More knitting and some yarn aquisitions

Hi there, I hope your week is going well so far. I’ve managed to get some sort of a sore throat thing so  when I cough it hurts and I’ve lost my voice. Lucky for me that I get a few days off now for Easter!

So lately I have mostly been knitting on my Kitsune sweater and some socks of course. geek socks 23mar

This pattern is a free pattern on Knitty and is called Geek socks I think. This is especially designed for self striping yarns and the waves are worked with slipped stitches. The yarn is from Scrumptious Purl and it is one she dyed especially for the Golden Skein yarn club.  I’m really enjoying the yarn and the pattern and I think I’ll be knitting more of those with some of my recently aquired striped yarns:)

Now Round 2 of Sock Madness 10 began this week so of course I’m working on that. I cast on Monday and today Wednesday I have finished one sock and I’m a few inches into the second sock. I’m hoping to finish the second sock by tomorrow. I do have 2 weeks to finish the pair but as of now this has turned into a competition and only the quickest 40 in each team will get to go on to the next round and I definitely want to be one of those. Even though I’m a little afraid that I might not make it further than round 3 just because it starts while I’m away on holiday so 1) I don’t know in advance which pattern is next and so I could find myself on holiday WITHOUT something indispensable for the pattern and 2) because I might not have enough time to finish. But I’ll do my best and we’ll see how it goes.

So this round 2 sock has a very tough beginning. It requires a beaded cast on and boy, that was a tough one! I probably cast on and ripped out the cast on 10 times on sock 1 before getting it right. On sock 2 I only did 3 attempts so making progress there! Once you get past the cuff it is smooth sailing. The pattern is on Ravelry and it is called  Rose and Thorn by Ronni Smith. The pattern is not for sale yet but you can check out the pictures. Here are some pictures of my first sock

The pictures are not very good I’m so sorry. So the difficulty of this pattern is casting on using 2-4 needles depending on the method chosen and use BEADS. My row of beads on the cuff is not as nice and even as some of my fellow competitors have managed to make but still, I think it’s ok. I’m using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply yarn which is a nice sock yarn, not very soft but I’m thinking that might be a good thing, maybe it will be a hard wearing sock/yarn.

So yes, I’m basically absorbed with this sock until it is done and I can work on other projects.

This week was a very happy mail week because I ordered some very special yarn that I finally got delivered yesterday.

First off, I got my special Shiny Bees Podcast yarn! If you are not familiar with Jo and her Shiny Bees audio podcast you should definitely check her out. I absolutely love her podcast. Jo is also the person behind the Golden Skein – a yarn club that sells hand dyed yarns from  different indie dyers. So Jo had the dyer behind BerryColorful Yarnings dye some yarn for her and this was up for preorders a while back. I ordered two and they came with a little project bag. Total gorgeousness!

shiny bees yarn

Both skeins are sock weight so they will most likely end up as socks:)

This is also the first time I get yarn from  Berry Colourful Yarnings so I look forward to trying her yarns.

And the same day, I got another order and that one I had purchased just a week or so earlier and I was not expecting to get that yarn so soon so that was a great surprise.

So I ordered some yarn from Turtle Purl yarns on Etsy. I have been stalking her shop for ages and I want to buy almost every single colorway she offers but I have been trying to be strong and serious and use the yarn I already have. Well we all know that is not a realistic goal to have so……I placed an order! And I got 4 self striping yarns. They are all totally gorgeous and I can’t wait to have the time to cast on.

turtle purl yarns

Just total bliss! Love those!

I have been doing some dyeing myself lately, mostly test dyes for custom orders. One of which is a collaboration with a renowned knitwear designer. I’m not at liberty to say who just yet but I am super excited about this and I hope it will become a reality soon. So here are some pictures, these are “test colors” so I don’t know yet if she likes them or which one she will choose to use but I actually quite like these myself.

cashmerino aran test dye

This is on a new Aran base – and it is a cashmere/merino/nylon base. Totally soft and squishy.

bfl aran test dye

And this is on a BFL aran base. Not as soft as the cashmerino blend but a very nice yarn all the same.

I also dyed just for me/the shop a few skeins of self striping. I had some 50 gr skeins that I dyed 2 by 2 to get as much similarity/consistency between socks as possible and then I wound the yarn double into a yarn cake so the yarn is ready for someone to knit their socks 2 at a time. This will produce a pair of fraternal twins rather than identical twins – when winding the yarn cake I saw a slight difference between color sequences.

selfstriping fraternal

I tied the 2 threads/yarns together in a butterfly knot and added a stitch marker. I think this looks kind of cute. What do you think?

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll be back soon and probably with a new video review and a giveaway for you:)

Take care and enjoy your crafting until next time

2 thoughts on “More knitting and some yarn aquisitions

  1. so many luscious things! The beaded socks are really sharp looking, worth the effort to get it right! And of course the new yarn purchases are yummy yummy. Now I will have to go over to Etsy and stalk the same shop. 🙂 I LOVE how you have packaged the sock yarn, how clever. And I like the colors, they will be awfully pretty socks.

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