My Golden Skein

Finally I am able to share with you this amazing order and dye job I did last July! I have been dying to share this with you and I also really look forward to hearing what people think/thought of my yarn!

You may be familiar with a company called The Golden Skein. It’s a yarn subscription club focused on indie dyed yarns. One can subscribe to receive one skein every three months or three skeins every three months. This is the first year that I have joined the Golden Skein and of course I had to get the bigger subscription and get 3 skeins every three months. It is super fun because I receive yarn from companies that I sometimes have never heard of and other times its yarn from companies I’ve been dreaming of buying from but havent gotten around to do so.

I just received my autumn shipment and this shipment is extra special because…I’m one of the dyers! Yes! Me! Imagine that!

So a few months ago, Jo of the Golden Skein asked if I would like to dye for her and I of course jumped of joy and immediately said yes!

So far I haven’t been at liberty to talk about my participation but now that this quarter’s yarns have all been shipped out and most likely all of the subscribers have received their yarns, it’s ok for me to share!

So, the way this works is that for each quarter, three dyers get sent an inspiration picture that they then interpret in their individual way into a colorway exclusive to The Golden Skein. What makes this super fun for the subscribers; is that even though the inspiration picture is the same for all three dyers, the resulting yarns are all very different and unique. Here’s a picture taken from The Golden Skein website showing this years inspiration pictures. The one for this autumn quarter that I worked from is the bottom left one –  with a bird.


It took some time for me to decide how I would work from this picture. Should I choose one color and do a semi solid? Should I do a speckled yarn using 3-4 colours from the picture? Or should I maybe do a variegated version?

First I tried to come up with dyes in colours as much like those in the picture as I could. I dyed a number of skeins using these colours in different ways until deciding on the final version.

I decided to take the background color and use that as the main color for the yarn. I then chose 3 colours from the bird itself and used as accent colours. That resulted in a yarn that is mostly one colour but when knit up will give a colourful, slightly variegated result.

img_5650Here you can see one of my skeins and as you can see most of it was dyed in a light sort of beige color and then you have the three accent colours side by side. Each skein was hand painted.

img_5651And then heat set by steam.

img_5658Here I am getting ready to reskein and label my yarn. I chose to reskein rather than leave them as they were as I felt the reskeined skeins looked nicer, more colorful than ifis i I left them as they were dyed. This is something I sometimes do, not always. A lot of dyers do not reskein their yarns, I guess it is just a personal preference.


And here I was all done! By comparing this picture to the one before, you see how different the yarn looks once it has been reskeined. Seeing my yarn all done was such a huge relief and so immensely satisfying.

I hope that the Golden Skein subscribers will enjoy my yarn as much as I enjoyed making it.

Last week I got my own shipment of this quarter yarn and along with the yarns we get a letter which introduces the dyers to us and we learn about the inspiration behind each yarn. Seeing my name and my shop on there was a huge thing! I’m super proud of myself for having been chosen to dye for The Golden Skein and I’m proud of the yarn I made – by the way I used my Cash’Sock yarn!

the-golden-skein-letter Can you see? I’m at the bottom of the letter – Knitting in France- and yes this strange name is really my full name 🙂

the-golden-skein-yarnAnd here are my yarns. The one in the middle was a substitution yarn for my own skein:)

On the left is the skein from Countess Ablaze and she has done a variegated yarn. On the right is a skein from the Wool Kitchen and she did almost the same thing as I did. Here skein is mostly grey with a splash of contrasting colours.

What fun! So if you enjoy indie dyed yarns The Golden Skein subscriptions might be just what you need:)

And here is a link to read the blog post on me and my yarn on the Golden Skein website: Enjoy:)

That’s all for today. Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me. I hope you will have a great week with plenty of time for crafting. Until next time; take care 🙂

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