This irrepressible urge to buy more yarn

Is this something you can relate to? Do you find yourself browsing online yarn shops, adding things to your virtual cart and convincing yourself that this yarn is a must have?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that has to deal with this urge and yet I have more than enough yarn already! If you have been following my blog lately you will know that I have a sizeable stash and you will have seen pictures of it in my Spring Challenge section here on this website.

So I know that I have enough yarn to knit almost anything I want to knit in the coming year or two or three. The keyword here is almost. Meaning that yes I have hundreds of skeins of yarn but most of them are just single skeins so good for socks, scrap projects or to be combined with two or more yarns in a shawl or colourful garment.

I have very few sweater quantities in my stash, maybe about 5. I like solid and semi solid yarns for garments and yet I rarely buy such yarns and so every now and again I get this overwhelming feeling of “I have to buy some sweater quantities of solid yarns” just in case, just to be sure I have EVERYTHING I could possibly need next time I have to cast on.

Lately I have also become more of a yarn connaisseuse (I prefer that  term to yarn snob). And so I really want to try “different” yarns, yarns from single breeds, yarns from conservation flocks or yarns from a small independent mill somewhere. And I always manage to find such yarns. And of course small batch, exclusive yarns are priced accordingly so not easy on the budget.

These past few days as I have been home resting my leg (I have some strange issue with my left knee) I have been doing a lot of “virtual yarn shopping”. And it has got me thinking how strange this is. I don’t need any more yarn, I have so much currently that just finding a place to store my stash is an issue. And yet the urge is so strong. And so urgent. Like I need this particular yarn asap. Telling myself I will buy this yarn in a month or when I’m ready to actually knit with it, is no good.

But my finances are not limitless, I have spent more than can be considered reasonable on yarn already. So how can I resist? How can I control this urge?

Well, what I have been doing lately is put the yarn in my cart but not checking out. I leave the page open on my phone and then come back maybe the same day, maybe a couple of days later and I review my cart. I ask myself if I ABSOLUTELY need this particular yarn and if I could possibly reduce the quantity in my cart, maybe leave out a yarn or two. And then sometimes I do check out and other times I leave my cart for a few more hours/days of reflexion.

But it is not easy. I sometimes think that in my case this urge is so strong and the need so important that it must be akin to addiction of some sort. I know stop smoking can be very hard and I imagine that stop buying yarn must be at least as hard in my case.

This is most definitely a third world problem! I know!

I would love to hear from you, do you suffer this urge to buy more yarn on a regular basis? How do you deal with the urge? Do you allocate yourself a yarn budget per month/year? Have you ever been on a “yarn buying diet” and if yes, for how long were you able to sustain that and do you know view yarn buying with a different eye than before your “yarn buying diet”?

I have tried to go on a yarn buying diet but never succeeded as the idea of NOT being able to buy yarn makes the urge TO BUY so much stronger! But I still think I really should try to get my yarn buying under control for the good of my finances as well as just to control the quantity of yarn already in my house.

I hope you will accept to share with me your yarn buying advice/techniques/plans. I’m sure sharing with each other will bring us all food for thought:)

Until next time I’m going to try to be serious and restrain from yarn shopping and just concentrate on knitting the yarn I already have!

Happy knitting to you and have a great week ahead!

16 thoughts on “This irrepressible urge to buy more yarn

  1. It can definitely be super hard to not buy yarn. Hubby and I have decided to do our budget and keep to it this year as we are trying to save for a house and we have a baby on the way. Instead of saying we can’t buy anything, we allocate $30 a week to spend on what we want. I just bought a spinning course that goes over a month for around $300 so I’m not allowed to spend any money on yarn for 10 weeks, but those go fast because I can already look forward to the reward of learning to spin yarn. In the mean time I’m trying to focus on WIPs and UFOs I have and I find it works quite well. So after this novel, my advice would be to set aside part of your budget for yarn and to be guilt free about that money. And because you know you have a set amount of money to spend, it makes it easier to control the urge 😉 I hope this helps you 😘

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    • What a brilliant idea! I think you have really hit the nail on the head. Allocating à fixed amount for oneself to use on yarn or other indulgence means one can look forward to buying something each month while still not going overboard. I think I’m going to follow your advice as of next month. I too need to work on a budget so this is perfect.
      And enjoy your spinning course. I love spinning and I’m sure you will too.
      And congratulations on the little baby:)

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  2. Bonjour, par période je ressens très fortement cette addiction d’achat de fils aussi. Je crois que c’est le besoin d’avoir des beaux projets (envie de créer des belles choses) qui devient très fort et qui s’exerce sur le tricotage ou le crochet. Cette année j’ai investi dans une petite machine semi automatique (environ 100 euros) pour avoir un aperçu instantané du tissu de laine (pour les laines multicolores) et puis aussi pour tester la teinture de laine sur “sock blank”. Du coup, j’ai vidé mon stock des anciennes pelotes pour m’exercer car il faut compter quelques heures avant de maîtriser la technique selon la nature des fils. Avec ces échantillons de grande taille (je tricote la pelote entière) je passe plus de temps à chercher un seul projet à réaliser (et non plusieurs) et je me disperse moins dans l’achat. Je peux aussi tester les mélanges de fils (matières et couleurs) et avoir tout de suite le rendu. J’arrive ainsi à satisfaire mon besoin de créativité. Bonne continuation, Nicole.

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    • Merci Nicole:) c’est une petite machine à tricoter? Est-ce qu’elle fait du tissu droit ou en rond ? J’avoue que la machine me tente bien mais en même temps j’aime bien faire à la main. Je suis d’accord avec toi dans le sens que ce sont bien les multiples projets possibles qui font que l’envie d’acheter devient plus pressante. En ce moment j’essaye comme je peux de limiter le nombre de projets en cours et actuellement j’en ai trois et j’attends d’en finir un avant de commencer un nouveau.


  3. Bonjour, il s’agit d’un tricotin mécanique circulaire qui permet aussi de faire des panneaux de 35 à 40 cm de large. C’est vrai que le travail à la main est très relaxant et avoir 2 ou 3 projets en cours permet d’éviter la lassitude. Avec cet appareil j’espère surtout avoir des activités de l’esprit pour ne pas naviguer sur le net et me laisser séduire par les fils plus beaux les uns que les autres. Bon courage et au plaisir de lire votre chronique, Nicole.

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  4. Oh my goodness – ditto!!! I constantly urge to buy yarn and have to reign myself in! I’ve always had it, but particularly for the three years I worked for an online yarn company – all day browsing for customers meant temptation at the touch of a button later for me. I could rival a yarn store now but never have quite what I am looking for in my stash. Many WIPs, much yarn marked for future projects, patterns galore, I could go on …

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  5. I had to unsubscribe from every yarny newsletter, because as soon as a sale dropped into my inbox I would be off and buying straight away!
    It helped a lot not having the temptation regularly placed in front of me, now the struggle is trying not to pile up my shopping cart with extras when I buy yarn that I do need.

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    • yes I have been thinking about unsubscribing myself from a number of yarn shop newsletters too and I think that with the new regulations taking action later this week I will just automatically be unsubscribed from those if I don’t update my account. This could be a good thing:)


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