Progress on my Risen and two new cast ons

Hi there, how are you doing? I’m doing fine and making the best of my stay here in Granville. I’m half done with my treatment/stay which is good because it’s beginning to feel like a long time without my kids.

Before coming here, I packed a ton of knitting stuff but finally I don’t have that much time to knit. What happens is that during lunch break more often than not I’m so tired that I fall asleep and so I only have about 1 hour to knit in the afternoon and then again I have my evening.

I finished the socks that I was test knitting and I was going to cast on for another pattern by Nancy Whitman for the kal I’m doing in my Ravelry group but….I guess this is somewhat due to homesickness, I cast on for socks for my kids:) I finished a pair coming here and that will be for my oldest so this weekend I cast on for shorties for my son and my youngest daughter.

For my son I’m not using any pattern really but just knitting “from experience”. I’m using a yarn I dyed myself in my SOX base and I really like how this yarn is knitting up so far.

shorty matteo 9 augIt knits up with a sort of striping effect. My son has big feet so these will not be finished in a jiffy! Even if they are shorties:)

And for my youngest I cast on for a pair of Jelly Rolls by the same designer as the Rose City Rollers. I had almost finished one sock when my kids came to visit last Sunday and my daughter tried the sock and unfortunately I had to rip about half of it back. The pattern gives an option for a ribbing on the arch or not and I had chosen the first option which is for a slipped stitch pattern which looks quite nice but was not able to keep the gauge loose and so when she tried the sock on, it was painfully obvious that the arch pattern was way too tight.

jelly roll 1Maybe if I had gone up a needle size or two it would have been perfect. So ripped back and began again. I really liked mixing the yellow in with the grey so I did not feel like doing a plain grey sock to the toe so I decided on stripes.

I like how that turned out. Now I just need to cast on for sock number 2.

I’m also making good progress on my Risen cardigan by Melanie Berg.

The pattern is easy to execute and knits up quite nicely. I really like the stitch pattern on the neck band. I’m a few inches from the cabled hem. My objective is to finish the body this weekend at the latest and then begin the sleeves next week. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the cardigan before going home on August 20th but I’d love to be close to finishing.

My family brought me a book this weekend. I had purchased a new book with sock patterns and a skein of hand dyed yarn a while ago and it just arrived. I told them to leave the yarn at home as I already have way to much yarn with me here but I did want to see the book.

sock book by truly hookedThis is the first book by designer and yarn dyer Verity Casteldine. She sells her yarn under the name Truly Hooked on Etsy. The book is very nice and I really like the patterns that are not too complicated. Most of the patterns, I feel, are for women. What I noticed and think is a little funny, is that she only uses solid yarns for her patterns/socks in this new book.  I love crazy variegated yarns with lots of bright and contrasting colours that can only really be used for socks and I use those for simple vanilla socks. However, for socks with lace and / or cables I really prefer solid or semisolid yarns. I feel that way the pattern is not “hidden” by the yarn. I can see myself knit all the patterns in this book so it will soon find its place on my nightstand while I finish my wips and find the perfect yarn to start casting on.

This past weekend, there was a little celebration/festival here in Granville. It’s called “la nuit des soudeurs” or the night of the metal workers or something like that in English. I did not check out the fun at night but I did walk around and take pictures during the day. It was fun to see the creativity and the things people were making and I have included a few pictures here for you to see if you are tempted. Nothing to do with knitting of course but I thought you might like to see the pictures anyway.

Thats all for now. I hope you are well and enjoying your summer and your knitting.

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