And Nothing went to plan

Hi there, I hope you are doing good today and that you had an enjoyable long weekend for Easter. As a working mom of 3 I had been looking forward to this long weekend for …. weeks! Especially because I was going to have 2 whole days alone in the house with the husband and work and the kids at school. So I had high hopes and big dreams of all that free time and how I was going to use it. I was going to work on some custom dye orders, knit, prepare our upcoming vacation, do a little housework etc. Boy, did that NOT turn out how I had hoped for!

I started getting sick on Tuesday night and from Wednesday morning I was out of it! I haven’t been this sick since I was a kid I think. Fever, a hugely sour throat and I lost my voice which is now slowly coming back! So NOTHING of what I was going to do actually did get done! I was even going to do a video review of a new knitwear book as part of a future giveaway but without my voice… well, that was just not possible. And my voice is still that bad that an unexpected phone call from me might give you a fright (I sound like a monster my little one says). So no video review today either unfortunately. So as you can see last week was everything but for me.

I’m hoping I’ll soon be back to normal because this is just so annoying.

Now knitting wise, I did have an emergency last week because I was knitting on my round 2 socks of the Sock Madness competition and I didn’t want to drop out right in the beginning. With each round there are 10 less spaces per team so only the fastest X knitters are able to continue on to the next round. Being sick I lost a lot of knitting time but I did manage to finish and make it to round number 3 that begins next week. Off, that was a little close. Now my problem is, and I do realise that this is not a problem to complain about, that I’m going away for a few days and I have no idea which pattern is coming up for round 3 and thus no idea what yarn/s I need. The plan was to travel light but in order for me to stay in the competition I’m going to have to bring a few pairs of needles and at least 3 different yarns with me. I have a list of materials needed for each pattern so I know that some patterns only require one skein of yarn where as others are multi coloured and need as many as 3 different colours. So I have to be prepared just in case.

Now, this week I’m mostly working on 2 things, a pair of socks using a free pattern from Knitty called Geek Socks and the yarn I’m using is self striping yarn I got from the Golden Skein.


This is a very simple fun pattern knit top down with an afterthought heel and the patterning is created using slipped stitches as every colour change. So I only have the heel left of sock 1 and I’m not quite at the heel placement for sock 2. Also, I’m thinking of giving these to a family member and he has bigger feet than I do and I was a little worried I might not have enough of the self striping yarn so I decided to use another yarn for toe and heels and I found a perfect match! I bet you can hardly see that the toe yarn is not the same grey as in the self striping. So that worked out perfectly.

I’m also working on my Kitsune sweater, a pattern I won through a little game on Instagram. I won’t be able to finish before going on vacation and this is too voluminous for me to bring along for travel knitting so this weeks objective is to finish the body. I have done the back and now I’m working on the front. The sweater is worked in the round up to the arms and then you work the back and the from separately and so that is where I’m at now. I hope to finish that and so when I get back from vacation I’ll just go straight to knitting the sleeves. After being burned recently from leaving a project for weeks and then picking it up and getting everything wrong, I’m a bit weary and I really do not want that to happen here so I need to get myself to a place where I can easily pick things up from without making a mess of things.


I really enjoy knitting this sweater and even though this is a big piece it’s going quite quickly I think. I do admit that I have left my other sweater (for my oldest) and my Brynja cardigan on the sidelines and those will definitely have to be finished as soon as my Kitsune is off the needles.

That’s about all I have going now. I need to think about what I’m to take with me for travel knitting. I have a long flight to fill plus hours in the car and so forth. I know I’ll be casting on my round 3 socks for the Sock Madness whilst on vacation so I will be doing a pair of socks so should I cast on for another pair of some simple vanilla socks? Or should I look into doing a shawl? Hm, that was one of the things I had planned to work on during my two days of being home alone….No such luxury now so I’ll have to crunch in some thinking time, look at some patterns and yarns and make a quick decision.

So this being sick nonsense has put me behind schedule on my review/giveaway and I probably will not have the time to do what I want to this week so I probably will need to put this on the back burner for 2 weeks but I’ll definitely do this before the end of April.

That’s all for now. Take care of yourself, do what ever you can to stay away from any cold bugs and flues. Happy knitting/crafting

3 thoughts on “And Nothing went to plan

  1. Ouch! We are a bit in the same boat. Husband took a sick day last Thursday (he never does that!). Then my littlest was sick on Sunday, so we did Easter church and dinner in shifts with the older 3. Now, my eldest child is sick!! I have a race to run on Saturday, so I’m hoping and praying not to succumb myself!


  2. Oh, I hope you are better enough to enjoy your time away. It never fails that one of us gets sick when we have time off planned – at Christmas it was both of us, as sick as you describe. Sounds like you will need one bag just for knitting supplies! That’s a good vacation. 🙂

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