Yarn substitutions

Hi there, today I’m going to share with you this great ressource I recently discovered.

We all have to or want to substitute yarn in a pattern at some time. It’s hard to actually not come across that “problem” when one is a knitter or a crocheter. Could be because we don’t have the particular yarn our pattern calls for in our stash and we don’t want to or are not able to buy it. So then we have to find the right substitute and that can sometimes be tricky.

I usually try to find something that is not only of the same weight but if possible with the same or similar composition. Then one always (well the serious knitters) has to swatch to be sure the gauge is the same and if not then make the necessary calculations to modify the pattern just to be sure we’ll end up with a garment that can actually be worn by a human being.

And now there is a free website that can make yarn substitution way easier than ever before! This may not work for indie hand dyed yarns but it does work for a very large number of well known commercial yarns and I’m pretty sure you will find this useful.

The website is called Yarn Sub

You can search for yarns by brand, weight, fibre content or name. They have a huge database of both well known and lesser known brands. So how does this work?

Well, you enter the yarn that your pattern calls for and the site then comes up with a list of possible substitute yarns and sometimes even links to buy that yarn from an online shop.

I think this is just brilliant and I actually played with this when looking at what yarn to use for my daughters oversized sweater.

You should definitely check this out and bookmark it as it can come in handy I’m sure.

That’s all for today. Take care and have a wonderful week.





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