It is October the month of all the good intentions

Hi there, how are you today? I hope your past week was a nice one and that you have had plenty of time to knit and plan future knits.

As for me I have made some nice progress on my knitting and I have also had some time to plan future knits.

The month of October is a month of many things. It is Breast Cancer Awarenessmonth. Breast Cancer is unfortunately an issue that I have come close to. My mother in law died from breast cancer and two out of three sisters in law have had breast cancer, one is actually dealing with one now. I also had a close friend who lost her battle with breast cancer.

I know that in the US and the UK there are charities and knitting groups that knit chemo hats and knitted knockers but here in France there does not seem to be anything like that so I haven’t seen or learned of anything for this month knitting wise.

I was wondering if I should dye up some pink yarn and sell and donate part of the proceeds to a charity. I often gift handmade gifts to a charity in my town that works with and for children with cancer and their families, not breast cancer but a worthy cause all the same. However as my sales are super slow currently I’m not sure I would be able to raise any significant amount.

If you know of a knitting related event or charity doing something specifically for breast cancer this month; please share so I and maybe other readers of the blog can join in.

The month of October is also the month of Slow Fashion and that goes nicely with knitting because what could be more slow fashion than knitting. We are making clothing and accessories out of string; one stitch at a time. A lot of knitters are also accomplished sewists and make amazing clothing with their sewing machines.

For sock knitters such as myself, October is first and foremost Socktober! The month for all the sock knitting.

I was thinking about this during the last days of September and how I could participate and make the most of this sock inspired month.

First I thought, wow what a great opportunity to get some of my languishing wips done! After all I have a very serious case of Second Sock Syndrome and have  a ton of project bags with just one sock done; all piled up in my room. Looking more like a mountain of shame and not so much as an organized pile of works in progress!

Problem! The problem is that I was already working on a few pairs of socks and I felt I had to finish those before going to wips. But I have so many pairs going that I’m afraid if I knit those, I won’t have the time to get to my old wips! What a dilemma!

So what am I going to do????

So I have 2 pairs of socks that I’m test knitting. I have finished one sock of each pattern and that is sufficient for the designer BUT I’m going to actually finish the second sock now! So that’s 2 pairs.

This pattern is called Phosphores and is by Dana Gervais and will be published soon on Ravelry. This is a fun pattern to knit and has a number of unusual features such as the cast on for the cuff, the heel construction and the toe. All three of these features were new to me and so that was fun. I knit this with my Back to Basics sock yarn which is a 100% non superwash merino.

This sock pattern does not have a name I think yet but it will soon be for sale on Ravelry and should be very popular judging by the praise I’m getting on social media when I share my pictures. The designer is Notplainjayneknits. I knit this using a new base that has mohair/merino and nylon and so will be very strong for socks and just perfectly grippy for the colorwork. It was a joy to work with and the colorwork looks great.

Then I have one pair that I’m knitting with my own yarn, I dyed up mini skeins in what I call Halloween colors and I have finished one sock in that pair so clearly I need to finish the second now too. So then I have 3 pairs.

This is my pair of Knitting in France Halloween colors. The yarn is on my SOX base and I’m just doing my go to vanilla pattern, cuff down.

Next I have this sock that I cast on a while  back to knit on at the cinema; it’s a Regia pairfect in cotton and I really should finish that one because I have never knit with this yarn before and the yarn is super cute. I’m still on sock one there but that’s pair 4.


This is my Regia Pairfect Cotton in color 02979

And then I have two other pairs that I’m working using yarn from new to me indie dyers that I’m soon going to be featuring on the blog as Makers of the Month and I really feel I need to have at least one sock finished from each dyer and preferably one pair. So that gives me  a total of 6 pairs to finish this month.


I only have a picture of the sock I’m knitting out of the yarn from Goosey Fibres. I’m doing the Mercury pattern which is free on Ravelry.

But if I knit these 6 pairs, it means I probably won’t finish as much as a single sock from my pile of wips…

And what about all the new sock patterns that I have come across lately? So many new and gorgeous patterns, all my new fingering weight yarns that are just begging me to be knit up ASAP?

You are probably laughing at me by now and thinking that I’m one crazy knitter and I think you are most probably totally right. I’m planning on sharing my sock knitting journey with you this month here on the blog and I hope that will serve as a reminder to concentrate and not get distracted and cast on for something completely different and new. October is also known as Blogtober where bloggers are encouraged to blog everyday or at least more frequently than usual and I’m going to try. I don’t think I will blog daily but I hope to blog maybe twice a week rather than once a  week and I hope you will enjoy that.

I would love to hear what your are working on this October. If you are willing to share pictures or names of sock patterns or anything else with the rest of us that would be great!

Until next time, take care and enjoy your knit ahead and I hope you have plenty of knitting time:)

4 thoughts on “It is October the month of all the good intentions

  1. Wow, all the best in Socktober! You are so good at knitting socks. I love yours!
    We here in SA knit for Breast Cancer awareness. It is for such a good cause. I think it is a wonderful idea that you want to do something as well. Go for it.
    Not much knitting at the moment. Crocheting a bit here and there, but the summer weather is lovely, so I seem to spend more time outside. 🙂
    Have a fabulous weekend.

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