Some FOs and some in progress and a WINNER

Hi there, today is Friday and I hope you are all doing good and looking forward to your weekend. I hope the weather is better in your part of the world than it is in mine. Today it is rather cold and raining non stop! Not very spring like here today.

So last time I shared with you a video review of a new knitting book called Coffee with CC which was recently published by a friend of mine called CC Almon. I hope you enjoyed watching the review and if you have yet to see it you can click here

So I have now finished my first pattern of the book. I’m going to knit the sock patterns in the order they appear in the book and then I’m going to end with the Coffee Date Shawl. So I have just finished the first pair of socks, the French Vanilla Socks. The pattern is super simple and really an ideal pattern for a first time sock knitter so if you have been thinking about jumping in at the deep end and cast on for a pair of socks, you should definitely cast on for this pattern.

french vanilla socks by cc

I used yarn from a UK dyer called Truly Hooked. This is a cashmere, merino, nylon base which is a heavenly base to knit with. I bought this yarn because it was so incredibly bright and looking at the skein I thought this would be a crazy variegated yarn but no. This is actually a self striping yarn. I’m truly in aw of the dyers talent. I really love how this yarn knit up and I look forward to wearing my new socks.

I also recently finished another pair of socks, the Geek socks (a free pattern on Knitty). I had actually finished most of the socks, I only had the afterthought heels to do and finally got to do those. The pattern is a very simple one too and a really fun pattern to use with self striping yarns. It’s the closest thing to a vanilla pattern and yet it looks more complex.

geek socks done

This week I took the yarns I had chosen for my Coffee with CC kal and wound them all up so the’ll be ready when I am and I took a little picture to show you

yarn for coffee with cc

There are more balls than sock patterns left because I have a doubt about my next pattern which is written for a self striping yarn.  This is a yearlong kal and that is great because I still  have a ton of wips and I’m also doing the Sock Madness competition and on that subject, I just received the round 4 pattern so I had better get my stuff ready and cast on. I’ve been to the Ravelry tread and some people are already well on their way! I got the pattern by email last night but I was already asleep so…

This time around it is a beaded lace sock with a lot of charts so I’m thinking this will be a complex knit and it just might be the one that eliminates me from the competition. I don’t think this one will be something I can work on while doing other things. This pattern seems to demand full attention.

You can take a peak at the pattern on Ravelry, it is called Sweet Nuttins

Well it’s time for me to say good by and cast on if I want a chance to go on to round 5 so I better announce the winner of last weeks giveaway!

So the winner will receive a digital copy of the book Coffee with CC and I hope the winner will enjoy the book as much as I do and maybe she will even join us in the yearlong kal with Jilly of the Knitting Broomstick podcast.

So drumroll please!!!!! And the winner is:  Salenamom23

Congratulations to you Salenamom23, please send a message to CC aka JavaPurl on Ravelry and she will in turn send you a copy of her new book.

Thank you to all those that participated in the giveaway.

That’s all for today. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back soon.


Let’s Twist Again!

Thank you to Renee Callahan of East London Knits for sharing a picture of her brioche design I knit using my yarns.

EastLondonKnit Shows & Tells


knitting pattern Brioche twister scarf by EastLondonKnit

One of the best bits of being a knitwear designer is seeing your designs through the eyes of other knitters. I released the Brioche Twister scarf pattern as a free pattern for subscribers to the EastLondonKnit newsletter in January and it has been wonderful to see the finished objects and work-in-progress popping up on Ravelry and Instagram.bogga's Brioche Twister pattern by Renée Callahan

Bogga, aka Knitting in France, has made a fantastic version of her own hand-dyed yarn.

Maryl's Brioche Twister pattern by Renée Callahan

Maryl has made a beautiful version in West Yorkshire Spinners natural undyed brown Bluefaced Leicester yarn and Artesano Alpaca in the lightest blue, what a wonderful colour combo!

Tangled-yarn's Brioche Twister pattern by Renée Callahan

Rachel of a Tangled Yarn worked the pattern up in beautiful Blacker Yarns Swan Falkland Islands DK; Grellow forever!!

EastLondonKnit newsletter sign up

If you would like to keep up with the latest ELK news, please do sign up for the newsletter. You will receive the Brioche Twister pattern for free…

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Today is all about Coffee with CC

Hi there, how are you doing today? I hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend. I also hope the weather is better in your part of the world than it is here in Normandy today. We’ve had lots of rain and it’s not very nice outside. But I have family visiting so we just might go outside for a little drive or walk in spite of the weather being what it is.

Lately I have been working mostly on my socks. There is a small break in the Sock Madness contest so I’m using that to finish some of my works in progress. There is an optional round going on now but since it is not a round that counts in the competition I’ve decided to not join in but rather continue to work on the stuff that needs finishing.

But on the the important stuff. Today I want to share with you a review of a recently released knitting book. The book is written and self published by a friend of mine whose name is CC Almon but her designer name on Ravelry is JavaPurl.

So CC published her book just around the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and you may have either seen it there or watched reviews on it in video podcasts lately. I purchased the physical book which comes with a download code to download the digital copy to your Ravelry library. I have been planning on sharing my review of this book with you for a while but life got in the way. But now it’s done! At last.

So I decided to do a video review to better show you the book and the yarns I have put aside to knit the patterns in the book. I filmed a review and that was fun. What is not so fun is uploading the video to Youtube. I think I must be doing something wrong because the uploading took hours! and I don’t mean 2-3 hours, no more like 12-15 hours! Is that normal? If you have any experience with uploading videos to Youtube and have a tip or two to share to shorten the upload time, I’m definitely super interested in hearing about that!

So here is my review for you to watch, please come back here after watching because I have some more info to share on the topic.


I hope you enjoyed this little video I did. Like I said in the video VeganJilly of The Knitting Broomstick podcast is hosting a yearlong KAL in her Ravelry group for the book and I’m participating and I urge you to do the same if you have purchased CC’s book.

CC has very generously offered to donate a digital copy of her new book to one of my readers!  So it’s time for a little giveaway!!!!

To join and have a chance of winning a copy of this book you should: go visit CC’s Ravelry shop and browse here designs. Then you should come back here and leave me a comment with your Raverly name and the name of the design that you most like from CC’s Ravelry shop. It can be a pattern that is not included in the book.

I will draw a winner from the comments using a random number generator this coming Friday April 30th.

So enjoy your weekend and coming week. Best of luck it you join the fun and participate in the Coffee with CC giveaway.

Back from holiday

Hi there, it’s been a while since my last post and this is because I went on a vacation to visit my brother in California. I had a very nice trip, I always enjoy not only seeing my brother and his family of course but also just to be in Northern California. The landscape is beautiful, the weather is nice and the food is a delight  –  especially all the fruit!

We visited San Francisco of course but we also went to Sonoma and Santa Cruz and Carmel to name a few places. Here are some pictures you might enjoy looking at.


I did do some knitting while on vacation, sock knitting. I knit one pair of simple vanilla socks using my first ever self striping Turtle Purl yarn and then I knit pair 3 of the Sock Madness and I’m happy to announce that I managed to finish in time to qualify  for round 4.


vanilla turtle purl

This is my pair of vanilla socks. I really enjoy this yarn so I knit a pair of baby tube socks – the first pair shown. They were supposed to be for my baby niece but unfortunately they were a little small so they didn’t fit! I’ll have to knit her a new pair.

This is my Sock Madness round 3 pair. This was a fun pair to knit and the cast on was very interesting and the all over construction as well. The socks fit my daughter well and they look very nice on the foot however, unblocked they look all wonky,  don’t know why.

That’s all I have time for today. I hope you are doing great and enjoying your knitting. Next time I’ll share some of my latest yarn acquisitions with you AND I have gotten my voice back so I’ll be doing a book review and giveaway next week.

Take care:)