Knitting for the knit worthy

Hi there, here I am again! Youpi! I´m on schedule! And so excited to be back into blogging. In fact, I´m so happy to be blogging again that I´m in the process of launching a second blog which will be dedicated to my cattery and my adventures as a new breeder. When it is ready I will of course share that with you so if any of you are also interested in cats you can follow there as well.

Knitting for others is a big issue and knitters can discuss this at length. Most of us, if not all, have an opinion about this. I think that maybe new knitters are more open to knitting for others.

After being a knitter for a few decades I have a sort of unwritten/unofficial rule. I do not knit on commission that is I do not knit to sell my finished items. I did sell years ago but not to individuals but to shops who would purchase my items and then resell. That was interesting and I sold both crochet baby softies in a baby shop and traditional Icelandic handknits using Icelandic Lopi in a number of souvenir shops in Iceland.

I have never sold here in France because I have come to realize that the general public is usually not willing to pay a correct price for a handknit item. Most do not realize the price of the wool nor the time required to make the item. So best not to go down that road.

So I knit for myself and those I find knit worthy – family members, friends or others I encounter in life and want feel would appreciate my handknits.

Most of my family loves my handknits and so I get to gift socks, shawls, hats and mitts on a regular basis.

This December I was surprised when one of my elderly neighbors asked if I would be willing to sell her a few pairs of handknit socks she wanted to gift for Christmas. As this is a very dear person I of course accepted. I gifted her a few pairs for herself and then she chose 3 pairs to purchase. Seeing how appreciated my work is always warms my heart. A little later her husband asked if I would be willing to knit him a pair of socks and I of course said yes again.

He had a special request. I wanted knee high socks to wear in boots when gardening. I rarely knit knee high socks. I looked on line and in my sock books. I started two times. The first time I started from the cuff and as I was maybe 10 cm in he tried it on and it was too large so I ripped back and started again and chose a different pattern.

I was just making it up as I went and wanted to knit a colorwork to get a double layer sock for extra warmth. But this time I wasn´t happy with the motif/pattern I chose. It was a checkerboard pattern in black and white. So again I stopped and ripped back.

But it was getting cold and so I had to make some progress. I ended up stash diving and doing something totally different. I chose an old Opal skein in dark green and some left over beige yarn of unknown origin and started on a toe up sock. I also chose to knit them two at a time using magic loop to be sure they were identical in length and to avoid second sock syndrome!

I had hoped to finish before Christmas but that did not work out. I have now finished his socks and hope to give them to him this week.

I´m quite happy with the result. They did take forever to knit and they look huge! I know the foot fits because he tried them on when I was a few cm past the heel. He has thin calves so I´m hoping they will go up to the knees without an issue! A little nerve wrecking I admit. I will let you know when he has tried them on.

I also wanted to knit something for his wife, now that I know she enjoys handknits. And there is my other neighbor who is going through cancer treatment. I had gifted her a shawl when she went through her first treatment a couple of years ago and I know she uses that a lot. And so I thought it was time for a second shawl for her.

I had purchased the Knitwent ebook from Helen of Curious Handmade and there I found the perfect shawl.

I chose to knit the Tidings shawl by Helen

I decided to knit two, one for each neighbor and I chose Drops Alaska for the yarn. I wanted a durable, warm and economical option and I´m very happy with the results.

The shawls are HUGE. the top is larger than my wingspan so I´m guessing around 2 m long! And this is a thick, Aran type yarn so should be very warm too.

So now I just need to find the time to visit the neighbors and hopefully they will enjoy their handknits:)

I´m so happy to have these 3 items off my needles. I´m currently working on the following and will share info about those in a future blog post.

That´s it for this week. Thank you for checking in on me and sharing my adventures. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Stay safe!

6 thoughts on “Knitting for the knit worthy

  1. Hello, Bogga! So good to see your ‘smiling face’ again! (even if it is only in my mind). I do not knit on commission either. My reason is due to a lousy lack of confidence and because I don’t knit well under pressure. That being said, my son has a client who loves hand knits. He has a habit of buying yarn (GORGEOUS YARN) and giving it to me with ideas of what he wants – typically a hat or scarf or mitts. The fact that the yarn is so beautiful, it is an absolute joy to work on. I do feel slight pressure on time, though.

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  2. You’ve got some lovely project in progress, and your gifts for your neighbors are just lovely! I know they will appreciate them 🙂 I agree in general its better not to knit for sale. Most people have no idea of the time or energy that goes into knitting things, or the cost of materials. Better to knit for ourselves and our loved ones, and the few friends who appreciate it!

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