The Nancy Whitman and Knitting in France Summer Kal

Today I’m going to share with you my plans for this summer and my first ever kal, that is the first ever kal that I personally host.

It is super exciting to be hosting a kal and I hope I will be up to the task and that others will join in the fun. The idea behind the kal is to work on something beautiful and have enough time so as not having any stress related to the knitting. A pure pleasure interlude during our summer.

The kal starts on June 1st and finishes on August 31st. I have created 2 threads in my Ravelry group one to share the information about the kal and a chatter thread. I will be opening an FO thread later on. Here is a link to my group on Ravelry for you to join if you so wish.

There will of course be prizes. I love prizes and even though I very rarely win anything I still have hope:) So depending on the number of participants we will have X number of prizes. The designer herself, Nancy Whitman, has agreed to donate some patterns and I will be donating yarn and hand made accessories and if you would like to donate a prize that would of course be wonderful.

The rules for this kal are very simple:

  1. no wips allowed
  2. only patterns by Nancy Whitman can be included in this kal

Nancy Whitman has a number of gorgeous designs, shawls, cowls and socks.I have shared some of them here before and if you missed my interview with Nancy just click here and read it now before joining in the kal.

These are some of her shawls.

Personally I’m going to knit a shawl and I own a number of those by Nancy including the three shown above. I currently have two contenders which are

  1. Ganz  ganz nancy whitman

2.  Tappan Zee

tappan zee nancy whitman

Both shawls are gorgeous and it’s not going to be easy to choose and I think I might possibly just knit both so I don’t have to choose. We’ll see if I have the time or not. At the moment I leaning slightly more towards Ganz but not sure yet. Ganz is knit with a sport weight yarn but I could probably use fingering also and Tappan Zee is in fingering. I have a ton of fingering yarn in my stash but not so much in sport weight so should I go with the Ganz I’ll have to do some dyeing which will be fun.

So what do you say? Do you want to join in this kal with me? I will be sharing info here on the blog but mostly the kal will live on Ravelry so if you want to join you should join my  group there.

I have created a special coupon/discount code for those who want to join the kal and want to buy some of my yarn to knit their project with (of course you are welcome to use the code even if you are NOT joining in the kal). So this code is valid as of now and until June 15th and will give you 15% off your purchases. The code should be used upon checkout and is: THENANCYKAL


That’s all for today. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will join me in this summer kal for some relaxed knitting and sharing.

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