My Socktober

Hi there how are you? I hope your week has been good and the upcoming weekend will be even better. I have some family from Iceland for a visit here so I’m taking a couple of days off work which is nice. When I have family over my knitting time is usually reduced as I have a lot to do and so it’s a good thing I have already made a few socks to live up to my objective of knitting all the socks this month.

This first pair I believe you have already seen but I’m including it here as I finished those in October. There are my scrappy Halloween socks. Just a vanilla sock with a short row heel knit out of my Sox yarn base.

My second Halloween pair was a test knit and I made these for my older daughter. I intended to knit another pair for my younger daughter and somehow that never got done.

Then there is a pair I just recently finished out of sock yarn from Francofille Knits yarn. The pattern was my own, I did a picot hemmed cuff, a little patterning on the front of the leg and foot, a short row heel as always.


And then there was the pair out of Régia cotton yarn that I was using for the first time and quite liked. Again a vanilla sock.

And then there are all the shorty socks!

 The main yarn is Lolo did it and the contrast is on y SPARKLES base.
 These are knit out of Goosey Fibres yarn. A new to me indie dyer and I will be interviewing the dyer behind Goosey Fibres for the November Maker of the Month.
             I really love this pair. I found the pattern in a sock collection by Louleigh and I need to share more on that with you later.
I also knit three pairs of toddler socks for a charity for young children living in Australian prisons with their mothers.

So those are my finished socks. All were finished in the month of October but a few, I think, were cast on end of September. 

I’m currently working on two pairs. One is for a charity knitting project. I recently shared with you about the Marie Curie Sock Quest for patients in Marie Curie hospices in the UK. I’m knitting for that and using the official Marie Curie yarn dyed by West Yorkshire Spinners. I’m planning on knitting two pairs. I have one sock done on the first pair and I’m just past the heel on the second sock.

The second pair is a Christmas shorty sock for my younger daughter using a self striping color way I dyed up. Again my own sort of vanilla pattern. Sock one is done and I’m past the heel on the second. I’m pretty sure I will be able to finish both of these pairs before the end of October.

 I really enjoy how this color way came out and the second sock is identical which is even more fun.
Now that November is around the corner, I need to start planning for my Stash Appreciation Project. I need to find patterns I want to knit and choose gorgeous yarns from my stash to knit up and so forth. I have already opened a thread in my Ravelry group for us to discuss our plans. I’m currently thinking at least one cardigan and of course socks!

I’m also thinking I should knit from my pile of ufos! That would be great and quality as the projects in my pile of lingering wips have all been in my stash for a certain time. I’m not going to knit exclusively from those because I love casting on for new projects but if I could maybe finish one ufo a month durin Stash Appreciation that would be great. More would be better but I think I should not put too much pressure on myself or this won’t be fun and that would just be silly. Knitting should always be a pleasure.

Now what about you, did you knit a lot of socks this month? Are you going to join us for Stash Appreciation from November 1st to January 31st? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share your current and future knitting plans.

This is all for today. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed spending some time with me. I wish you all the best, happy Knitting and I’ll speak to you soon:)

11 thoughts on “My Socktober

  1. Excellent sock knitting, and so many pairs, each pair prettier than the other. I like the short row heels, I find it the easiest for me to knit, and I enjoy wearing then too. I find it pretty comfy.
    Enjoy the visit with your family. It is always fun, and we are expecting our Belgium family in December, which will be awesome too.
    Have a great day and upcoming weekend. 🙂

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