Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you

Hi there, I hope you are doing well and that you had a wonderful Christmas. I spent Christmas in France with my family and being in France, the holiday was mostly spent…eating! The French sure know how to cook and they do enjoy spending days on end at the lunch table on festive occasions. And since everything is soo good, well it’s difficult to be reasonable so inevitably we end up overeating! 

Now I’m in Iceland with my family for a few days to celebrate the New Year. My kids were hoping for snow but  at the moment there is none but according to the weather forecast we should have some snow later this week. I’ll be sure to post some pictures of the New  Year célébrations and the fireworks which are quite impressive here.

I finished one project before Christmas that was a while in the making, my Irma mittens. Intricate color work mittens, the most complicated I have ever made! I think they look wonderful and I hope my sister will love them too. I’ m going to take a little break though from color work after this as I was a bit frustrated, sad to say, at the end because it took so long to make these. Color work like this takes concentration and I was never able to work for long periods at a time on these. But I did purchase a number of patterns from the same designer and they are all color works and I definitely will need to knit them too. But here they are, my famous Irma mittens.

As for  my travel knitting, I took yarn for two projects only. First I bought my very first kit ever from A Little Skein Big Wool but that is an online shop that sells only or at least mostly knitting kits based on children’s stories. The kit I chose was the Charlotte’s Web kit called the Salutations Kit. Being the undisciplined knitter I am, I of course chose the Luxe version which included a project bag, a set of stitch markers, a project keeper, two skeins of yarn from Sunshine Yarns, the shawl pattern For the Love of Spiders by Martina Behm, a greeting card, a little chocolate and handmade soap.
I got the package on December 24th which was just perfect and I really love the kit. And so all the projects I had planned on taking with me were left aside and in stead I took this new kit with me and I cast on the drive to the airport.

Does that not look IRRESISTEBLE?

I’m sorry about the picture being sideways but I’m posting using my tablet and I wasn’t able to correct the positioning of the picture. This is a two colored shawl and it has 6 repeats of the pattern you see here and then it becomes more complex. I really love the pattern and the yarn is super soft.

I also took a skein of yarn to be able to cast on for the first pair of socks of 2016 as part of the Knit From Stash 2016 which is a KAL being held for the second time via the Facebook group Addicted to Sock Knitting and with designer Heatherly Walker. I participated this year although I’m sad to say that I did not knit all the patterns but this time I’m determined to knit a pair of month and to set up a project page for each one as my challenge for 2016 is going to be using Ravelry more and to set up project pages for all my knits to share and better keep track of them myself.

As I sit here and write what will probably be my last blog post of the year I feel so thankful for this year that is coming to an end. I’m so thankful for the readers of my blog. I love sharing my passion with you and I’m so proud and thankful that there are people are out there that take the time to come to my blog and enjoy sharing my passion and theirs for knitting and all things wooly.

I’m hoping my blog will continue to grow strong and that my readers will continue to follow my knitting life and participate in the blog. I have at least 2 exciting giveaways planned for the beginning of 2016 – one will include a knitting pattern and the second some handmade knitting accessories and I hope you will participate in those.

That’s all for today. Thank you again for stopping by and I look forward to our new year together and thank you for the time we have spent together in 2015.

Happy new year!

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