Back from holiday

Hi there, it’s been a while since my last post and this is because I went on a vacation to visit my brother in California. I had a very nice trip, I always enjoy not only seeing my brother and his family of course but also just to be in Northern California. The landscape is beautiful, the weather is nice and the food is a delight  –  especially all the fruit!

We visited San Francisco of course but we also went to Sonoma and Santa Cruz and Carmel to name a few places. Here are some pictures you might enjoy looking at.


I did do some knitting while on vacation, sock knitting. I knit one pair of simple vanilla socks using my first ever self striping Turtle Purl yarn and then I knit pair 3 of the Sock Madness and I’m happy to announce that I managed to finish in time to qualify  for round 4.


vanilla turtle purl

This is my pair of vanilla socks. I really enjoy this yarn so I knit a pair of baby tube socks – the first pair shown. They were supposed to be for my baby niece but unfortunately they were a little small so they didn’t fit! I’ll have to knit her a new pair.

This is my Sock Madness round 3 pair. This was a fun pair to knit and the cast on was very interesting and the all over construction as well. The socks fit my daughter well and they look very nice on the foot however, unblocked they look all wonky,  don’t know why.

That’s all I have time for today. I hope you are doing great and enjoying your knitting. Next time I’ll share some of my latest yarn acquisitions with you AND I have gotten my voice back so I’ll be doing a book review and giveaway next week.

Take care:)

One thought on “Back from holiday

  1. What an awesome trip. Thank you for sharing all the stunning pics. I just love to see where you went and what you saw. Its amazing.
    Love the socks, and the self striping yarn is amazing. You did a lot of sock knitting, the green pair has a very interesting pattern.
    Enjoy the weekend. 🙂

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