Making a dent in my WIPs pile

Hi there; how are you doing today? I’m doing fine; looking forward to the weekend and then to my kids going back to school to have more quiet time to work.

I have managed to make a little dent in my pile of wips – it is still significant in size, don’t get me wrong, but I’m quite happy to see it slowly diminishing. So I thought I’d share this with you:)

First off I finished my Brioche Twister by Renée Callahan of East London Knits. This was my first two color brioche project and I really loved knitting this. I was a little afraid to begin with that because it’s a scarf I might lose interest halfway there but brioche is quite addictive so not only did I not lose interest but I actually loved knitting it and so I finished in no time.

brioche twister finished

This picture is not the best but you do see how the colors work together and the lovely brioche cable pattern and how different the red side is from the grey one. If you are wanting  to join the brioche craze and have maybe never knit brioche or never done two color brioche; then I highly recommend this pattern. And if you like my yarn – I hand dyed a batch of these two colors on my Cashmerino DK base; then I’ll be listing them in the shop any day now so you could even knit your Brioche Twister using the same yarn as I did:)


Next I finished my Through The Loops Mystery Sock kal. Now I did join 2 mystery sock kals and I don’t think I’ll do that again. I thought it would be fun but I discovered that I prefer to “know” beforehand what I’m knitting. When I went on Ravelry to see the pictures from my  fellow knitters, I discovered that I had misunderstood part of the pattern – the actual stitch pattern for most of the sock!!! Not such a problem because I actually like my version of the sock better but also there is a little lace like pattern on the instep and toe and I think I totally misunderstood that because those sections don’t look like much. So I have mixed emotions about this pair of socks. I used Opal 4 ply sock yarn and that was ok to work with. The final socks still look nice; I really like the lace pattern that goes from cuff all the way down the heel. That’s a nice touch.

ttl sock mystery kal 2016

I’m giving these to my older daughter.

As for the second mystery kal socks; I’m still pondering if I will knit the second sock or not. I don’t much care for the pattern but the sock fits nicely and I did put some time and effort into knitting it so putting it in the bin would be a shame. If you forgot what it looked like here’s a picture

A230DDA8-F45E-4F48-AEFC-E14C2640DE5FBasically this is a striped pattern with a textured pattern in the pink portions. I knit these using my Neko needles so the gauge is looser than usual. So yes, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I still have my project bag on my wips table ready to continue…we’ll see.

And I started on the second pair of my Knit from stash 2016 kal and I’ve finished one sock and am close to the heel on the second one. This pair will be for my younger daughter. I’m using my first ever ball of yarn from the West Yorkshire Spinners company. So good so far but I do have this little tiny doubt about how they will hold up to wear. I feel the yarn is not very tightly spun so I’m afraid it will get fuzzy real quick. We’ll see.

Here’s a picture of the first sock I took yesterday before I finally finished it

curly willow socks 18feb

The pattern is called Curly Willow by Heatherly Walker and I think it is knitting up very nice. It’s a 20 round pattern repeat that is easily memorised so these are going quicker than expected.

So what’s left on my wips table?

3 shawls / 1 sock/ 1 cardigan and 1 pull over. It feels so good to make a dent in the wips that I think I actually might finish some more before I give in and cast on for another pair of socks or shawl or something – there are soooo many gorgeous patterns on Ravelry that are just screaming out my name these days.

And before I leave you, I just wanted to say that I have shipped out the first prize from last week’s giveaway. However the second winner; Lisa Nixon, has yet to contact me to claim her prize. Should she not do that in the next few days, I’m going to draw for another winner.

That’s all for today. Hopefully next week I’ll have some more FOs and an even bigger dent in my wips:) So until then, have a wonderful end of week and I’ll be back soon.


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