A little bit of knitting, a little bit of dyeing and spinning AND the giveaway prizes!!!

Hi there, nice to have you back on my blog. If you participated in this week’s giveaway I’m sure you are impatient to see the results..but you’ll have to wait a little longer πŸ™‚

So, this week I did not get a lot of knitting time. My kids are on winter vacation so I’m busier than usual. I’m getting close to finishing my Brioche Twister scarf and hopefully it will be all done next time I post. I’ve also worked some more on my Mkal socks and pair 1 of 2 should also be done next week.

This week’s only finished object is a pair of socks for my youngest. I decided to try knitting thick socks and use a DK yarn rather than fingering and so I chose the Rye socks by Tin Can Knits and I used one of my hand dyed DK Cashmerino DK yarns.

cashmerino dk pink

This yarn is super soft and knits up like a dream. I’m definitely going to knit a second pair and this time for myself. The pattern itself was super easy so if you have never knit socks I would recommend you try this one out for your first attempt. Knitting with DK yarn also makes the process that much quicker.

I really like how the yarn knit up.

I finished plying a skein of multi colored merino this week and I gave it a wash. I’m not sure what I’m going to knit with it but quite possibly a pair of socks. I love colorful yarn for socks.


I did a little bit of dyeing also and this week I was feeling purple/mauve so I did some on my SPARKLE base.

handspun and dyed feb16

The two skeins on the left are my handspuns – the multi colored one I showed you above and then another one which is all pink/purple/mauve/silver and sparkle. Then you have 4 skeins of mauve and purple.

And now on to the GIVEAWAY!!! So a little confession first, I was hoping for better participation but… As there were less than 10 participants I’m going to maintain my 2 scheduled prizes and the rest will be kept for a future giveaway. I used a random number generator to draw the winners.

So the prizes are:

knitting in france burning impressions centimeter soxyzz

1st prize is the Soxyzz from BurningImpressionsIIΒ on Etsy. This is the ultimate tool for sock knitters. Handmade in wood with burned inscriptions that will not fade. Measurements in inches and centimeters making knitting socks for everyone and anyone a breeze.

And the winner of this prize is………..Atangledyarn84. So congratulations to you! Please send me an email at knittinginfrance@gmail.com with your full name and postal address so I can send you the Soxyzz.


And then on to prize nr 2 which is a handy tool also for sock knitters and also by BurningImpressions on Etsy

knitting in france burning impressions kit

This is a needle gauge; a wraps per inch gauge for your hand spun yarn or if you are substituting yarn and a tuto for kitchener stitch.

The winner of this prize is…….Lisa Nixon! Congratulations to you too! Please email me your details to knittinginfrance@gmail.com so I can send you the prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give everyone a prize but not to worry, there are more giveaways planned for the coming weeks!

That’s all for now. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to “chatting” to you again next time.

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