A ton of test knitting happening here

HI there how are you? I hope you are doing good and have had a nice past few weeks.

It’s been a while since I last posted here on the blog. I was a little overwhelmed with work and then I went to Iceland for work and to visit my family for a while. I had thought I would have enough time to post while there but no! Time just got away from me in the blink of an eye it seems.

I have been doing some knitting of course over those past weeks but one of the biggest projects is a secret test knit so I’m not able to share any pictures with you on that for the time being.

It is an oversized cardigan and as such is taking a lot of time to knit up. I’m already big and usually knit XL for myself and I don’t think I have ever knit such an oversized garment before. And now I know why! It literally takes for ever!

I’m using Tuku Wool fingering yarn for the first time for this project and I absolutely love it. To the touch I feel Tuku wool feels rustic but once knit up it truly feels lovely. I really love the knit fabric and the feel and I’m sure I will use this garment a lot when I manage to finish it 🙂

This is a no superwash yarn so I’m split splicing the skeins together so that when I’m done knitting I will practically be all done.

I can truly see myself knitting a second garment with this yarn although it is pricey but I’m guessing it will really be worth it.

I am test knitting a second garment at the same time and this one is not a secret. This is a sweater that has an unusual and new to me construction. The beginning of this test knit has been laborious but I’m finally on track I feel and I’m hoping to quickly catch up with the rest of the test knitters.


I’m using this beautiful yarn from Cosmic Strings. This color is totally out of my comfort zone. I don’t have a single piece of clothing or accessories in such a colour but somehow I find myself really drawn towards golds, bronze and caramel colours lately.


So this is the yoke part of the sweater and I really love this lace panel around the yoke. I need to finish by December 20th so maybe this pattern will be released before the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted.

All the while as I was test knitting these I also test knit two accessories for an Australian designer friend, Jo of KBJ DESIGNS.

I first test knit her Embossed fingerless mittens

This was a fun, quick knit and I used colorway Film Noir from Hedgehog Fibres in a fingering weight yarn. My pair used only 49 grammes so you can make two pairs from a single skein. They also knit up real quick.

I then test knit her Embossed hat pattern. For this test I used fingering weight yarn from Cosmic Strings but I don’t remember the colourway name.


I really wanted to test this for Jo but I knew I had little time so I did the smallest size thinking it would fit my 12 year old…. but it doesn’t. But I’m sure I can gift this to one of my cousins in Iceland for Christmas.

Again this was a super fun and quick knit. Size small only used 34 grammes so you can even knit one using leftover yarns. These patterns have not yet been published but I will be sure to let you know when they will be.

When I was packing for my trip to Iceland I decided I had to take one of my half finished socks with me. My mountain of wips really needs some working on!

So I took my Abundance socks by Dana Gervais. I finished one sock during the test knit and the second one seems to have been forgotten.

Yet this is a wonderful pattern that is easy to follow and fun to knit. And I knit them using my own hand dyed yarn in a gorgeous RED! No idea why I left it for so long to finally knit the second sock.

But so I did and I gifted the pair to my mother while I was there.


Another thing I gifted my mom as I was in Iceland was the Damejakka loppa cardigan I have been knitting. I finished just before I left and I’m so happy that the size was perfect and she is absolutely thrilled with the outcome and immediately put the cardigan on.


This is such a brilliant pattern and I just love to knit this in Holst Garn Supersoft. Now that I have knit 2 I find myself already planning a third! If you want to try your hand at some colourwork and steeking, I can definitely recommend this pattern.

But most importantly of all – my mom loved her cardigan! It is such a joy to gift hand knit garments to knit-worthy people in our lives.

So lots of knitting has been happening as you can see. This week I have to keep up the pace and work on my two garment test knits. I also want to finish a pair of DK mittens that I started in November and want to gift for Christmas.

Then there is a pair of Christmas socks that I started on my trip to Iceland. One sock is done but I have yet to cast on for the second! I’ll share pictures of that next time.

I have also purchased a few/ton of new knitting patterns for socks and shawls! And I did some serious yarn shopping while in Iceland too! Bought way more than I had planned for and I will share that with you next time along with some pictures from the yarn shop.

In the run up to Christmas I’m planning on posting more often and to share some about knitting for Christmas and about knitting traditions in Iceland and France. One of my readers is also going to write a guest post and I really look forward to that. If you too would like to write a guest post and share something about knitting traditions where you live or a story about knitting and the holidays please do contact me here or by email at knittinginfrance@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you. I’m not able to blog every day in December as some who vlog daily but I do want to make this month a little special and I hope you will enjoy what I come up with.

That’s all for today. I wish you all the best and look forward to being back soon:)


Happy knitting

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