Happy new week, some FOs and back to polygamous knitting

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are doing fine. I’m still battling a cold but at least my voice has come back:)

Also I finished 2 projects, one of which was huge!

So last week I told you that my daughters friend asked me to  knit her a hat and a mermaid lap top blanket for her birthday. I learned of this last Wednesday and the party was last Saturday. So at first I was only going to do the hat because I just didn’t think I had the time to do the mermaid blanket. But of course I caved in and knit like a crazy lady for a few days. I’m such a sucker for knitting related compliments!

So when it was time to go the birthday the hat was done and ready and the mermaid blanket was 90% done so we packaged the hat and my daughter made a gorgeous card with a picture of a mermaid and we assured her that the blanket was almost there.


This is the hat- I added a pompom because that was one of her requests. The yarn is Cashmerino’DK hand dyed by me.

And so Saturday evening I managed to finish all the knitting on the blanket and Sunday morning I weaved in all the ends and sew the tail onto the main body AND delivered the blanket!

I’m very happy with the outcome even though I did notice a couple of mistakes but I’m not sure those will be evident to a non knitter so I’m not going to worry about those. And what is most important is that the recipient LOVED it! Mission accomplished!


This is my daughter modelling the mermaid tail blanket on Saturday morning. I was nearing completion of the main body (the recipient is smaller in stature than my daughter).


This is a close up of the stitch pattern. This is an 8 row repeat that becomes intuitive quite quickly. I love how this creates the effect of scales. I used a DK weight yarn that I knit double as the pattern indicates and I used a 8 mm needle.

And here is my Mermaid tail blanket all done and ready to be gifted



Ouff! I was super happy that this was done and that it was a success. It was actually quite difficult for me to be monogamous and only knit on this one project. After all I’m used to knit on a gazillion things at the same time and I have a little table in my room filled with project bags who in turn are filled with different projects.

So last night I printed out all the new clues for my mystery kals and got to work on project nr 1 but more on that in the next post.

Until then, take care and enjoy your week:)

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