I’m featured in the fall issue of ASK

I’m super happy to announce that I’m  featured as an indie dyer in the latest issue of ASK – Addicted to Sock Knitting magazine!

If you are not familiar with the ASK magazine, it is a digital publication run by Debra Garner who is also the lady behind the ASK group on Facebook. The ASK group on Facebook has over 12,000 members, all passionate about knitting socks and using hand dyed yarns. If you are a sock knitter or want to become one, I highly recommend you apply for membership but be warned it is a highly addictive group to be a member of and their “enabling” force is ….well let’s just say it is “convincing”.

Also every Wednesday indie dyers get to advertise their yarns and most of them offer some kind of discount so that is nice too.

So in addition to running this amazing group on Facebook, Debra also issues a digital magazine 4 times a year and each issue is stock full of sock patterns, interviews with designers and dyers, articles written by knitters, spinners etc. This fall issue has 150 pages and I’m featured on pages 49 to 53. So if you are curious about my work as a dyer and want to see some behind the scenes pictures or just want to see what this amazing magazine is all about, then I definitely recommend you purchase this fall issue!

That’s all for today, I just had to share and boast a little 🙂


Thank you for coming by today and I hope you have a wonderful week. Christmas is not far away if you celebrate Christmas so maybe you are on holiday or almost like myself. I’ll be on holiday in a few days and can’t wait!

Take care and enjoy your crafting until next time 🙂

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