Working with my Golden Skein yarn “Birds of a feather”

I little while ago I shared with you my participation as a dyer for The Golden Skein. This was the first and hopefully not the last time that I got a huge order and I very much enjoyed the process.

Now the yarn has been sent out to The Golden Skein subscribers and so far I have had nothing but good reviews which is such a joy for me.

I did keep some of the yarn for myself and then there were the “test dye” skeins and the “oups” skeins. Some I overdyed and will be listing in my shop and some I’m just keeping for my own personal use. I thought I’d share with you what I have knit with this yarn so far.

So I used one of my “test” skeins to knit a pair of socks. Well, technically I’m only about 40% done with sock 1 but this will be a pair:) This particular skein, has more of the contrasting colours than the final version of my Birds of a Feather, and so the end result is more variegated and almost stripey. I actually quite like how this is knitting up.


As you can see there is a lot less of the light beige colour in this version.

I have also knit a shawl as part of a test knit for a designer that has just designed a shawl using my Cash’Sock yarn. She kindly sent me her pattern at the same time as she sent it to her test knitters. I had told her that I would probably not be able to finish it within the time limit she had given her testers because of work and all the gazillion things I’m already knitting. But guess what? This was such an enjoyable knit that I actually finished FIRST!

The pattern should be released soon on Ravelry and once it has been I’ll put up a project page on Ravelry and I’ll be able to share the name and a link if you too want to knit this. In the mean time, here are a few pictures of different parts of the shawl to show you how this particular yarn knit up. Had this been knit into a sock the resulting fabric would of course have been very different and that is also why I decided to use this yarn rather than another one for this particular pattern. I dyed the yarn thinking of socks because people were just getting 1 skein (although it is possible to purchase an additional skein afterwards via The Golden Skein while stock lasts) and so I knew what a sock would look like. But knitting this up into a shawl with a much higher stitch count than a sock was interesting and I wanted to see what that would look like.

What do you think? I quite like the result. This is an asymmetrical shawl and if this yarn were knit up into say a triangular shawl the results would be something different from this.

It has been such a fun process from the designing of this yarn working from an inspiration picture, to actually dyeing it up and now knitting with it and seeing how different items/stitch counts give different end results.

If you too are a Golden Skein subscriber, I’d love to see what you knit up with my yarn and I hope you will share that with others on social media and even better, with me here on my blog:)

That’s all for today. I hope you are having a nice week with lots of fun knitting/crochet time. So until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting.

Lots of knitting

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are doing great and that you had a wonderful weekend.

When I look back at the week that just passed, I see that I have done loads of knitting. It’s been a while since I’ve had this much to share with you. So let’s get started:

First off, I finished my Audrey cardigan or at least the knitting part. I still have to weave in the ends and sew on the buttons. I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan and I want to knit a second one.

I was unsure about which size to knit and being the not serious knitter I am, I did not make a swatch. As my cardigan grew I realised that I should have knit one size down because the pattern is written for  negative ease and my cardigan has positive ease. For the body of the cardigan that’s fine but for the sleeves it was really too much and so I knit those one size down. I also like the yarn I chose for this project, my merino singles yarn that I dyed in a subtle brown/beige color. It is super soft and the color will work with everything I think. Next time around, I’ll use my SOX base (merino/nylon) and I’ll knit the correct size that will give me the fit the pattern calls for.

But overall I’m really happy with the outcome. I just need to decide on the buttons and finish up.

The second pictures shows the three different buttons I have to choose from. The first option, the top button is the one I’m leaning towards.

Then there is my Harry Potter inspired scarf that I’m knitting for my older daughter. I’m using my own hand dyed yarn of course, that I dyed especially for this project and I’m using a wonderful base yarn. It’s Aran weight and its a merino/cashmere/nylon blend. So just perfect!

I did knit quite a bit on this last week. I’m getting close to the end. I think I need to knit to the next section of stripes and then knit on the what would be the placement for another stripe section and that’s when I’ll cast off. So maybe 10″ more or so. I might be adding fringes,not sure yet.

img_6049    It’s looking good so far and my daughter likes it so that’s the only important thing. It’s still quite warm here so she won’t be needing the scarf for a few more weeks I think so I take my time finishing this.

And then there is my pair of socks. I’m usually a big sock knitter and I do have a large number of socks currently on my needles only I’m not working on them. I think the fact that I suddenly found myself with a gazillion works in progress and not much time made all my wips look like a huge mountain to climb and I just got overwhelmed. My pile of wips is in my bedroom so I look at it everyday but I try not to worry about it and as I cast on for new projects I promise myself that I will also pick up a wip and get that done and out of the pile. The socks I’m working on were in my pile of wips/to be cast on. I had cast on for the cuff of sock one in August and then nothing happened. Once I picked them up, I really got going and to avoid having second sock syndrome, I immediately cast on for sock 2 as I finished sock 1. Now I’m close to finishing sock 2, I just need maybe an inch or so and then I’ll be at the toe. Once this pair is done, I’ll pick up another sock wip from my pile and get working on that. Here’s a picture of my pair so far.


The yarn is hand dyed by myself on a base I don’t carry at the moment but really like. Its 80/20 merino, bamboo. It’s super soft and yet sturdy. The pattern is Falling Leaves by Nancy Whitknits and is for sale on Ravelry. The cuff has a nice leave motif and the rest of the sock is worked in a twisted rib stitch.

Last week I also cast on for a new sweater. I had one of those nights a little time back, where I was browsing Ravelry and came upon a certain number of patterns I just HAD to have and I ended up buying probably close to 10 patterns! Way more than I intended to. And one of these patterns is called Spin Raglan by Andrea Mowry. It’s a top down, seamless sweater knit in Aran weight yarn. I dyed up the yarn especially for this project. I chose a 100% non super wash BFL yarn and dyed it in a sort of denim-y colour. Somewhere between light blue and grey. It turned out super nice I think.

img_6033 And believe it or not, this time around I DID do a swatch! I decided that after seeing my Audrey cardigan being bigger than intended, it would be a good idea to swatch and knit the correct size.

As this is knit in Aran weight yarn, it goes super quickly and I’ve made good progress. I knit a lot on this yesterday as I was being lazy in front of the television.

spin-raglan This is a simple pattern and I’m really enjoying it so far. I think this will be a really quick knit but might still take me some time as I’m also working on my scarf my pair of socks and so forth.


I also just cast on for the Dexter cardigan by Isabelle Kramer. Remember I told you about that a week or two ago and I dyed up two types of lace weight yarns that I’m using for that project. I’m only a couple of inches into the cardigan so nothing interesting to show you just yet but so far I like how the yarns are knitting up together and I’ll be able to share my progress on this one with you next week I’m sure.

That’s about it for today. I hope this week will also be prolific knitting wise. I plan to finish my pair of socks and the Harry Potter scarf and make significant progress on the Spin Raglan sweater so hopefully those will all be FOs by the time I post next. Which would mean I’d also be able to share some new cast ons with you:) How exciting!

I wish you all a wonderful week and hope you will have lots of fun knitting time. So until next time, take care and happy knitting:)


My Golden Skein

Finally I am able to share with you this amazing order and dye job I did last July! I have been dying to share this with you and I also really look forward to hearing what people think/thought of my yarn!

You may be familiar with a company called The Golden Skein. It’s a yarn subscription club focused on indie dyed yarns. One can subscribe to receive one skein every three months or three skeins every three months. This is the first year that I have joined the Golden Skein and of course I had to get the bigger subscription and get 3 skeins every three months. It is super fun because I receive yarn from companies that I sometimes have never heard of and other times its yarn from companies I’ve been dreaming of buying from but havent gotten around to do so.

I just received my autumn shipment and this shipment is extra special because…I’m one of the dyers! Yes! Me! Imagine that!

So a few months ago, Jo of the Golden Skein asked if I would like to dye for her and I of course jumped of joy and immediately said yes!

So far I haven’t been at liberty to talk about my participation but now that this quarter’s yarns have all been shipped out and most likely all of the subscribers have received their yarns, it’s ok for me to share!

So, the way this works is that for each quarter, three dyers get sent an inspiration picture that they then interpret in their individual way into a colorway exclusive to The Golden Skein. What makes this super fun for the subscribers; is that even though the inspiration picture is the same for all three dyers, the resulting yarns are all very different and unique. Here’s a picture taken from The Golden Skein website showing this years inspiration pictures. The one for this autumn quarter that I worked from is the bottom left one –  with a bird.


It took some time for me to decide how I would work from this picture. Should I choose one color and do a semi solid? Should I do a speckled yarn using 3-4 colours from the picture? Or should I maybe do a variegated version?

First I tried to come up with dyes in colours as much like those in the picture as I could. I dyed a number of skeins using these colours in different ways until deciding on the final version.

I decided to take the background color and use that as the main color for the yarn. I then chose 3 colours from the bird itself and used as accent colours. That resulted in a yarn that is mostly one colour but when knit up will give a colourful, slightly variegated result.

img_5650Here you can see one of my skeins and as you can see most of it was dyed in a light sort of beige color and then you have the three accent colours side by side. Each skein was hand painted.

img_5651And then heat set by steam.

img_5658Here I am getting ready to reskein and label my yarn. I chose to reskein rather than leave them as they were as I felt the reskeined skeins looked nicer, more colorful than ifis i I left them as they were dyed. This is something I sometimes do, not always. A lot of dyers do not reskein their yarns, I guess it is just a personal preference.


And here I was all done! By comparing this picture to the one before, you see how different the yarn looks once it has been reskeined. Seeing my yarn all done was such a huge relief and so immensely satisfying.

I hope that the Golden Skein subscribers will enjoy my yarn as much as I enjoyed making it.

Last week I got my own shipment of this quarter yarn and along with the yarns we get a letter which introduces the dyers to us and we learn about the inspiration behind each yarn. Seeing my name and my shop on there was a huge thing! I’m super proud of myself for having been chosen to dye for The Golden Skein and I’m proud of the yarn I made – by the way I used my Cash’Sock yarn!

the-golden-skein-letter Can you see? I’m at the bottom of the letter – Knitting in France- and yes this strange name is really my full name 🙂

the-golden-skein-yarnAnd here are my yarns. The one in the middle was a substitution yarn for my own skein:)

On the left is the skein from Countess Ablaze and she has done a variegated yarn. On the right is a skein from the Wool Kitchen and she did almost the same thing as I did. Here skein is mostly grey with a splash of contrasting colours.

What fun! So if you enjoy indie dyed yarns The Golden Skein subscriptions might be just what you need:)

And here is a link to read the blog post on me and my yarn on the Golden Skein website: Enjoy:)

That’s all for today. Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me. I hope you will have a great week with plenty of time for crafting. Until next time; take care 🙂

Progress and some selfish birthday dyeing

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are doing good and that you had a nice weekend.

My weekend passed way quicker than I would have liked. I did get some knitting done yesterday though and that was nice. Lately I’ve been very much a semi monogamous knitter focusing most of my time and attention on the Audrey cardigan by Jane Richmond. This weekend I worked on that too and I should be finishing it this week.

I also continue working on the Harry Potter inspired stockinette scarf for my daughter. Luckily I’m knitting it in Aran weight yarn on 5.00mm/US8 needles so it does go quickly and so I usually get 4-5 inches done each time I pick it up. I have sort of left it for tv watching at night as I’m not super passionate about all this straight stockinette but little by little I’m getting there. I think I might be about 10″ short of having half the scarf done. I need to keep at it because as my daughter reminds me, I do have a ton of other Harry Potter inspired knits to do!

Last week I also picked up a  sock that I began in August but has been left in my huge basket of “wips and soon to be cast on”. It’s a pattern called Falling Leaves and it is by Nancy Whitman. It is a very simple and elegant pattern using twisted stitches. The cuff has a beautiful leaf design but otherwise it is pretty straight forward. I’m knitting it using a merino and bamboo yarn I dyed myself a while back. This is a gorgeous base, super soft and a joy to work with. I think I have just a skein or two left in the shop and I ‘m thinking I should order some more because this is a really nice yarn. Here is where I’m at currently:


I also cast on for yet another project. This time a test knit for a shawl that was designed using my Cash’Sock base. This pattern will be published soon and the designer was kind enough to let me join the test knitters. I’m of course knitting it in my Cash’Sock base and as soon as the pattern is released I’ll be sharing pictures and more info with you on that.

But like I said my main focus has been on the Audrey cardigan. Last week I actually finished the first sleeve. But I really didn’t like it. It was much too wide and just didn’t look good so I ripped the whole thing out! Not a happy thing to do but I’m really glad I did. I then reknit the first sleeve using fewer stitches. The body of the sweater is knit in one size bigger than what I should have chosen so instead of being fitted it is quite large. When reknitting the sleeve I chose the next size down and that works perfectly. I’ve now completed the first sleeve and am close to half done with the second I think.


I’ve ordered a bunch of buttons online. I wasn’t sure what would look best with this cardigan so I’m excited for those to arrive and choose the right ones. Actually I’m really excited about finishing this cardigan and actually starting to wear it. It is a very simple pattern I think I will get lots of wear out of it. I did knit it in a size too big but that should still be ok. Also, I knit the sleeves longer than the pattern called for. Because my version will not be fitted I will be using my as a layer on top of short and/or long sleeved t-shirts and so I wanted the sleeves to be longer. I’m pretty sure I’ll knit a second Audrey and when I do, I will follow the pattern!

I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of knitting cardigans and sweaters at the moment. And it ‘s not necessarily a good thing because that means more casting on when I have this huge basket of wips just waiting for me to give them some love and FINISH them off! Usually I multitask and I knit on a number of things at a time. I also feel like I used to get more done or that I knit more than what I’m doing these days. And so now I find myself with this huge pile I’ve created and it consists of HOs and wips AND “to cast on” – projects I decided to do this summer and got the yarn wound, printed out the pattern, found the needles and notions and put everything nicely into a project bag ready to be knit. Only they haven’t been knit yet. And still I’m thinking/dreaming of new cast ons rather than tackling those that are already there ready and waiting! Don’t know whats wrong with me!!!

And so in the same line of crazy thinking, last Friday I was feeling very excited about a new project. It was my birthday and I decided I’d dye up some yarn  for myself and use to knit a new cardigan of course.

I felt like dyeing lace weight yarn that I will then knit held double. I used two base yarns, both a mix of merino and silk so super soft. And one of the blends has silver stellina for some glitz!

I decided to dye one yarn in a semi solid grey

img_6009-1   This is the merino and silk base and then I dyed the merino/silk/stellina base as a variegated yarn using lots of different colours. I used 4 colours per skein but due to the technique involved some of those blended into yet another colour. I dyed each skein individually and used different colours so none of the 3 skeins I dyed looks the same.

I think this will make the project even more fun. So I have 3 semi solid grey skeins and 3 variegated skeins which should be more than enough for a cardigan.

At first I had thought of doing the Jih sweater by Isabelle Kramer which is actually written for lace weight yarn held double – hence my inspiration for dyeing lace weight yarn.

But now I’m not so sure. I’m rather leaning towards Dexter which is a cardigan also designed by Isabelle Kramer. Or maybe even the Madewell by Joji. I have a ton of patterns in my Ravelry library that I want to knit…. But still; I’m 90% sure I’ll be doing the Dexter cardigan.

So what do you think of my pattern and yarn choice? Do you think the grey+variegated will look good? Or am I delusional?

Are you working on a garment at the moment? I’d love to hear/see what you are knitting/crocheting these days.

That’s all for today. Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me today. I hope you will have a wonderful new week and may it bring you lots of knitting time and happiness:)

Hilda mittens – FREE PATTERN

I just came across this blog while browsing Pinterest. I love the mittens here and since it is a free pattern I just had to share. These would be perfect knit up in Icelandic unspun roving and them some gorgeous thin yarn maybe Einband which is also Icelandic.
Plus this is the blog of an ESTINIAN knitter and we all know how beautiful Estonian hand knits are so I think you might enjoy reading this blog.


Lacemittens „Hilda“

by Kristi Everst

My name is Kristi and i live in a small country with a rough climate –Estonia. I believe that the weather here is made for knitting and that there’s nothing better than sitting with a hot cup of tea, clews and knitting needles in front of a warm fireplace and listen to the raving snow storm outside.

I started to knit when i was a little girl. Little happy girl, because i had a two wonderful women in my life – my grandmother and her sister. They were very different women, but both talented knitters and it was a joy to sit with them, listen their storys and learn to knit. So, it is obvious that i named my first pattern according my grandaunt Hilda.

Heirloom of our family – woolen Haapsalu scarf, knitted by my grandaunt Hilda (in the right photo).

Hilda mittens…

View original post 1,053 more words

My knits in progress

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you had a nice weekend and that you were able to do all or at least most of what you had intended to do.  I did some of what I had planned for but not all. I did not get a lot a knitting done either but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

Knitting wise, I’m still working on my Audrey cardigan. I have cast off the body and I’m working on sleeve one. It’s a slow process as now I’m knitting one row and purling the next. It seems to take a long time and I’m feeling that my progress is really slow now. Hopefully I’ll get some tome to work on the cardigan this week and maybe even finish one of the sleeves by the weekend; that would be great.

I have ordered some buttons online. I wasn’t sure what I’d like so I ordered a few sets and when they get here, I’ll put them on the cardi and choose the one that I like best.

I have also been knitting on the Harry Potter scarf for my daughter. It is not getting a lot of love but I’m trying to knit on it a little bit every day. Luckily as I’m using Aran weight yarn and 5.50mm needles, it does grow quickly.

Here’s a picture I posted on Instagram this weekend when I was knitting on the scarf AND watching Harry Potter with the family.


I also finished the pair of baby socks. I stared those last week but ended up ripping them out to the toe and then re-knitting. I finished both socks and I have plenty of yarn left so I’m thinking I’ll knit a matching hat or mittens or even both depending on the patterns I choose.


I based these on the Tube Socks for Children by Jane Richmond only I cast on fewer stitches. I knit these in 40 stitches so I think they will be fine for a 3-6 months old baby. On the picture the contrasting toe and cuff looks grey but it’s actually more like a  chocolaty brown color.

That’s all I have been knitting on this past week. This week I hope to make progress on the scarf and the cardigan. I don’t know if I’ll pick up something else. I do have a huge basket of wips in my room that needs love but for some reason I’m not feeling adventurous and just sticking to a few things. Sort of feels like my knitting mojo is limited these days. Not gone by a long shot but just less intense and so I’m not as enthusiastic as I usually am and not knitting on as many things.

I was going to share with you my Golden Skein adventure but I have been advised that I need to be patient a little longer and so I will have to hold off for that for a few more days.

I hope to be back soon with more info on my current wips and yarn dyeing. Until then take care and have a wonderful week.



Fandom, babies and Halloween

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are doing good and that you had a nice weekend. I’m doing good, a little tired because I worked the evening shift yesterday and I will again this evening so I might sneak in a little nap between now and then just to be sure I will make it through my shift:)

Now you may be wondering what this post is all about, seeing the title. Well, it has to do with new projects and yarns.

First the fandom. I’m not a fandom knitter myself and I’m not a huge fan of films such as Harry Potter or the Game of Thrones series etc, however my older daughter is! She has always appreciated my hand knits and is one of my most knit worthy people so when she asks me to knit her something I always say yes.

So this past weekend, she asked if I would knit her a Harry Potter scarf in the Griffindor (I hope that’s how it’s spelled in English) colours. I did not have any dyed up so I chose a gorgeous Aran weight merino, cashmere, nylon yarn and set about creating the Harry Potter colours and I’m pretty proud of the results.

harry potter yarn What do you think? My daughter loves them and thinks they are the perfect colour so that’s most important.

I looked on Ravelry to see what others had knit in terms of scarfs and then cast on. I saw a free pattern where you knit *30 rows in the main color and then do 4 rows of gold/yellow, 4 rows of the main color, 4 rows of the gold/yellow * and repeat that through out. And that’s what I’m doing, or I might do more than 30 rows between the striped sections because she wants this to be quite long. I’m not sure yet, I’ll decide once I’ve done the next 30 rows. So here’s where I’m at now

harry potter scarf

This is going to be one looooong stockinette scarf! I was thinking of doing brioche just to keep it somewhat interesting but she wants this to be plain stockinette. I hope I won’t loose steam halfway through!

When she asked me to knit this scarf, I remembered that I actually owned a digital copy of the Unofficial Harry Potter knits magazine published by Interweave a few years ago. And I have never knit anything from it and I think I have not even actually read it! Shame on me! Anyway, I told here about that and downloaded the magazine to my ipad for her to look at. Boy did she love what she saw! She ordered 7 items from that magazine so there will be some fandom knitting in my future! She chose 2 socks, a shawl, a vest, a cardigan and a shawl and one more thing I don’t remember! I’m not sure when I’ll be able to knit her all these things as I already have a ton of wips I need to finish and another ton of MUST knits waiting for me to cast on!  I’ll try to knit on these in between my current and future selfish knits:)

So this made me wonder, are you a fandom knitter? Do you buy fandom inspired yarns and patterns? I’d love to hear from you on that if you care to share 🙂

Last week I showed you pictures of the Audrey cardigan by Jane Richmond that I’m knitting using a new to me yarn base in merino single ply. Well I’ve made good progress and I think I’ll finish the body by tomorrow evening and hopefully I’ll pick up the stitches for the first sleeve immediately after that.

I really love the yarn and how it knits up and the cardi is going to be beautiful. There just might be one little problem; I think I may be knitting a size too big.

I’m very tall and not skinny so I usually always go for the biggest size or the XL and that is what I did here. Of course I did NOT do a gauge swatch! but just cast on blindly and hoped for the best! Well, last night I tried the cardigan on and I saw that it was quite “roomy” and when I looked at the pattern I saw it is supposed to have 1″ negative ease! Well I think I have 2-3″ positive ease!

I checked my gauge last night and it turns out I’m spot on where gauge is concerned so it really is a problem of wrong size. But I’m way too far on now to even contemplate ripping back so this will just be a roomier version of the Audrey cardigan! I might have to cast on for a second one with negative ease as intended for in the pattern in the future!

Here are some pictures I took this morning to show you.

audrey cardigan 3 6sepaudrey cardigan 2 6 sepaudrey cardigan 1 6sep

ps- my mobile cover is home made by my youngest 🙂

So what do you think? I think it will be ok and instead of just wearing this alone or on top of a t-shirt, I’ll be able to wear a long sleeved t-shirt under this making this more of a winter garment. I think (hope) this will be fine. And more importantly, I hope this will teach me ONCE AND FOR ALL to do a gauge swatch for one and second to READ the size instructions and measurements AND compare to my size and measurements!

Are you like me? Do you just choose a size you think will fit and then just knit on hoping for the best? Or are you a serious knitter that does a gauge swatch and chooses the RIGHT size to knit from that? Any hints and advice on how to become a serious knitter will be much appreciated:)

And babies? Why do I mention babies in the title? I don’t have any babies, at least not officially as my youngest is 10 so not really a baby any more. Well, last week I watched Mina’s latest podcast (The Knitting Expat) and she revealed that she is expecting! That was such happy news and I could just see the happiness in her eyes! And she showed all the little baby things she has been knitting and they all look so cute and tiny! It immediately made me want to knit for a baby! Lucky me, a cousin of mine is expecting his first child this December. A little girl! Not to mention, my brothers youngest will celebrate her 1st birthday this October so I have 2 babies to knit for!

So I decided I’d cast on for the future baby first. I went on Ravelry and spent hours looking through patterns. I’m thinking I’ll knit her a pair of socks, a hat and some mittens and maybe a cardigan too. I also found a pattern for some super cute and cozy looking leggings that I’d love to knit. But as I do not have 48h days, I have only cast on for the socks so far.

And I’ve only done the toe of sock 1. Not much of a progress yet but here’s a picture so you see the colours I’ve chosen. I’m going to do a tube sock and am loosely basing this on the Tube Socks for Children by Jane Richmond (yes the one that designed the Audrey cardigan). I cast on 40 stitches and I’m knitting on 2mm needles. I’m going to do the toe and cuff in this chocolate brown color and the main part of the sock will be this nice pink with a little fair isle pattern using the chocolate brown every now and then.

baby sock beginning

That’s about all I’m knitting on this week.

Now on to Halloween. I’ve seen that a lot of dyers are dyeing up Halloween inspired yarns and people are knitting Halloween socks and so I decided I’d try my hand at that. I have dyed up  a few sock sets using my SOX base which is 75/25 merino nylon. You get 2 skeins, the main colour has 200m and the complimentary colour/skein for toes, heels and cuff has 160m. That is enough for an adult sized sock or maybe 2 pairs of shorties depending on the size you knit. I’ll be putting these up for sale in my Etsy shop today and hopefully these will sell. I’m thinking I’ll do something similar for Christmas because I know I enjoy knitting Christmas socks and I know I’m not alone:)

So here are some pictures of my Halloween yarns. I’d love to hear what you think, if you like the colours  or not. Constructive criticism is always good.

Trick or Treat yarn

I’m calling this set Trick or Treat. The main color is a mix of orange and black and the purple is the complimentary color.

abracadabra set

This one I’m calling Abracadabra. The main colour is the purple with green speckles and the orange is the complimentary colour.

candycorn yarn

And this last one is called Candy Corn. The main color is the orange and gold and the green color is the complimentary one. This colourway will produce small stripes, depending on the number of stitches and gauge. I’m going to knit up some sample to show people how this knits up. I think that if you knit 56 to 60 stitches you will get stripes but if you cast on 72 you will get more of a variegated effect.

These were fun to dye and I look forward to coming up with a similar concept for some Christmas inspired yarns.

Well, that’s all for today. I’ve got some yarn to wind up and an Etsy shop to update:) I hope you have a wonderful week and get lots of knitting time to make it even better. I’ll be back soon and until then take care and happy knitting 🙂


I’m all about garment knitting now

Hi there, I hope you are doing good and that you have had a great week and will have an even better weekend! I’m looking forward to some relaxing this weekend along with some desk chair shopping which will be a little less fun but oh so necessary for my back!

So like the title says, I suddenly feel super interested in knitting sweaters and cardigans. Lately I have found myself buying loads of patterns on Ravelry and dream of knitting a ton to use all year round. So when I came home from hospital I immediately went to my wip pile and got our a sweater that has been languishing in the wip pile for months! I’m ashamed to say so but I really don’t know what happened.

The sweater is called Kitsune and is by Amanita knits. This is actually a pattern I won on Instagram. I dyed up some Cash’DK yarn myself and cast on. I knit the body and began sleeve number 1 and then…..for some reason I wanted to knit everything but this project. Well when I got back home I picked it up and I whipped up the two sleeves and now it is DONE! And I love it! I just need to update my project page on Ravelry and I’ll be all good. I also should probably wash and block it; so I have it out in my room ready for blocking but knowing me, that might take a few months….

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I really love the outcome, both the sweater and the yarn/color. I love the large boatneck collar and the easy feel. I’m sure I’ll get lots of use from this come winter. What do you think?

So after first finishing the Risen cardigan by Melanie Berg I told you about in my last post, and now finishing the Kitsune, I picked up another sweater project that has been languishing for almost as long in the wip pile.  That is a sweater for my older daughter and it is a Drops pattern. I only have one sleeve to knit and then sew everything together (which is a drag…). I just realised I forgot to take pictures of it so I guess I’ll just be showing you the sweater once it is done. I’m hoping that will be in a week or two.

I have yet another languishing project; that is the Brynja Cardigan by Linda of Kettle Yarn Co. I suspect I will frog that one and start again. I’m up to the yoke or so. I have joined the sleeves to the rest of the body but it just doesn’t feel right. I have a problem with the pattern and also it just looks so small. So I’m seriously thinking about frogging that one and starting all over again and hopefully next time around, I won’t leave it in a corner for months but just knit it in one go or so.

I have started a new cardigan. I’m using a new yarn base that I’m trying out in my shop. Its a merino light singles base which reminds me of Madelinetosh tosh merino light. I dyed it in a very subtle brown/beige color and I think it will go with a lot of things.

I’m knitting the Audrey cardigan by Jane Richmond. I’m just at the beginning but I’m really liking it. The pattern is super simple so hopefully this will be finished in a breeze.

audrey cardigan yarn

This is the yarn I’m using.

audrey cardigan 30 aug

And here is where I’m at, at the moment. And do you see the gorgeous project bag I’m using for this project? Yes!! It’s a mrs Browns bags project bag! I not only managed to buy sock blanks from Andre Sue this August, I also managed to buy a Mrs Browns Bag!!!! Talk about happy shopping!

Well, that’s all for now. Next time I have some more news on kals, wips, new yarns in the shop and so on. Have a great weekend and enjoy your crafting 🙂