Hilda mittens – FREE PATTERN

I just came across this blog while browsing Pinterest. I love the mittens here and since it is a free pattern I just had to share. These would be perfect knit up in Icelandic unspun roving and them some gorgeous thin yarn maybe Einband which is also Icelandic.
Plus this is the blog of an ESTINIAN knitter and we all know how beautiful Estonian hand knits are so I think you might enjoy reading this blog.


Lacemittens „Hilda“

by Kristi Everst


My name is Kristi and i live in a small country with a rough climate –Estonia. I believe that the weather here is made for knitting and that there’s nothing better than sitting with a hot cup of tea, clews and knitting needles in front of a warm fireplace and listen to the raving snow storm outside.

I started to knit when i was a little girl. Little happy girl, because i had a two wonderful women in my life – my grandmother and her sister. They were very different women, but both talented knitters and it was a joy to sit with them, listen their storys and learn to knit. So, it is obvious that i named my first pattern according my grandaunt Hilda.

Heirloom of our family – woolen Haapsalu scarf, knitted by my grandaunt Hilda (in the right photo).

Hilda mittens…

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