The launch of a Mystery Kal using my DK yarn

Hi there, I while back I told you about a new design being launched as a  mystery kal using one of my yarns. Today the first clue was released and I’m casting on using one of my Cashmerino DK yarns. Are any of you participating in the kal?

The pattern is called Infestation cowl by designer Devious Rose. Here is the picture she is using for the mkal


It can be knit in rows on straight needles or in the round on a circular and that is the version I’m doing. Here’s a picture of my yarn which I’m just now winding into a ball.


I think it will knit up quite nicely.

And another big info! I just cast off sock nr 2 in the Sock Madness 10 competition and that qualifies me for round 3! Super excited and a little scared because I also just discovered that I’m in the third fastest team so I might end up being eliminated soon as the competition gets tougher with each round . Here are the socks on my feet


That’s all for now. I have to finish winding my ball of yarn and cast on for the Infestation cowl.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend:)

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