It’s mostly about the garments

Hi there, how are you? I was going to post yesterday but didn’t feel very inspired so I decided to wait till I did feel inspired so as not to bore you! After all you do come here to spend a few minutes enjoying yourself. I hope πŸ™‚

So like today’s title says, it’s all about the garments. I’m suddenly wanting to knit all the sweaters and cardigans. I have a ton of yarn but mostly just individual skeins as I was always thinking SOCKS. So now that I’m all about sweaters that is a little bit of a challenge. Purchasing gorgeous yarns in sweater quantities is not always an option financially and I have to admit that I am trying to limit my yarn purchases and have been very serious about that for the past month and cross my fingers I will be for the coming 6 months or so. Being a yarn dyer I do have an advantage over some as I do have some stock of undyed yarn and can thus just use it for myself and dye in the color I want. Business wise that is of course not the greatest of ideas but hey.

So let me share with you my current most worked on wips. I do have a few socks going but I’m not really working on them these days.

So first up is my oldest of the current wips, my Sammal cardigan by Joji Locatelli. I ‘m knitting it out of my own handspun and hand dyed yarn. This is the first time ever that I have spun for an entire garment and it has inspired me to do so again. I have shown you pictures of this cardigan here before but some progress has been made since last time. I’m now on the last rows of the bottom ribbing. I’m so close to casting off the body and hope I can do so in the days to come. Then it will be on to the sleeves. Knitting on a number of garments simultaneously does mean that each garment does not get all the attention it deserves so finishing takes a lot longer. But that’s ok. This is how I’m currently rolling and as summer is here, I won’t be needing my garments till autumn and I figure I’ll have them finished by then.

So here’s a picture of my Sammal I took this morning.

sammal cardi june 8

I really love it. You may not see it in this picture but I have made a mistake in the cable the left side in this picture. Twice!!!! But I noticed when I was well beyond that and was too lazy to rip back so I’m keeping it like this. I don’t think everyone will focus on these mistakes and they just remind me that nothing in life is perfect.

ravello june 8

Then onto my Ravello. I have had the pattern in my queue for a long time. I really love the shape of this sweater and I have seen so many different versions of it. People play with stripes or color blocks. Basically you can do as you wish.

I dyed up a new yarn base that I wanted to test and used for this sweater. It’s a 50% alpaca, 25% linen, 25% silk. It is a joy to work with and so I might buy some for the shop in the future. I dyed the yarn in a light grey and love how it took the dye. For the stripes I used a skein I got from the Golden Skein. It’s a mohair and Wensleydale blend so feels somewhat similar to my yarn however it knit up all strange and crinkly. So I decided not to do more stripes and Β just use the rest of the contrast yarn for cuffs and maybe the hem. This has become my bedtime knitting as it’s now just stockinette stitch round and round.

And my latest cast on is the So Faded sweater by Andrea Mowry. I actually splurged on a set of yarns from Legacy Fibre Artz for this sweater (before I went on my restricted yarn buying). The yarn is lovely and I think I will really love the outcome even though most of the colors are not really what I would normally go to.

so faded

For this sweater I have joined Kristy Glass’s first kal the Fadito! It’s a kal she is hosting in her Ravelry group where the objective is to knit a garment using the fading technique. Any garment pattern, adult size, works. If you are working on a faded garment you should join:)

Here’s where I’m at this morning.

so faded june 8

I started to fade a few rounds before separating for the sleeves so that when I separated I started on the new color and cut the old one. I’m not quite sure how much I will knit of each color before fading into the next. I’m thinking somewhere between 5 and 6 inches maybe and then the fading section is about an inch each time. I also think that beginning a new color on the separating row makes fading on the sleeves easier but I guess that will be proven or not when I get there:)

And last but not the least and this is not technically a garment but it is a current wip and has about the same yardage as a garment so I’m sharing anyway, its my Starting Point shawl/wrap by Joji Locatelli. This is a mystery kal that I’m sure you have heard all about and if you are not avoiding spoilers you have also seen what it looks like. I

If you do not want to see pictures to keep the surprise to your project, then I will say goodby to you here. Thank you for stopping by and I’ll speak to you soon πŸ™‚





Ah you are still here! Youpi! So on to the Starting Point. It’s a wrap/shawl that is knit in two pieces and so you knit each clue twice and as this is quite a big piece, that can make keeping up with the clues a challenge. Another challenge with this project is all the ends that need weaving in! You use 5 different colors and as a multicolored project that makes for a ton of ends! I try to weave in my ends after each clue because otherwise I would just give up.

Currently 4 clues are out and I believe the 5th and last clue is to come out tomorrow. I have finished clue 4 on one half and I’m planning on working on clue 4 on the second half tonight but I doubt I’ll finish this evening as it is a lot of knitting.

I do like how this is knitting up and I love the yarn I chose which is my own, Back to Basics, non superwash fingering weight merino yarn. I did make a mistake though. Not sure what’s up with me these days but I seem to make way more mistakes in my knitting than usual.

So what happened is that on one half I inverted colors 4 and 5. When I discovered that I was way past the mistake point and if I had ripped back I knew I would have been unable to keep up with the clues. So I wondered if I should keep the colors as I had knit them so that the two pieces would NOT be identical or if I should get back on track and these two sections would just be inverted and nothing else. I went with the latter solution and when I look at it now, even if you can definitely see this, I think it will still be ok. I admit I did actually ponder ripping back yesterday. But that would mean ripping back to the beginning of clue 2 on one piece and that is just soooooooo much knitting! So I’m just keeping this as is!

Here is a picture of the half where clue 4 is done

starting point clue 4

And here is one where you see the two halfs together

starting point clue 3 and 4

What do you think? Would you have ripped back to fix the mistake?

Well that’s all for today. Thank you for stopping by and spending some of your precious time with me. Have a wonderful rest of the week and an even better weekend!

Happy knitting πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “It’s mostly about the garments

  1. So much lovely knitting! You are going to have beautiful gray sweaters this fall. πŸ™‚ I agree with you about the mystery shawl – no need to rip back. If it were up closer to the central square, I would say maybe, but where it is, it will be fine. It took me a while to even find it! And I presume you will be wearing this piece, not laying it out carefully for people to study? No one will ever know.

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  2. I really like the way your two Halves look and I would not “rip “your beautiful work . As it is a very busy pattern it does not detract that you inverted your colors back in clue 2 . If anything it will makes the centre point square less “severe looking ” thus less of a vocal point , and somehow more interesting then a uniform colored square. Cannot wait to see this finished and blocked.
    I want to make the Sammal cardigan it is so sweet !

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    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy to hear that other knitters agree with my decision to carry on rather than rip back. And as for the Sammal cardigan, you should go ahead and cast on. It’s a beautiful pattern and easy to make. The all over texture means you won’t get bored but it also means it takes longer to finish than a stockinette sweater but that’s ok because in the end one has a beautiful garment.


  3. Those colors for the So Faded sweater are AMAZING! And I’m on a weird sweater kick, too! It’s funny how I always want to make more sweaters right when summer starts! πŸ™‚ Do you knit all your sweaters in the round? I’m working on one where the front and back are worked separately, and it’s such a struggle to then sew the pieces together! Do you ever have that problem??

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    • Yes I knit all my sweaters in the round or at least 90%. I do have one sweater wip languishing in a bag waiting to get finished and it almost is. That one is worked in pieces and I think that what’s holding me back is exactly that! The sewing! I’m always stressed that the pieces won’t fit perfectly or that the seams will look wonky. So when I can I really prefer in the round.


  4. Bogga, please do not rip back on your gorgeous shawl (those colours!) – nobody will ever notice, really πŸ™‚ I’m almost done with clue 3 (done 1 side and half way through the other) and am so relieved to see the lace on clue 4 – yay! I’m getting really tired of garter LOL I love all of your sweaters – especially the one you spun yourself. I’ve followed that one since it was just bare fibre. It’s almost like watching a child grow – so much hope and potential! Loving your blog and your knits πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the compliments. I’m going to work on my handspun Sammal this weekend as I want to finish the gen and get going on the sleeves. As for the shawl I did decide NOT to rip back and I managed to finish clue 4 today. I’m hoping I’ll get to start clue 5 this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. I’ll look for your version of the shawl online to see your progress:)


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