I’m back

How are you today? It has been way longer than planned since my last blog post. I have been busy at work as always and I also had my parents over for a few days from Iceland and then my son was passing his Baccalaureate test which was quite stressful. I’m happy to say he passed and so now we are just waiting to hear back from university if he gets a space in the department he has applied to study at. Hopefully we will soon know.

It has also been incredibly hot here these past few weeks and that has made knitting a little less appealing as my hands are sweaty and my fingers bloated. But I still do knit each day of course.

So since last time I have been knitting on different projects. I don’t have an FO to share just some progress on the different items.

First up there is my Main Street summer Tee by Pip and Pin. I have had very little time to work on this one lately so I’m still not done though I’m getting there. I haven’t shown a picture of my progress on this in a while so here goes.

main street 17jul

So I have finished (I think) the front and I’m now knitting the back up to where the shoulders will join. Then I will have the neck line/rib to do and the little sleeves. Not much to go so hopefully this will be done by the end of the month.

Then there is my DK weight shawl. The pattern is called Milu and is by Tamy Gore. This too has not been getting its just share of love lately. I really love how this is working up though and the colors I chose:


I’m hoping I will soon be picking this up to finish.

I have just recently started on a secret test knit again. This is a sweater that is worked in pieces ( at least partly) and I’m knitting this using a new to me yarn called Ulysse by De Rerum Natura. This is a French merino yarn in a DK weight. The yarn is nice to the touch and enjoyable to work with but… what is a little funny is the texture of the yarn. Both just when looking at a strand of this yarn and also looking at my knit fabric, this looks like the yarn has been partially felted. Very strange. I have never knit with such a yarn before so I am a little surprised and look forward to see my finished object and how this yarn will  wear.

Have you knit with this yarn before? What did you think? I’d love to hear. As I’m not allowed to show progress pictures I can only show you the swatch I did.


I really love this blue color and I think my finished sweater will look really nice once its all done.

And now to finish, the project that has gotten THE most love and attention lately. The project that has had me monopolized to tell the truth. My Stitch Surfer socks by Louise of Biscotte Yarns. I’m knitting these as part of a kal being held this summer by Michelle and Lesley of the Knotty Knit Wits. I had seen this pattern a long time ago but shied away from casting on thinking this would be too complicated for me. So when Michelle decided to do a kal I jumped on board. The discussion on the Ravelry thread has been helpful as the beginning is a little tricky.


I managed to finish my first so without too many issues. Then it was time to do sock number two.

I wanted them to mirror each other and I do believe the pattern is actually written for that, however I misunderstood something and even though I did change the MC to be CC on the second sock; they don’t really mirror each other as I had hoped.

I also ran into issues for the heel on the second sock. I don’t really know where I went wrong or what I did but once the heel was done, my yarn was not where it should have been. I did manage to continue and the mistake does not show too much.


Once you get going on these, you quickly become fascinated and caught up in the fun. And as my first pair is not perfect and these are super fun to make and just look at, I have decided that I have to make a second pair, this time for one of my daughters.

For the second pair I’m also going to be more careful with the yarn choice. In my current pair, there are long sections where both yarns are very similar in color and this is confusing.


On my pictures the colors show up clearly but in real life the long grey/blue section is too much like the grey/blue of the main color which had me confused at times.

That’s it for my knitting at the moment. I’m trying to be serious and finish these projects before casting on for new ones or picking up others from my pile of wîps. And yet I have found myself buying way more new sock patterns than can be considered reasonable. So I find myself with a  nice pile of patterns that need to be made asap.

This week and weekend I hope to finish my Stitch Surfers and cast on for the second pair. Make progress on my shawl, the summer tee and my sweater test knit. I’m trying to be organised and knit on each a little every day or at least every other day.

My summer vacation is coming up not too far away and I will have to organise and plan for my vacation knitting.

I also have to do the third and last giveaway of this summer! I had spoken of this way back and then just did the first two! I do apologize.

So this third and last giveaway is to celebrate this knitting blog and all of you who take the time to stop by and follow my knitting adventures. I would like to give you a little something back and so I’m thinking I will put together a little surprise package for the winner using my own hand dyed yarn or fibre (if the winner is a spinner), some of my hand made stitch markers and other fun accessories. So how should we do this?

Well I’m thinking the following/

Leave a comment below and tell me why you follow my blog. What you enjoy about your experience here and if you have suggestions for topics I could write about please include those. Tell me if you follow other knitting blogs and maybe what it is that makes you want to read a knitting blog. And then tell me if you would like a knitting or spinning prize and tell me if there is a color you absolutely do NOT like. And if you are a knitter, tell me if you would like to win a fingering or a DK or an Aran weight hand dyed yarn.

I’m thinking I will leave this open for 10 days or so and draw a winner from the comments somewhere between July 27th and July 29th. In order not to mess up the prize drawing I will not reply to any comments but depending on what you have to say, I might later blog about the replies I get and possibly announce something new if you give me an idea for something I cannot pass up.

I do hope to be back next week with  a new blog post and then end of July for the prize draw. Until then I hope you have a great week and enjoy your crafting in spite of the heat (if it is hot where you live).

Happy knitting 🙂

11 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Hello Bogga! I love your new socks! I have long admired that pattern and it’s fun to see someone actually knit it in real life 🙂 I visit with you via your blog to see what projects you are working on, to hear about life in another country, and to cheer lead a bit because you and I have shared some fun correspondence these past couple of years! Congrats to your son and I hope all is well with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bonjour,
    Ce blog je le suis depuis quelques années je crois ! je pense l’avoir connu via Instagram mais pas certaine. J’ai eu l’occasion d’acheter de jolis écheveaux de laines à chaussettes teints par vos soins sur ETSY ainsi que des anneaux marqueurs.
    Je regarde vos créations car elles sont source d’inspiration pour de futurs projets tricot
    surtout pour les patrons de chaussettes
    Je ne file pas la laine. J’ai une préférence pour les écheveaux de laine type fingering.
    Merci à vous et belles vacances !
    A bientôt.

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  4. I don’t read many blogs but I do enjoy yours. I like seeing your projects progress and your thoughts along the way. I like when you write/interview designers. I have been inspired by your knitting to add projects to my queue! I like knitting with fingering weight to the exclusion of virtually everything else so I really enjoy seeing your socks! I would love to hear your thoughts on any given techniques, or trends, and things like that, should you feel motivated to write about them.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I can’t believe I missed your post last week! What I love about your blog is you 😊 I love your personality and of course seeing all your projects, you’re always so productive. I also really like how you make us discover lots of small businesses and awesome products it’s always so fun to read about. Congrats on your son’s Bac he must be relieved and I’m sure he is now enjoying some well deserved holidays 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bon retour dans la blogosphère! Tu nous as manqué 😉 Je te lis depuis plusieurs années (tu es l’un des seuls blogs auxquels je suis restée attachée ses 10 dernières années) et je fus l’une de tes clientes. Je suis d.abord venue te visiter car tu étais celle qui proposait des outils et accessoires de tricot très pratiques et indisponibles ailleurs, comme les « chaussettes à cake », les minis ciseaux HiyaHiya, les crochets de dépannage, … et tes articles ont toujours été de qualité, intéressants, bien documentés. J’ai déjà de te lire 😸
    Bon week end à toutes !

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