while I got work under control and my daughter married off.
I finally started these June 13th. I figured I could do these without knitting the sample sock. So I cast on.

Had no problem casting on the one sock and then adding the second sock to the needles and joining in the round. The problem came when I started to do the ribbing. I thought I was following Kate Atherley’s directions on moving the yarn forward and back, but it didn’t work, was obviously not separated as it should be. Took it all out and redid it again. Still no luck. Took it out once more, and redid it. Nope, not right. Work at that point got busy again, so I put it aside, deciding when I picked it up again, I needed to do the sample sock.
I was in New York for a convention at the end of July, and I took the sock, along with some worsted weight yarn, with me. On Wednesday, July 29th, I sat in my hotel room and cast on with the worsted weight yarn for my sample sock. I quickly realized that either I was reading the directions wrong on the ribbing or the directions were wrong. (Although on the project page, no one else seemed to have the same problem I was having.) What I found worked for me was:
K1 Y1, move yarn to front
K1 Y2, leave yarn in back
P1 Y1, leave yarn in front
P1 Y2 move yarn to back
Once I figured it out, I stopped working on my sample and went back to the socks themselves. I would like to say that the ribbing on the socks went quickly, but it didn’t. I disliked doing it, and it seemed to take forever. I could only get two rows done before I would have to put it aside. I persevered and by Saturday, I was ready to start the body of the sock. I have to say, it was kind of exciting to see the two socks separate as I was knitting the ribbing.

blob blob blob
Breathing a sigh of relief that the ribbing from hell was over, I started purling the outside sock and knitting the inside sock. It was a little awkward at first as I throw my yarn and don’t knit continental and do very little colorwork. But once I got the hang of two-handed knitting, I was off. On the train coming home from New York, I was happily knitting away. Knit about an inch and then stopped to admire my two separate socks. Uh-oh. Somewhere near the beginning of the body of the sock I had one stitch that got messed up and my two separate socks were no longer separate. How hard can it be to drop the stitches down and pick them up again? Can’t be that hard, right? Wrong. Trying to find the exact stitches, dropping them, and then picking back up was not as easy as I thought because of the socks being in the way of each other. I guess hard is not the right word, just kind of awkward and fiddly. Anyway, I fixed it and began to knit a few more rows. Uh-oh. Yes, it happened again.


Into time-out it went for the rest of the train ride and until this past Friday evening when I had a chance to sit down with it again. Since it was only two rows back, I just tinked back a stitch at a time until I got to the errant stitch and fixed it. Learned my lesson, I’m checking after each row to make sure I haven’t crossed stitches again.


I noticed I’ve got a little bit of laddering between needles, but that should work out when I’m done and give it a bath.  I have about two inches done, so not sure how long it’s going to take me to get to the heel since I can only work on it sporadically.  I’m keeping my sample close by for when I get to the heel, because I’m sure I’m going to need it then.

I am enjoying learning new techniques with this sock and find it addicting.  If I make them again, though, I would seriously consider doing the ribbing separate and then putting them all on one needle and starting the sock, if that would be possible.

Thank you again for your patience.  I will continue to keep you posted.


Thank you MaryJo for sharing your first impressions of this new technique. I agree with a lot of the issues you had to begin with. I too disliked the ribbing part and I too found myself mixing my yarns up in just this one random spot making them siamese twins rather than 2 separate socks!

But there is never anything “dangerous” with knitting and mistakes are there to help us understand and get better! I’ve stuck with this technique and I have now found my own method of knitting this way and I can even enjoy ribbing this way now. I do understand that this is a technique that does not suit everyone but it is fun to try, even if it is just once.

I’ll be telling you more about this type of sock knitting in a later post and I might even do a video tutorial to show you how I now knit this way. Also if you feel tempted to give this technique a try, I cannot stress enough the importance of first knitting the pair of test socks that Kate gives in her pattern. Using 2 different colored yarns in worsted weight will really help you understand how this works.

If you don’t remember my previous posts on this technique you can click here for some further info.

That’s all for today so take care and enjoy your crafting until next time 🙂

My Pebble Beach Shawl and more

Hi there,

Lately I’ve been mostly working on my shawls. I’m almost done with the Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. Her pattern for this shawl is in an original format, a bit like an excel sheet where you have the pattern written out in rows and each row is numbered from 1 and up and every so many rows you see the percentage of completion of the project. I find that quite fun for this project. Of course seeing the size I can imagine that I’m close to finishing but seeing the actual percentage of what I’ve done so far is a great new feature to a knitting pattern I think.

Here I was approximately at 70% done My yarn was gradient dyed in grey so you have light grey, darker grey and then really dark and to finish a bright fluo pink.

Unfortunately I did not have enough pink to finish my shawl so at 80% done I had to add a third color. So I had 60% grey, 20% pink and then I needed to find a new color for the last 20%. I had the same yarn but dyed in 2 different colors and I really was not quite sure which one was the right one so I went to my followers and friends on Instagram and Facebook and asked them to help me choose Their answers were almost unanimous: LIGHT GREY! So I listened and quickly wound the grey yarn into a ball and continued and I think that was the right choice. I’ve knit a few rows of the new light grey yarn now and I think its looking rather nice even though I was not originally planning on using this new color but hey, things happen:-) What do you think? Do you think these colors will work? I sure do! I’m at 85% now so hopefully I’ll finish in 2-3 days. At this stage in the pattern, the rows are super long so the last few rows take forever to finish.

I’m also working on my Beetlebum shawl by Renée Callahan of East London Knits. I haven’t been sufficiently consistent working on this so it is going slowly but surely never the less. I really love how the pattern works up, I like the wings on each side and  I feel this gives the shawl an original look. I’m super happy also with the yarn I chose. Its my hand dyed lace yarn, 50% xtra fine merino, 50% suri alpaca. It’s super soft and squishy. I’m really looking forward to finishing this and I can see myself wearing my Beetlebum shawl this summer in the evening.

And just before I say goodby for today, I couldn’t resist all my new Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock yarns so I ended up casting on for a pair of socks. I’m doing a 2 in 1 socks using the Lornas Laces in Rainbow colorway. So far it’s looking very good. I really love all the bright colors and how they are divided up on the skein and hand painted. The  socks will either be for me or for my daughter. We’ll see later on. Here you see the socks and I have “opened them up” so you can see both socks. Looking good don’t you think?

Well, that’s all for now. Take care and enjoy your summer and hopefully you have some quality time to enjoy your crafting every day:)

Attention everyone! Important information :)

Hi there, I just HAVE to share this with you. Remember my 2 in 1 sock knitting challenge? Well 2 things:

1) I’ve cast on for a new pair And this time I’m using the same yarn- this is actually gradient yarn from the Knitcircus gradient yarn club and as I’m doing the same colour yarn for both I put each ball into a yarn sleeve and not only turned one inside out but also marked them with numbers to be on the safe side!

But I was just wondering if there were more patterns out there for this type of sock knitting and even though I did not find a new pattern I did find a great tutorial and I think I did not share that with you last time so here goes (or if I did, well maybe you didn’t see it last time or if you did you will just have to forgive me for my loss of memory).

There is a tutorial on Knitty, just click here

So do you feel like joining me and making a pair yourself? If not now, maybe we can organise a KAL later on?

Thats all for now, take care and have  a wonderful Friday:)

More on socks

Hi there, I wanted to show you something.

www.knittinginfrance.Com Do you recognise these???? YES! These are my FINISHED 2 in 1 socks!!! Yeah, I just finished them and they are perfect! And even though I used slightly different coloured yarns to help me distinguish between Y1 and Y2, they actually do not look very different one from the other. And once I finally found my “technique” to knit this way faster, they just flew off the needles. And I have to say that I truly find this method of sock knitting magical. To knit 2 socks on the same dpns and when you separate them in the end, wow that just blew my mind. So even though I said, sometime during the process, that I would probably not be knitting more socks this way, I have changed my mind. I will most definitely be doing more of this! I hope you will give this a try yourself if you enjoy knitting socks. I feel it takes sock knitting to a whole new level and its such fun to learn to master a new method. I really recommend you take the plunge. Here are some more pictures of the finished socks

I also have another pair to show you. If you read my last post you will know that my mother just had a big heart attack and is very sick. I decided that we would prepare an “I love you” package for her. My children are going to draw her pictures and I’m going to give her a pair of hand knitted socks and some sweets – she has a sweet tooth and if she is allowed to eat chocolate and so I’m going to buy something very nice and include that with the package. I’m also going to knit her a stole or large scarf to put around her shoulders for when she is sitting up in bed for example. I haven’t decided on the model/pattern for that but I know I’m going to use one of my handspun yarns for that project.

I thought I had actually finished this pair of socks so I went to photograph them to show you and that’s when I discovered that having been so distraught lately I had messed up. I only did the patterning on 1 side of the leg instead of on both sides! so I had to rip bag the entire leg of the second sock and so thats what I’m trying to finish as quickly as I can now so I can send that to my mom.  Can you see how amazing the dying is? The socks are almost a perfect match! Jalaa Spiro of Knit Circus is a true magician dyer.

More on the 2 in 1 sock knitting challenge

Hi there, I hope you all had a great weekend and that you did get some quality crafting time. I did not do much knitting actually but I did progress a little on my first REAL pair of socks using the 2 in 1 method. And so far so good, I’m almost done with the cuffs, here see:   The outer yarn which for me is Y1 is lighter than the inner yarn or Y2


I’m really enjoying this technique except having to move my yarn/threads all the time. I really have to come up with something to make that more fun or less time consuming. Maybe I just need to take Kate Atherley’s online course to get some first hand advice from the expert before I complain 🙂

So what about you, have you done any test socks yet?

I also did some dyeing as I thought maybe some of you would like to buy my “missy matchy” sock yarn to do your own knitting whether you use this technique or not. And also for the lucky winner to be able to choose from 2 colour ways. Ain’t I nice ? 🙂

So, I haven’t had the time to wind those up into yarn cakes yet but here are the pictures for you to get an idea of this colour way   As before this is my glitter yarn with silver stellina for added fun and glam’ look. So the 2 middle skeins are really 3 coloured – hm how to explain. Well you have one part that is hardly dyed/coloured at all, one part that is light/pastel and the last part which is actually dark/saturated. And then the 2 outer skeins have been dyed entirely although they do also have some variegation, but they do not have any undyed spaces and are more semi solid versus the 2 middle ones which are more like gradient/stripey.

So don’t forget you have until tomorrow evening to leave a comment on the “2 in 1 sock knitting…” post and be part of the draw and maybe win some hand dyed yarn by myself to knit your own pair of 2 in 1 socks – provided you accept to let us share your experience and write about it on your blog as well as let me link to your post from here. So do join in, don’t be shy 🙂

And on the topic of socks, just one progress photo before I leave you for today. As always I’m working on a number of projects at any given time and now I have 3 socks on my needles. You’ve seen the 2 in 1 socks and I forgot to take a picture of my “tv watching” socks but here are my “at work” socks (shhhh don’t tell but when I can, I do some knitting between phone calls). These are toe up socks with an afterthought heel knit with my own hand dyed yarn of course. No particular pattern, just my imagination really for socks knit with 2 contrast coloured


And if you too  want to do a pair of socks like these here, you can buy the yarn from my shop where I’ve set up sets just for 2 coloured socks, just click here

Thats all for today, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to participate in the 2 in 1 sock knitting challenge if you have not already.

Until next time, take care and have a wonderful and creative week 🙂

The yarn for the 2 in 1 sock yarn giveaway

Hi there, I’m really happy to see that a number of you are interested in trying out this 2 in 1 sock knitting I talked about yesterday and I hope those of you who have not yet left a comment on yesterdays post, will do so before Tuesday 3rd of March evening and so be part of the draw on Wednesday to win some of my hand dyed yarn to knit your own pair of 2 in 1 socks.

There is a favour I ask in return for the yarn and that is that you share your 2 in 1 sock knitting experience both on your blog or social media and allow me to link back to that from here 🙂

I used the Two Socks in One pattern by Kate Atherley on Ravelry but if you have a different pattern you would like to try then that is fine as well. I’ve tried to search online for another pattern using this technique and so far have not found any. If you know of other sock patterns using this technique I’d love for you to shear them with us here in the comments section.

However, before knitting the 2 in 1 socks with my yarn I do recommend that you knit the training version first using a dk or worsted weight yarn in 2 different colours. That will help you understand the construction and the technique so more easily.

I have found another tutorial on this technique on Knitty, I haven’t had the time to read it through yet but I’m going to and maybe that could be helpful for you too. Click here for the link

And I also found an online video course with Kate Atherley where you can learn this sock knitting technique at your own pace with her – Click here for the video course

And just as an incentive, to encourage you to try out this fun technique and leave a comment on yesterdays post to enter into the giveaway draw and maybe win some of my yarn to knit your own pair of 2 in 1 socks, here are pictures of the yarn I dyed for myself to use for my first “real” pair and if you are lucky you will win the same yarn:) I used my glitter base that I love, it’s 75% superwash merino, 20% nylon and 5% silver stellina. I dyed the yarn in Emerald Green. One yarn cake is light emerald and the other is darker and has a varigated/gradient look to it. This way it is easy to tell which is Y1 and which is Y2 and yet your socks are not total opposites colorwise.

hand dyed by Knitting in France for 2 in 1 sock challenge   hand dyed glitter yarn for 2 in 1 sock challenge by knitting in france  Unfortunately the stellina thread does not show up well on the pictures but I assure you it really gives a beautiful sparkle that enhances the colour of the yarn.

So are you up for the 2 in 1 sock challenge with me? I sure hope you are! So share with your friends, enjoy trying this new technique out, leave a comment on yesterdays post here and maybe you will be receiving this yarn in the next few days:)

Until next time, take care and have a wonderful and creative weekend 🙂