The embossed hat

Hello there. Today I wanted to share with you one of my test knit patterns.

This pattern has now been released and is for sale on Ravelry. It is a hat and on this particular occasion I did not knit for myself. I really wanted to test knit this pattern but I was worried about the time I had to do so and so I decided to knit size small. Turns out it is too small for my 12 year old so I don’t have a proper picture to show you the hat on an actual head but I hope to gift this to a little niece soon and will then be able to update my Ravelry project page with better pictures.

So the designer is Jo Anne Klim and she is an Australian designer I regularly test knit for.

She has come up with an entire collection using the same stitch pattern so you have the Embossed hat, the Embossed mittens and the Embossed socks.

I knit the fingerless mitts and the hat.

A close up of the pattern on the Embossed fingerless mitts

I knit size L
There is ribbing on the palm side too

And then there is the hat.

Embossed hat

What a fun little design. Most of this is ribbing but then there is this block of patterning. This literally flies of your needles so if you are looking for a quick last minute gift knit I can highly recommend this hat pattern. I’m going to knit a bigger version for myself in the new year.

That’s all for today. Do take a look at these patterns on Ravelry and send some love to designer Jo Anne 🙂

Happy knitting

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