My trip to Iceland and the yarn I brought home with me

Hi there, thank you for stopping by today. I hope you are doing good and that so far your week is shaping up to be a good one.

As promised I’m going to share with you my little trip to Iceland. If you have been following me here for a while you may know that even though I live in Normandy, France, I’m actually Icelandic and all my family lives there except for my brother who lives in California.

I don’t go home enough. I used to go to Iceland 3-4 times a year but as the children have gotten older I find myself going less as I’m bound by school and school vacations. This January it was actually a whole year since my last trip home. That was way too long and so I’m hoping I’ll be able to go at least two more times this year. Seeing family and friends is important and even just being in Iceland, you know just the air, the scenery, the language, the people, the culture. It’s all so reassuring and familiar. It really feels good even though I now do consider France to be my home as I’ve been living here for 18 years!

Anyway, I had a lovely time with my family and got to see everyone even if I only stopped for 6 days. Of course I had to go yarn shopping! As one does when on vacation right?

So the last day in Iceland I went with my mother, who is also a knitter by the way, to a small town called Hafnafjordur. There we first went to this grocery store and if you follow knitters that go to Iceland, you may know that most grocery stores carry yarns. And this particular one has not just a section of yarn, it’s more like a yarn shop inside the grocery store.

I had never been there so it was fun to see and browse. They have a lot of scandinavian yarns in addition to the Icelandic lopi. And they also had a great selection of books, knitting needles and accessories of all kinds. and I did buy some yarn there and some fur pom poms that will make great hats.

Here are some pictures I took to show you


This yarn is made of wool and nettles.


Lots of knitting and crochet books


gorgeous sweaters


I found this pattern to be fun


Love this sweatedr


this is a beautiful child size cardigan


more sweaters and I took this picture to show you the grocery shop right next to the yarn


They had lots of store samples


See the yarn in the racks? This is a new Icelandic yarn


So here is what I purchased from them


Fur pompoms: The two grey are rabbit and the big one at the top is fox


I had to try the wool and nettles yarn


This was a cheap merino yarn from China I bought for a future fair isle project


This is the new Icelandic yarn I had never seen: Einrum and this is a blend of Lopi and Thai silk


And this is a self patterning sock yarn I wanted to try


That was a nice haul don’t you think? Later that day I went to another yarn shop but I think I’ll share that with you in a separate post as this is a lot for one day;

So thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed seeing this yarn/grocery shop and the yarns I purchased. More to come soon ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “My trip to Iceland and the yarn I brought home with me

  1. What an awesome trip, and what a great haul. You sure did get the most beautiful goodies. I love the pom poms, I think they are just perfect for hats.
    Thank you for sharing all your stunning photos with us, it is like visiting there right with you.
    Have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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